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Vision Board Examples to Achieve Your Goals

Written by: Aditya Rana

Apr 08, 2024

vision board examples to achieve your goals

If dreams were easy to achieve, I wouldn’t be writing this and you wouldn’t be here reading.

But alas, here we are. Jokes aside, you must’ve heard that to achieve your goals, you need to manifest them.

That means you need to believe you can achieve a goal first and this is where vision boards can help (by constantly reminding and motivating you).

In this post, I’ll share vision board examples you can use as inspiration when creating your own using an Online Vision Board Maker or editing vision board templates.


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How do vision boards help you achieve goals?

Vision boards are effective at helping you achieve goals because they increase motivation and focus.

More importantly, they harness the power of the law of attraction, which is the belief that positive thoughts attract positive outcomes.

By concentrating on visual cues related to your goals, you’ll be able to cultivate positive thoughts and be more motivated to achieve them.

9 vision board examples to visualize your dreams

Alright, let’s get to some examples of vision boards!

Personal growth vision board

Personal growth vision boards boost motivation and help you become the person you hope to be.

Want to feel more calm, patient, or relaxed? Whatever quality you’re aiming for, a personal growth vision board with inspirational words, quotes, and pictures can help!

Personal Goals Online Vision Board

Career and finances vision board

Career vision boards cover your professional goals, both short and long-term.

A career vision board generally includes symbols, images, or quotes to keep you inspired and motivated to grind it out through thick and thin.

Blank Editable Online Vision Board

Relationships and love vision board

A relationship and/or love vision board contains information on relationship goals or details about your ideal partner (for all you singletons out there!).

As you may have guessed, relationship vision boards are heavy on symbols of love, like hearts or cupids and quotes.

Grey White Floral Love Collages

Travel and adventure vision board

Travel and adventure vision boards are my personal favorite. There’s nothing more fun and soothing than visualizing your travel dreams and plans.

A travel vision board is a great way to remind yourself where you want to go and experiences you want to soak in.

Travel Tourism Mood Board

Education vision board

Whether in elementary, middle, high school, or college, an education vision board is a great way to map your learning path and desired academic achievements.

Education vision boards can feature specific goals, such as GPA targets or scholarship achievements, and symbols representing the field of study you’re passionate about.

Or they can highlight your current achievements, like on this vision board.

Class administrator photo collage

Hobbies and interests vision board

A hobby vision board is all about your interests and passions. These can be anything from painting to playing the guitar or any other activity that brings you joy.

These vision boards allow you to include a range of imagery as you can pick anything related to your interest or creative pursuit.

Neutral Playful Vision Board

Creative vision board

Creative vision boards are a riot of colors, patterns, and images that spark your imagination and fuel your creative projects.

Whether writing a novel, painting, or starting a DIY project, a creative board with inspirational artwork or motivational quotes will surely get the creative juices flowing.

Colorful Mood Board

Homeschooling vision board

A homeschooling vision board can be both a planning tool and a source of inspiration for parents and students.

It might feature goals for the year, educational milestones, quotes about learning, and images representing the joy of discovery.

Blank Colorful Goals Vision Board

Spiritual vision board

A spiritual vision board focuses on your inner journey and can include images and symbols that represent peace and enlightenment.

Quotes from spiritual leaders, passages from sacred texts, or even places you find serene and uplifting all have a place here.

White And Blue Minimalist Travel Collages

Tips for using your vision board

If you already have a vision board ready, here are some tips on how to maximize its effectiveness.

Consider placement

A vision board you don’t see often is counterproductive. Make sure to place it where you’ll see it often, such as your bedroom, workspace, or another area where you spend a lot of time.

The goal is to ensure vision boards provide constant visual reminders throughout your day.

Verbalize your goals daily

Engage in daily affirmations by verbalizing your goals while looking at your vision board.

This practice will help drive home your goals and aspirations into your subconscious and increase the odds of you achieving them.

Review and update your vision board often

Regularly revisiting your vision board is crucial because as you grow and evolve, so do your goals.

Updating your vision board to reflect these changes ensures it remains relevant and aligned with your current goals.

Believe in the power of belief

None of the tips shared until now will work until you believe in your vision board’s power and capabilities.

Trust the process and have faith that you can achieve the goals you’ve set out for yourself.

Conclusion: Create stunning vision boards in minutes using a digital tool like Venngage

Sure, you can create vision boards the old way using a poster and printing images and text.

But if you want flexibility and the ability to make changes without creating a mess in you home, check out Venngage’s vision board maker and vision board templates.

With a simple drag-and-drop interface, you can create and edit to your heart’s desire and print the final vision board design when ready.

About Aditya Rana

Adi is a word slinger and loves to fiddle around with SaaS. When not living online, you'll find him outside in nature with a book.