15 Highly Shareable Product Flyer Templates & Tips

By Sara McGuire, Jan 12, 2018

product flyer template

Product flyers are one of the oldest marketing tools in the book.

Got an exciting sale coming up? Get the word out with a product flyer. Want to tell customers about your product’s amazing features? Give them an informative product flyer.

The problem is, people are so used to being sent flyers left right and center that a lot of flyers go unread.

For people to want to stop and actually read your flyer, you need to make grabbing their attention your #1 priority.

Before you jump into designing your product flyer, here are some key tips to keep in mind:

  • Use a big, attention-grabbing flyer header.
  • Include close up, high quality shots of your product.
  • Make the prices and savings very noticeable.
  • Add an element of creativity that people won’t expect.

The last point might be a bit hard to visualize. That’s why I’ve pulled together 20 product flyer templates–and some helpful tips–that you can use as examples to inspire your design. And if you like a particular template, simply click to use it!

1. Use a bold font that reflects your brand

Odds are, readers are going to see one of two things first: either the flyer header, or the picture of the product. Pull readers in with a big, bold font that reflects your product.

For example, the product flyer template below pulls you in with a big, bold header. The slightly old school font has the same nostalgic feeling as a reliable neighborhood pizza joint.

product flyer template


2. Show your product in context

Part of showing people the value of your product is to help them visualize their lives with the product. Show how your customers’ lives will be better with your product in it.

Take a look at how this product flyer template shows each piece of clothing separately, then puts then all together in the content of someone wearing them while they enjoy life:

product flyer template


3. Use icons for a unique illustrated product flyer design

Everyone is used to seeing product flyers with shots of your product and a price. But what if you want to promote a service?

Did you know you can use icons to create a creative illustration, even if you have no graphic design experience? It’s true!

Pick icons and arrange them to create a scene that illustrates what your service does. For example, this flyer design uses icons to creatively illustrate a cleaning service:

product flyer template


4. Use a minimalist design to help your product stand out

Is your product particularly colorful? A minimalist design can help bring your product’s whimsy forward.

To do this, pick a neutral background color like white or light grey and pick one or two accent colors. The accent colors could, for example, be your brand colors.

Take a look at how this product flyer allows for the colorful products to stand out against the neutral background:

product flyer template


5. Use a subtle color gradient to add visual variety to your flyer design

Color gradients are making a comeback this year. But they don’t have to be the gaudy, in-your-face variety that bring us back to the 90s.

Subtle color gradients using neutral colors are a great way to add some variety to your design without distracting from the most important part of your flyer–your products.

Take a look at how this product flyer template uses a color gradient in the header:

product flyer template


6. Optimize your product flyer template for social media

Do you want to share your product flyer across multiple platforms? Optimize your flyer for social media sharing by keeping your design relatively simple and by making sure the dimensions work for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

In general, 1080 x 1080 is a safe bet for most platforms. Like this product flyer template:

product flyer template


7. Add a border to your product flyer for a touch of class

Don’t underestimate the effect that a nice border can have on a design. If you want to add an elegant touch to your product flyer design, a simple border is a great way to do that.

Play around with different types of borders: solid lines, dashes, dots. You can also combine two border for a more three-dimensional effect, like in this product flyer template:

product flyer template


8. Use icons as bullet points to list features or services

To add a dash of creativity to your design, use icons to replace bullet points in lists. Pick icons that reflect the theme of each point.

Just make sure that the size and styles of the icons are consistent, so your design doesn’t look cluttered.

For example, look at how icons are used in this product flyer template:

product flyer template


9. Use semi-transparent shapes to help text pop

This is a simple design hack to help your text pop from a photo background:

  • Overlay a colored shape onto your image and adjust the opacity so it’s semi transparent (you can do this using Venngage’s color picker tool).
  • Then, position your text on top of the shape.

Boom! Your text will be much easier to read without totally obscuring your background photo.

Take a look at how this hack was used in the features section of this product flyer template:

product flyer template


10. Use a circular layout for a less common product flyer design

Instead of creating your typical portrait-oriented flyer design, where you read the text left to right, mix it up by creating a circular layout with your product in the middle of the page.

That way, readers can choose where they want to begin reading based on what interests them.

For example, take a look at how this product flyer has different points circling around the product photo in the center:

product flyer template


11. Put a picture of your product as the flyer header

If your product has wow-factor, put a particularly eye-catching photo of it as the header of your flyer. That way, people will see your amazing product, stop, and then want to read more.

For example, this real estate flyer template shows a beautiful house in the header to capture homebuyers’ attention. Then, it provides more details:

product flyer template


12. Compare your product to another product

Divide your product flyer down the middle and compare the your product’s specs to a competitor. This is a simple but effective way to show your product’s value upfront.

Take a look at how this product flyer template uses icons to reinforce each product spec:

product flyer template


13.  Outline your different types of services

If your business offers different types of services for different people, show the options on your product flyer. Color coding the different options will make it easier for readers to scan the information at a glance.

For example, look at how this product flyer template uses color to differentiate between their cleaning service options:

product flyer template


14. Don’t forget to include your logo

When someone looks at your product flyer, there should be no question about where they can get that product. This is especially important if you’re sharing your flyer on social media.

Remember to include your logo somewhere visible, like at the top of your flyer.

For example, there’s no questioning where people can get this delicious burger:

product flyer template


15. Use visual cues to guide readers’ eyes

Visual cues are visuals that direct the reader’s vision, like arrows or a picture of a finger pointing. You can use visual cues to point to key information that you want people to notice.

For example, this product flyer template uses arrows to point to direct the eyes to photos of beautiful travel destinations:
product flyer template


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