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8+ Event Poster Design Examples & Templates - Daily Design Inspiration

8+ Event Poster Design Examples & Templates – Daily Design Inspiration #12


Every hour there are thousands of projects published by many talented designers. But because those are shared across a collection of different social networks and sites, you often miss them.

That’s why I decided to put together this first edition of the Daily Design Inspiration. With this daily collection of event poster design inspiration, I want to give new designers a platform to show off their work.

To spread some inspiration to readers. To collect amazing design work on one platform. And to make it easy for anyone to create something beautiful.

In this edition of the Daily Design Inspiration, we are going to look at some event poster examples from Steve WolfElio Moavero, and a few from our own Venngage designers.

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1. The Finders Keepers Colorful Event Poster 

Creator: The Finders Keepers

Type: Creative Event Poster Design Inspiration

Selected Because: Scrolling through this event flyer template, my initial thought was how the designer used two different colors palettes to represent different seasons. Taking a further look, I realized it was just a creative way to show a series of events connected together. With the help of the vibrant yellow sticker “New Venue” posted on the second event poster design, that’s when I noticed the location and dates are different. Such a small change in detail not only stood out to me, but also made me realize it’s not another version of an event poster, but yet a completely different event, location and time!

Another great feature is the way the text was arranged in the form of a ticket, notifying the user that one needs to be purchased for these events. Use this event flyer template to introduce your information in a creative way and catch the viewers’ attention!



2. Bold Pool Party Event Poster

Creator: Venngage

Type: Bold Event Poster Design Inspiration

Selected Because: With the positioning of the event poster design, it feels as if the viewer is on the hot yellow concrete, right next to the pool. The swimming pool ladder is so simple but so inviting; makes you want to jump in and go for a swim.

The primary information is all listed in white, while secondary information is in black, keeping it consistent helps distinguish the difference. Different sizes in text identify which information is more important, and creates a sense of hierarchy that leads the eye. Even the font style of the title fits in with the theme, giving it a look of ripples in the water.

The event poster template above exemplifies how a strong design can be dominant whether its framed with a border, or even on its own.



3. Festival Nrmal Event Poster Design

Creator: Monumento Co

Type: Concert Poster Design Inspiration

Selected Because: The event poster design above has no specific hierarchy or path on how it wants to be read. The main information is clearly evident; the title that catches the eye with a gradient and white text, and the place and date listed on masking tape.

Note how each type of text is placed on the event poster design; used with a contrasting background to make the text more legible. Even with so many elements across the page, it doesn’t give a cluttered look.

The use of gradient in shapes across the event poster design not only adds color but also helps identify the title and certain key artists. With so many elements in the poster, placing it against a solid colored background can help balance out the design.



4. Bloody Mary Morning Poster Event Poster Design

Creator: Steve Wolf

Type: Concert Poster Design Inspiration

Selected Because: 

In my opinion, this poster design sets the bar for flat poster designs!

It’s one of the very few event poster designs I have seen that equally splits the viewer’s attention across the page instead of one dominant element. Both the image of the rooster and heading caught my eye at the same time; all thanks to the use of a consistent color palette, bold image, and large, legible text.

My personal favorite is how each group of text is placed; the main textbox has justified text alignment, and even the text on the right side is respectful to the margin around the event poster design. Each group of text fits perfectly in regards to the positioning of other elements.

Let’s not forget the unique font! Bold, large and vibrant, even though it doesn’t have traditional outlines, it’s so easy to make out the letters!



5. Blue Business Event Poster Design


Creator: Venngage

Type: Business Event Poster Design Inspiration

Selected Because: When it comes to business event posters, there is normally a good amount of information to be presented in order to attract the correct audience. The designer has created different sections on the page for each type of information. With the transitioning colors, opaque sections and a relevant image, everything comes together to make an effective business event poster.

This event poster template exemplifies the great use of space in terms of balancing out groups of text and creating a clean professional look. It also shows how helpful it is to use an image that reflects the theme of the event, some like to focus on images and drown out text, while others are the opposite. Either way, all components should represent the theme to avoid any miscommunication.



6. Picnic By Design Event Poster

Creator: Picnic By Design

Type: Creative Event Poster Design Inspiration

Selected Because: This is probably one of the most realistic event poster designs I have ever seen! I want to just reach out and touch it! Imagine how a viewer would feel if they saw this in person, I’m sure they couldn’t resist.

The handwritten font for this event poster design suits the theme of a Picnic, as it’s more personal and different for each person, just like the font. It even connects directly to the chalkboard background. The size of text boxes and each group of text really guide you through the page.

This event poster design is an exceptional example of how to add volume to a flat poster design and give an interactive feel to the audience.


7. European Concert Tour Event Poster

Creator: Elio Moavero

Type: Concert Poster Design Inspiration

Selected Because: The vintage feel to this event poster template appeals to those who look for that feel in this modern age. It can even represent exactly what the artist is all about and the type of music they play. The Matchbox, the color palette, the graphics, font style and grainy effect all take you back in time. The matches on the bottom even reminds me of lighters in the air during concerts, or it could simply mean it’s going to be lit! (Pun intended)

This event poster template is very useful because it can be used for two purposes, to notify the audience of the exact date in their city, and to show which dates in other cities for groupies who want to follow. Want to take your audience back in time through your event? Use this event poster template to help guide you in the right direction!



8. Creative Marketing Event Poster Design

Creator: Venngage

Type: Marketing Event Poster Design Inspiration

Selected Because: I feel the use of space in this event flyer example is just right. The message is straight to the point, the design is simple but very effective, and I really love how the information was presented at the very bottom.

Even in multiple settings, the look of this event poster design is not overpowered, with this color palette, it fits right in but still appeals to the eye. No matter how far you are, the text is easily legible and effective, which will most likely draw the viewer closer.

The orange color palette really makes the green succulent stand out but in a subtle way. The overall design of this event flyer example has a soft trendy feel, nothing abrupt. I would want to go to this sale just to see how the store itself is decorated!



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