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We’ve Added 40+ New Fonts Including Arabic, Chinese and Thai

By Sara McGuire, May 08, 2018

new fonts

You told us you wanted more fonts. We’re happy to deliver.

We’ve added over 40 new fonts to Venngage including Arabic, Chinese and Thai fonts.

new fonts Venngage

You can find these fonts in the drop-down font menu at the top of your editor.

font menu


Arabic, Chinese and Thai fonts

We’ve added Arabic, Chinese and Thai-compatible fonts. To change your template font, simply click on the text box and select a new font from the drop-down menu.

arabic infographic template


new fonts


thai infographic template


chinese infographic template


New fonts for all occasions

Different fonts convey different moods and personalities. It’s simple font psychology.

Use fonts to create a sense of authority:

new fonts


Or use fonts to show creativity:

new fonts


Read our guide: How to Choose Fonts That Make (Not Break) Your Infographic

Tell us what you think!

Your feedback helps us make Venngage a better tool for your needs. Feel free to drop us a line at any time using the Chat with us now button in the bottom right corner of the editor.

chat button

If you have questions about how to use Venngage, visit our Help Center.


About Sara McGuire

Sara McGuire is the former Content Marketing Manager at Venngage. She believes that growth by content doesn't require a big budget if you're scrappy. Her writing has been published on Marketing Profs, HubSpot, and Content Marketing Institute. Follow her on Twitter @sara_mcguire

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