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Classic Chinese Saying Poster Example

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Poster Descriptions

Are you searching for simple design ideas for your minimalist poster? These creative poster examples are all you need to get started. The designer opted to focus on typography, images, and modern colors. Feature a motivational quote with hand-written heading font and use a professional font for the body text. This is especially effective if you’re translating a quote to English as seen in this typography poster example.


Additionally, these posters also rely on images, icons, and shapes to impact readers. They relate directly to the quotes and work well with the theme. The poster examples also feature a modern color palette that’s vibrant and will grab people’s attention. Create posters that inspire people with the design tips in these creative poster examples!

Poster Descriptions

Get creative with your posters by using this marketing poster example for inspiration. This poster is perfect for advertising an event such as a music or art festival. It features a vivid design that’s easy to accomplish within minutes.


Make a creative poster in no time by adding a bright color palette that’s eye-catching. This poster example also features stunning illustrations that are sure to draw people in. Illustrations are a great way to set your poster apart from other event posters and make certain it gets noticed.


For this creative poster example, the designer also chose a modern font that’s easy to read and added bold text and large headings to make the details stand out. Test out these design methods in any poster for an effective marketing poster!

Poster Features

Color Palette



1754 × 2480 px


Tun Ho