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10+ Political Infographics to Explain Complex Concepts

By Nadya Khoja, Aug 13, 2018

political infographics

Politics can be overwhelming. A lot of people would rather not talk about it. Still, it’s a good idea to try and be informed.

The problem is, the political spectrum is pretty massive. Maybe you know the broad strokes about the biggest governing “isms” but get a little foggy on the details.

Luckily, infographics are perfect for making complex information easy to understand. That’s why we’ve pulled together these helpful political infographics to break down these concepts for you.


1. Democrats vs. Republican word comparison infographic

What do the two biggest parties in America value? Without reading their platforms, you can still get a sense of their values from which words pop up in the representatives’ speeches. This comparison political infographic uses a word bubble to highlight the most commonly used words by both party representatives.

political infographics


2. Political infographic featuring cows

Sometimes, complex topics are easier to understand when you explain them using simplified analogies…like cows. Hey, why not? From communism to venture capitalism, this infographic clarifies each concept in an amoosing way (I’m sorry).

Politics Infographic


3. Liberals vs. Conservatives comparison infographic

Many people sit on opposing ends of the political spectrum. If you’re someone who doesn’t know where you fall, then this political infographic can help you figure out which party aligns with your values.

Liberals vs Conservative Infographic

4. Capitalism, Socialism and Communism comparison infographic

Here’s another comparison infographic to help you identify the differences between political systems–this time, capitalism vs. socialism vs. communism. This political infographic uses illustrations to make each concept easier to understand.

Capitalism infographic


5. Massive and detailed communism infographic

The history of communism, including its major players and countries, all in one infographic? Yep. This infographic is a great quick reference sheet if you want to learn how communism arose and what it looks like today.

Communism Infographic

6. Infographic explaining the Declaration of Human Rights 

You’re a human (I’m assuming). Do you know what all your rights are? This is information everyone should know. This simple infographic breaks down the 30 articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Read and be informed:

Infographic Human Rights


7. Characteristics of Fascism infographic

We’ve all heard of Fascism, but what defines it, exactly? This simple political infographic identifies 14 characteristics of Fascism, as demonstrated by past Fascist governing bodies.

Facism Infographic


8. Liberal democrats belief system infographic

What do liberal democrats value? This infographic breaks down the major values of this political identification. It also compares their priorities over the years–after all, as the social and economic landscape evolves, so should political parties.

Democracy Infographic

9. Political “isms” icon infographic

What are the different major political “isms”? This simple political infographic uses simple icon illustrations to shows how the capitalism, fascism, socialism, and anarchism are understood by different political groups. As you can see, different groups always agree on the definition…

Anarchy Infographic


10. Anarchism facts infographic

Many people understand “anarchy” as it’s used to describe a state of disorder. But fewer people understand the fundamentals of anarchism as a political movement. This simple list infographic breaks down anarchism into 7 fundamental characteristics.

anarchism infographic


11. Feminism explanation infographic

Social movements like feminism have a profound effect on politics. There’s definitely a lot of debate these days about what it means exactly to be a feminist. This infographic explains the concept, using visuals to help clarify each points.

Feminism Infographic


12. Feudalism in medieval Europe infographic 

To understand the politics of today, it can help to look back at history. This infographic illustrates the feudal system in Medieval Europe. What are some of the similarities and differences between the Western world then and now?

feudalism infographic

Remember, knowledge is power!

14+ Infographics That Will Make You A Literary Wizard

literature infographics

About Nadya Khoja

Nadya heads marketing at Venngage and has been featured in Entrepreneur, The Huffington Post, The Next Web, Forbes, Marketing Profs, Social Media Examiner and more. She also has a web-series called Drunk Entrepreneurs where she interviews different entrepreneurs who are finding success.