11 Infographics To Tell You Everything You Need To Know About Governing ISMs

By Nadya Khoja, Aug 13, 2015

There are so many different Governing “Ism”s out there, how can anyone possibly keep up with all their definitions and intricacies? Sure you might now the most minuscule details about a handful of them, like Capitalism, Socialism and Communism, but sometimes it’s tricky to remember which one is which. Just the other day I had a debate with a friend about the government type in Harry Potter. Is it Communism, Capitalism, Facism, Nazism? It’s certainly not Socialism, I can tell you that much. In order to make your life a bit easier when it comes to understanding these “Ism”s, we curated this list of 11 Infographics that breakdown a variety of Governing “Ism”s in the simplest terms. Hopefully this will give you a better idea of how your life is being controlled…

1. Using cows to breakdown different government types

Politics Infographic

2. Liberals vs. Conservatives

Liberals vs Conservative Infographic

3. Capitalism, Socialism and Communism in a nutshell

Capitalism infographic

4. Pretty much everything you need to know about Communism

Communism Infographic

5. The Declaration of Human Rights (or at least what they tell you are your rights…)

Infographic Human Rights

6. Some points on Fascism

Facism Infographic

7. Democracy as defined by democrats

Democracy Infographic

8. Simple yet descriptive

Anarchy Infographic

9. Anarchism as defined by anarchists of course

anarchism infographic

10. Feminism…because why not consider it a governing style?

Feminism Infographic

11. A little bit of old school Feudalism

feudalism infographic

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