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New Templates of the Week: 10 Infographic Templates for Marketing, Training and Business Comms

Written by: Chau Nguyen

Nov 29, 2022

weekly templates 4

Without a doubt, infographics and data visualizations play an essential part in content marketingtraining and just about any other business communications.

I trust that you — as a Venngage user — have used an infographic at least once in your business comms. Maybe you even have a specific template you love and keep going back to. 

(If you haven’t signed up for Venngage yet… you know what do to!)

But this time, why not spice things up a little bit by introducing a new infographic to your company’s visual portfolio? Or, at the very least, get inspired by new infographic designs.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at 10 infographic templates — both horizontal and vertical — you can use in marketing collateral, company presentations, training handouts and more. I’ll also provide tips on design and using the Venngage editor along the way.

Click to jump ahead:

Company History Infographic

Let’s start with a simple timeline template:

weekly templates 4

You can use this company history infographic to, well, describe your company history — maybe on your website’s about page, in an onboarding presentation for a new hire or in a welcome email to your customers. The possibilities are endless.

Speaking of business presentations, did you know you can export this template as a PowerPoint file?* Simply click the “Download” icon in the editor bar and choose “Powerpoint”:

Powerpoint infographic template download example
*Note: PowerPoint export option is only available to Business users.

So if you have a slide deck ready and just need a slide describing your company history, you can edit this template, export it as a PPTX. file and add it to your presentation. Yes, it’s that simple!

But if you want a different take on visualizing your company history…

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Adobe Infographic Journey

Here’s another infographic template depicting a company’s journey, plus some other data points:

weekly templates 4

Besides the business’s history, this statistical infographic features information about its annual revenue and number of employees over the years. If you want to feature lots of information in a short but sweet infographic, this is the perfect template for you.

See how the designer uses Adobe’s colors to portray different timeline milestones, contact info and company statistics? This is a simple way to make your data stand out and keep your infographic on brand.

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Mailchimp Export Email Infographic

Here at Venngage, we use our own editor to create all of our marketing materials, for both internal and external audiences. This is a good example of one:

weekly templates 4

This template explains how Venngage users can export their design as an HTML file and upload it to Mailchimp — but it’s such a good template that I think you’ll find it useful too.

You can use this simple step-by-step infographic to visualize a process for your colleagues or for your customers. If you have a video explaining the process — perfect! You can add a link to that video tutorial at the bottom of the infographic like we did here.

Business users can export this template in HTML and use it for their emails (especially if they use Mailchimp — talk about getting meta). Interactive PDF export is also available at the Business tier.

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Social Media Infographic

Need to create a mind map? We’ve got you. You can edit this social media infographic to describe the social media platforms your company uses, list the tools your marketing team leverages, introduce new software you’d like your team to adopt — the list goes on.

weekly templates 4

Also note this is a Smart template! This means you can move the nodes around and the branches will follow automatically, and you can add new nodes with the click of a button. 

A simple way to add a new node is to copy and paste an existing one. Say I want a new node with the same style as the “YouTube” node — I can just click on the “YouTube” node, Cmd-C and Cmd-V (or Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V for Windows users):

weekly templates 4

You can also right click on a node, click “Copy” and right click “Paste” again (as shown with the Twitter node above).

Once you’ve finished adding a new node, you can click “Tidy” to automatically reorganize your mind map! The “Tidy” button appears when you click on the main node — which in this case is hidden behind the central icon (male sitting).

So first move that icon over, click “Tidy”, move the icon back and voilà. You’ve got yourself a new, customized mind map infographic:

weekly templates 4

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Social Media & Advertising Infographic

Like the template above but need a longer infographic? The following social media and advertising infographic could be just the thing:

venngage social media template

This informational infographic is an extension of the mind map above, featuring info like the definition of social media and advertising, types of social media marketing and steps to get started with a social media strategy.

You could use this one to summarize a blog post or as a lead magnet. If it’s a bit too long, you can easily cut down the length — just click “Settings” and choose your new desired height:

weekly templates 4

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Pinterest Infographic

Since we’re on the topic of social media, here’s a neat Pinterest infographic:

weekly templates 4

Remember the Pinterest template we shared last week? Well, this one is a longer, more detailed version describing how you can use Pinterest for business growth.

