50+ New Education Infographic Ideas, Examples & Templates - Venngage Infographic Gallery
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50+ Education Infographic Examples to Inspire Your Design

Check out our education infographic ideas, templates, and examples, all in one place. Then design your own custom infographic for free using Venngage!

New Infographic Ideas, Templates & Examples

Sometimes it’s a lot easier to explain a concept, idea or thought in a visual way. That’s why infographics are so useful to teachers, educators, and professors.


The problem is that not all of those people can be world class designers as well. They all need a little bit of help and inspiration to create the perfect education infographic.


And that’s why we created the Venngage Gallery, which currently has over 1000 infographic examples, ideas, and templates.  


With everything from infographics about the most endangered animals in the world. To infographics that explain complex chemical reactions and theories. And even some infographics that break down common books and stories.


Then after you find the perfect educational infographic idea, use one of Venngage’s many infographic templates to create your own!  


Most Popular New Infographic Templates

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