Milkshake Du Batofar Creative Event Poster Example - Venngage Poster Examples
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Milkshake Du Batofar Creative Event Poster Example

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Poster Descriptions

Craft fun and interesting posters when you use this creative poster example for inspiration. Whether you’re promoting an event or releasing a new product, this event poster is the perfect design example.


The designer chose illustrations that match the event and fun hand-written font that will catch anyone’s attention. The title is featured in a bold oversized text while the body is smaller and in a dramatic font.


You can also emphasize your poster with a bright color palette that works with the theme of the event. Bright colors will make any poster stand out so long as it meshes with the rest of the design elements. Customize more marketing posters with these simple design methods!

Poster Features

Color Palette



736 × 1104 px


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