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Ultilizarism Book Summary Educational Infographic Example

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Infographic Description

Make study guides fun and interesting to read with inspiration from this educational infographic example from Course Hero! It’s the perfect tool for breaking down literature nonfiction and fiction alike. It’s chock full of images and info that makes learning easy. You can help students understand the content by designing your infographic with eye-catching images and icons that relate to the topic.


Break the educational infographic example into sections with line dividers or text boxes. Discuss everything from the motifs to details about the author. Use a professional font and bold headings for text that’s easy to read but also stands out.


This template also features a natural color palette with a background that fades into other colors. A gradient background adds a touch of creativity and will look great as it changes from section to section. Try these design techniques to keep your audience focused and the content fun!

Infographic Features


Course Hero

Color Palette



1200 × 5246 px


Course Hero

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