I love this template because the information is visualized beautifully and simply. It includes:

  • Only two fonts. A handwritten font for headings (to make them stand out) and a sans-serif font for body text (for maximum readability).
  • Different shades of reds. These shades play off Pinterest’s brand color and are applied strategically throughout the infographic (the background colors for the introduction section, the icons and the listed items).
  • Alternating list items. The four items in the list alternate (left and right aligned) to give the design a bit more variety.

For more graphic design tips, check out this post: 11 Actionable Graphic Design Tips for Beginners, According to Design Experts

If you use this template for your own business, a good way to ensure it stays on brand is to use My Brand Kit (available on Business plans). Upload your brand colors to your account and apply them to your design in one click:

weekly templates 4

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Super Bowl Infographic

This next infographic is about Super Bowl ads (which is probably the most interesting thing about Super Bowl — change this marketer’s mind). But hey, with the World Cup underway, I reckon it’s relevant for any sports design needs:

weekly templates 4

But of course, you don’t have to use this list infographic for sports-related content. You can customize it to list the seven best movies you’ve ever seen or seven worst dishes you’ve ever eaten. Or, on a more serious note, the seven webinars or training sessions you’d recommend to your coworkers.

It doesn’t have to be a seven-item list either — feel free to add or delete items depending on your needs! 

What’s cool about this template is the ad examples — you might think these are screenshots of videos, but they’re actually embedded YouTube videos. In other words, you can play the ads directly on the template itself:

weekly templates 4

Pretty cool, right?

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Participative Leadership Style Infographic

Another throwback to one of last week’s templates and on the theme of green templates, check out this participative leadership style infographic: 

weekly templates 4

You could use this template to discuss a new concept — say, NFTs — and provide a definition, pros and cons and examples to further explain the concept. 

All this to say, this template is perfect for presenting a new idea or summarizing an article about that new idea. You can use it for marketing, blogging, training and more. For instance, you could propose a new training program, explain what it is, who it’s for and share examples of where learners can apply the knowledge from that program. 

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Delegative Leadership Style Infographic

Here’s another take on the same template with a different color scheme:

weekly templates 4

Notice how the designer groups different icons and shapes to create an icon story, which helps illustrate the topic in the introduction: 

weekly templates 4

The previous template uses this same design style, but with different shapes (circles instead of squares):

weekly templates 4

Using bold abstract shapes is part of our graphic design trend predictions for 2023. Want to discover the rest? Learn more here: 8 Graphic Design Trends that Will Dominate 2023

For more icon story options along these lines, visit our infographic templates page and search for “leadership infographic.” You’ll find a series of templates on leadership styles, following the same design layout:

weekly templates 4

Or, you can check out this definitive guide to creating icon stories: How to Use an Icon Story to Take Your Infographic to the Next Level

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Layoffs 2022 Infographic

To wrap up this list, here’s a comprehensive infographic on layoffs — something that’s been prevalent among tech companies in 2022: 

layoffs 2022 infographic
Click to see the full template

This infographic features different types of data — both quantitative (number of companies conducting layoffs, where layoffs are happening, which industries are hit the hardest etc.) and qualitative (reasons for layoffs, quotes from leaders on how to best handle layoffs).

You could use the template as is, or crop it into different sections suitable to your needs.

Intrigued by this topic? Check out the full article and infographic here: Is There a “Right” Way To Do Layoffs? [Survey + Infographic]

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Add variety to your business comms with these new infographic templates

I hope you spotted a template you love in this list and that you’re thinking up ways to play around with it in the Venngage editor!

For all our latest templates, check out our templates library. And if you haven’t already, signing up for a Venngage account is completely free (as are some of our professional infographic templates!).

About Chau Nguyen

Chau Nguyen is the Copywriter at Venngage. She loves writing and nerding about content, consumer behavior, conversion optimization, or cats. In her free time Chau watches (mostly) horror movies, writes (occasionally) horror poems, tortures herself with heart-wrenching books, and journals her (surprisingly normal) dreams.