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New Templates of the Week: 8 Templates to Spark your Creativity on Social Media 

By Camila Feijóo, Nov 23, 2022

weekly templates 3

Scott Cook, Director of eBay and Procter & Gamble, once said, “A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is — it is what consumers tell each other it is.” And that’s absolutely true.

In the age of social media, we create content with our consumers in mind. We run campaigns to attract the attention of our clients offering what we know they want to have or achieve.

We don’t sell products or services anymore, we sell illusions, dreams, emotions and feelings. Everyone is trying to become a lovemark, and we have the perfect tools to help you achieve that.

In this brief article, I’ve compiled eight creative social media templates that will make you look like Peggy from Mad Men in your next creative meeting.

weekly templates 3

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Delegative Leadership Style Example

You could use this delegative leadership style example as a banner to announce an event, a forum, an important date for your brand and much more. The content of this template shows how leaders can empower their employees to be autonomous and independent, but everything in the design can be edited — fonts, text, graphics and colors.

Highlight any part of the existing text to change it, then key in your intended text. You can change the font size, alignment and formatting, too. Adjust the font type or use more icons in your design — you can add or edit anything you want in minutes with our intuitive editor.

weekly templates 3

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Restaurant Online Order Website Template

Instagram is the perfect social media channel to post a promotion. Its carousel format allows you to showcase all the info about your brand’s deal and you can even share QR codes for your audience to scan when arriving at an event, or when looking for a coupon to purchase something online.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to marketing and social media. And this restaurant online order website template is a perfect post to show a restaurant’s delivery option — it invites customers to download an app or maybe go directly to their site to place an order.

But again, you can customize it however you want. Resize the template in pixels, inches or centimeters so your design can match the dimensions of a website or a hard-copy printout. Change the color of the design to match your brand, use different typography or add the icons and graphs you think will make your promo stand out.

weekly templates 3

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Feedback Survey Template

Despite all the Musk drama, Twitter is still one of my favorite social media channels. It’s a great platform to hear world news, get up to date on TV shows, have a laugh, and even, find unexpected deals.

If your brand has an active Twitter profile, you could use this feedback survey template to persuade your customers to share feedback and receive something in return (like a 25% discount coupon). Create an attractive online survey that boosts the chances of higher response and completion rates with help from this feedback survey template.

Want to browse other eye-catching layouts? Just navigate through our Twitter templates and select the perfect social media design for you. Our easy-to-use editor also allows you to download in multiple formats to print your design or send it online with just a click.

weekly templates 3

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Growth Planning Template

With Venngage’s Pinterest templates, you can design amazing posts to make your business grow. Using one of our professionally designed templates will ensure your communications line up with your goals.

You’ll be able to set aside time for planning and reflection, instead of just working in the moment. Or, you’ll be able to see where your strengths lie, so when it comes time to hire a new team member, or a freelancer for outsourced tasks, they’ll only have to focus on their tasks and not on social media.

Why hire a designer when you can customize your favorite report or presentation template in minutes? You can create your own designs with no experience by using our easy-to-edit templates.

Venngage offers a wide range of social media templates that you can use for free — in any format, for any social media channel. Sign up for a free account; then select a template that best fits your needs and start creating powerful designs, like this Pinterest for business growth post.

weekly templates 3

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Traffic Template

Do you want to capture the attention of your audience? Are you looking to communicate important information effectively without having to use a ton of text? Design a visually engaging banner, like this one that talks about mobile traffic. Or, use this traffic template as a basis for your own custom post.

Banner headers can work wonders when it comes to capturing the attention of your target audience. With just a simple headline, some images and charts, you can quickly communicate important information, data and statistics without having to resort to yawn-worthy walls of text.

Our LinkedIn templates are fully editable and our smart editor will help you find engaging graphics, original pictures and outstanding icons to enrich your design. Select a template or create your own and stand out from the noise with fresh social media graphics and Venngage’s social media post generator.

weekly templates 3

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Mobile Instagram Template

Like the previous template but need another size or format? We got you. Here’s the same template in a square format. We offer templates in a variety of formats and sizes. Just select the one you prefer and start working on it, or choose a custom size.

Remember, you can always share your design online or upgrade your membership to download in multiple formats: HTML, PNG, HD PNG, PDF,and even Interactive PDF.

These templates are great for businesses because they can help you create an online presence quickly while still looking professional. You can also use these templates to create branded social media posts across all channels, so customers know who you are and where to go to get more information about your products or services.

weekly templates 3

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Participative Leadership Style Example

There are many advantages to using a professional design, like this participative leadership style template. For one, it gives you a starting point and can help fuel your creativity.

Additionally, you can use this type of design almost like a mini infographic or poster to explain a specific subject. For example, this visual aid could help tease a piece of content, promote an event or pitch your services.

If you have an established brand and you need to follow certain guidelines, consider upgrading to a Business or Premium membership account to upload your brand elements — like colors, fonts and logos — to My Brand Kit. This way, your company’s visuals will be consistent across every business communication you make.

weekly templates 3

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Quad Causes Icon Chart

An icon chart can help simplify complex information. If you want to make complicated data or statistics easier to understand, you can use an icon chart to represent the different variables in your equation.

In this quad causes icon chart, there are four different variables each separated by unique icons. You can customize each icon and replace them with findings from your own data or statistics.

Creating an icon chart can be quite challenging, especially if you don’t have experience with designing layouts. But with Venngage’s 100% customizable, pre-designed templates, crafting a quad variable icon chart from scratch has never been easier.

Need more chart ideas? Check out our free Chart Maker tool and learn more about the perks of using Venngage, including tips to improve your chart editing process and more templates to explore from our catalog. We upload new templates every week.

weekly templates 3

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Become a lovemark by using Venngage’s attractive social media templates

Loving the social media templates we shared with you this week?

Sign up for a free account, pick a design from our library of professional templates, swap in your content, add graphic elements and icons and you’re ready to go!

About Camila Feijóo

Camila is a Marketing Specialist at Venngage. She has a background in content management, audiovisuals and advertising; which has given her the opportunity to work with valuable brands and projects around the world. She’s full of movie references, music industry facts and tech hacks. She loves a good em dash — and she doesn't like to talk about herself in the third person.