Up & Away Hand Crafted Event Poster Example - Venngage Poster Examples
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Up & Away Hand Crafted Event Poster Example

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Poster Description

Transform your flyers into unique ones with inspiration from this handcrafted creative poster example. It features an innovative design by using a combination of geometric shapes and illustrations.


The handcrafted poster effectively advertises for a balloon festival with eye-catching illustrations and a bright color palette. The shapes also look like their popping off the page which gives this poster example more dimensions.


For the content, the event poster has an oversized title in a playful font while it features mixed body fonts for the smaller text. Try out different fonts that fit the theme and break up large amounts of text into sections divided by icons or shapes. Develop more marketing poster examples with these simple design methods!

Poster Features

Color Palette



1200 x 1800 px


Nicole Mannell