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How to Make a Letterhead in Google Docs

Written by: Tobi Ojenike

Apr 22, 2024

How To Make a Letterhead in Google Docs

A letterhead is valuable in building a company’s brand identity and giving your communication a professional feel.

Want to land a new client or boost sales leads? Use a letterhead to communicate and increase the odds in your favor.

The benefit of using letterheads is that they help you establish a professional image, increase your credibility, and maintain visual consistency.

An easy way to make letterheads is use to Google Docs — the topic of this blog (a better option is to use our Letterhead Maker or letterhead templates).


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Creating a letterhead with a Google Docs template

Creating a letterhead in Google Docs is straightforward if you follow these steps.

Step 1: Create a new document

Begin by opening Google Docs. On the welcome screen, select the Blank document option.

blank presentation google docs

Step 2: Select a template

Next, click on Template Gallery to explore customizable letterhead templates provided by Google.

google docs

Make sure you go to the Letters section at the bottom of the page to find letterheads.

letter templates google docs

Step 3: Add your branding

Once you’ve added a letterhead template, the first thing to consider is adding your brand colors to maintain visual consistency with your company’s other material.

letterhead template google docs

When customizing your letterhead template for branding, here’s what you should focus on.

  • Maintain your brand’s color scheme: To change a letterhead’s background color, go to File > Page Setup in the menu at the top. Next, click on the Page Color option to select a new color.
  • Edit the header and footer section: Make sure to edit in details like company name and contact information at the top of a letterhead (header section) and secondary information such as address, website at the bottom (footer section) to enhance branding and visibility.

Step 4: Add your company logo

A company logo makes your letterhead instantly recognizable as belonging to a specific company.

To insert a company logo in your Google Docs letterhead template, click on Insert, select Image and then Upload From Computer.

image upload google docs letterhead

Remember, the logo is generally added in the header, but you can place it elsewhere, too.

logo change google docs letterhead

Step 5: Format the text

Next, enter and format your company name, address, contact information, website URL, and any other relevant details.

name and address edit google docs letterhead

Step 6: Ensure adequate white space and alignment

White space and alignment enhance the readability of your letterhead by segregating content into recognizable sections.

spacing letterhead google docs

Here are some tips on letterhead alignment and white space.

  • Margins: Increase the top and bottom margins to accommodate the content.
  • Spacing: Ensure there’s adequate spacing between elements like your logo and contact information.
  • Logo placement: Don’t place your logo at the edge of the document (it looks tacky!).

Step 7: Customize font styles and size

Not all fonts are created equal, so avoid decorative or cursive formats as they don’t look professional.

Instead, use fonts like Arial, Times New Roman, or Calibri. But if your company already uses one font in all communications, use it to avoid inconsistency.

letterhead fonts google docs

Step 8: Save your letterhead as a template

Once you’ve finalized your letterhead, you have two options on how to save it.

The first method is for users with a personal Google account who want to retrieve the template from their Google Drive quickly.

To save in this format, go to File and select Make A Copy.  

make a copy letterhead google docs

This duplicates the letterhead in a new document.

template rename letterhead google docs

In this new version, rename the file’s title (for example – “company letterhead template”). This converts the letterhead into a reusable template that you can edit in the future.

The second option is to save your letterhead as a template accessible by everyone in your organization.

To do this, click on File and then select New and From Template Gallery.

template save letterhead google docs

This will open a Template Gallery Window where you can submit (and name) a template.

submit template page

Once done, everyone in the organization will be able to search for and edit the template.

google drive open up template save letterhead

How to insert a header and footer in Google Docs

The header sits at the very top of your letterhead, right above the content — the perfect spot to place your branding (logo, company name, and even a cool tagline). 

The footer is at the bottom of your letterhead, where you place contact information (phone number, email address, and website).

To add a header and footer to your letterhead, click on Insert and select the Headers & Footers option.

insert header and footers letterhead google docs

How to use Google Drawing for letterhead design

Besides templates, you can also use Google Drawings (a free tool within Google Docs) to create more intricate letterheads.

Here’s how to make a letterhead manually using Google Drawings.

Step 1: In Google Drive, click on New and select Google Drawings.

open google drawings

Google will create a blank slate for you to design on.

blank document google drawings

Step 2: Next, change the document’s dimensions to a size suitable for a letterhead. To do this, go to File and then Page Setup.

page setup google drawings

Change the page layout to Letter or 8.5 x 11 inches (the most common size for letterheads).

page setup change google drawings

To add a logo, click on Insert and then Image to upload your logo (use PNG or JPG for best results).

image upload google drawings

Step 3: Click on Insert and then Shapes to design your letterhead.

shapes drawing tool google drawings

Here are some best practices to keep in mind for maintaining a professional letterhead appearance:

  • Color scheme and branding: Use the same colors throughout your letterhead and make sure they align with your branding.  
  • Effective use of borders and text: Spacing and alignment are important to avoid cluttering your letterhead.

How to save a Google Docs letterhead as a template

Saving a letterhead as a template in Google Docs allows you to reuse your work easily with a single click.

Google Docs provides two methods to save a letterhead template.

  • Go to File and select Make A Copy. In the duplicate letterhead, assign a clear and descriptive name to your template so that it’s easy to identify in Drive.
  • Click on File, select New, and then From Template Gallery. Here, select the Submit Template option.

How to insert an existing letterhead into Google Docs

Already have a letterhead design you want to use? Or don’t like the template options in Google Docs.

The good news is that you can import a letterhead template into Google (in JPEG or PNG format).

To import a letterhead design into Google Docs, click on Insert, select Image, and then Upload From Computer.

uploaded letterhead template

You might need to adjust the positioning or resize by clicking and dragging the corners of the image box.

How to create a professional quality letterhead online

An alternative method of creating letterheads is to use Venngage’s drag-and-drop editor tool.

Venngage is a powerful solution for business communications that helps people without design skills create professional letterheads in minutes.

Let’s walk through the process.

Step 1 – Sign up for a FREE Venngage account

Sign up for a Venngage account using your email, Gmail, or Facebook.

venngage sign up

Step 2: Browse our letterhead templates library

On our templates page, look for the letterhead templates category on the left of the page.

letterhead templates venngage

Step 3: Customize your letterhead

Venngage has letterhead templates designed by professionals that can be customized and made into your own in minutes.

Here are some cool things you can do in the Venngage editor (drag-and-drop interface).

  • Change the text, icons, layout, or graphics in your letterhead.
  • Add your brand colors to your vision board with a single click using My Brand Kit (available only for Business users).
  • Save letterheads as a PDF or PNG (Business users only) or share a link to it for free.

For example, here’s a sample Venngage letterhead.

simple yellow charity letterhead

With a few clicks, I was able to change the logo and color scheme of the letterhead to make it unique.

my brand kit venngage

Here are some more examples of letterhead templates you can edit in Venngage.

This letterhead template is clean and modern, with plenty of white space that makes the text easy to read.

Purple Minimalist Company Letterhead

This template has a clean, structured layout and features graphics and legible fonts, all of which make it attention-grabbing and functional.

Black and Red Construction Letterhead

This template balances playfulness with professionalism and is ideal for creative businesses.

Pink 3D Art Picture Creative Letterhead

Want to learn more about letterheads? Check out our other resources:

Conclusion: Create professional letterheads with ease in Venngage and establish your brand identity

Letterheads are a great way to establish a professional image and achieve business goals.

If you don’t have the design skills or feel limited by the options provided by Google Docs, then hop on over to Venngage’s letterhead templates and edit one of our designs today for free!