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Show, Don’t Tell: Five Ways to Host a More Successful Sales Demo by Using Images

Written by: Ann Smarty

Apr 23, 2020

sales demo images blog header venngage

Have you been trying to improve your sales demo to convert more leads?

If so, here’s an idea for you: Make good use of creative visual content.

More and more salespeople and marketers are using graphs, charts, and infographics to host more engaging, better converting sales demonstrations.

Quickly capturing attention as well as making a lasting connection is key to your sales demo success. 

To gain anyone’s attention, you need to create a visual experience as it only takes seconds for readers or participants to decide to stay tuned or move on.

As human attention spans are narrowing, using visual content is becoming more and more important:

  • Images are the best lead generation tools because they create immediate interest
  • Visuals can inspire and thus help you hold your leads’ attention in a more meaningful way
  • Images make content more memorable helping you engage your leads after your demo is over.

Here’s how to use visual content in your sales demo to increase your conversions:

1. Make a long-lasting impact

Visuals make the best job connecting your demo to a memory in order to help absorb the information in a meaningful way.

No wonder visual aid is the most effective learning tool: People tend to forget but they forget less if they see an image.

Based on Impact of Visual Aids in Enhancing the Learning Process Case Research (pdf), we tend to remember:

  • 10% of what we READ,
  • 20% of what we HEAR,
  • 30% of what we SEE.

This is especially true if you have to deal with numbers (pricing, stats, trends, etc.)

You can easily create graphs and charts to visualize complicated information and make it easier to understand and remember by using Venngage:

templates for sales demos

If you want your key points to be stored in long-term memory, visualize them using easy Venngage templates.

Apart from numbers, you can use visual assets to convey the following:

  • Your company’s achievements and milestones
  • What makes your company stand out in the crowd of possible competitors
  • Your leads’ goals (and how your offer fits right in), etc.

2. Make a clear connection between your brand and your demo

Branding your demo well is the only way to facilitate a mental connection between your presentation and who those leads are actually going to buy from.

If you are hosting your demos on a separate site, make sure you invest into branding that site to match your visual identity. You need to also register a domain name that matches your brand name.

Visualization is the most effective way to instill brand presence into your product demonstration.

Venngage’s “My Brand Kit” is a great way to keep your brand’s style consistent (and recognizable): Use it to create and store your brand’s assets, like logo, branded colors, and fonts:

venngage brand kit screenshot

Most leading webinar platforms support screen sharing and file sharing, so over the course of your remote demo, you should be able to easily display whatever branded presentation slides and other visual assets you’ve created. In addition, if you use ClickMeeting as your webinar platform, you’ll have access to powerful branding tools, allowing you to brand your sales demo’s environment effectively.

  • ClickMeeting allows to customize the design for your registration page, waiting room, webinar room, and thank-you page
  • You can upload your logo and pick your branded colors for your leads to recognize and remember your company
  • You can also create custom branded calls-to-action helping you turn your leads into your customers
  • Using the platform’s WordPress plugin, you can embed all of these screens in your web pages, further reinforcing your demo’s immersive branded experience.

venngage sales demo images

ClickMeeting also integrates into most CRM software solutions allowing you to nurture your leads more productively.

3. Use the concepts in relevant “real world” scenarios

Visuals are able to stir an emotion, especially if they incorporate realism and bring up easily-relatable scenarios.

This is why story-telling is such an important component of a successful demo.

Instead of trying to talk about how good your product is, embrace a different, realism-based approach: “This is what our product can do for you”:

  • Discuss where it fits in your customers’ daily routine
  • Elaborate on how it will make their lives easier
  • Talk about how it may increase their income
  • Show how it can solve their problems

This is where using visuals from real-world scenarios can make a real difference helping your leads relate to what you are saying. Visualize people having problems and finally finding a solution. This is where creative stock photography can actually come in handy.

venngage image search screenshot

Smart Photostock is a great sources of free images, too.

Relatable (visual) content elevates confidence and builds credibility, which are crucial for your demo performance.

sales flyer template

If you lack ideas for creating relatable context for your sales demo, use Text Optimizer to find actual questions that your potential customers are asking in your niche. Text Optimizer collects popular questions and allows you to build effective context around any of them:

venngage sales demo images

[Relatable question to cover in your sales demo, as well as create images to illustrate your point]

4. Re-enforce the impact with video content

Going back to that visual learning research cited above, there is another important finding there: While seeing alone helps remember concepts much easier, the real power is in combining different methods. As such, while we remember 30% of what we see, we will remember 50% of what we SEE AND HEAR.

This is where the power of video content comes into play: It combines two learning aids helping people remember the lesson easier.

When we talk about video in the sales demo context, we cannot overuse it, obviously. Live demos are much more interactive than public content, so your leads may get too quiet while watching a video.

But spicing it out a bit with a quick mini-video that entertains while making a strong selling point is almost always a good idea. You can create one easily by using tools like InVideo that allows you to easily put together professional (mini-)videos without the need to download (and learn) any expensive software.

venngage sales demo images

Use inVideo to create quick videos to introduce your team members, list company’s testimonials in a more entertaining way or show campaign examples. Here’s a also a good resource for free video footage to use when creating and editing your video content.

5. Retarget your sales leads with those images

The average demo conversions is seldom higher than 40%, so expect most of your leads to walk away without buying anything right away. This doesn’t mean that they won’t convert later, after they discuss your product internally and give it some thought.

This is where keeping your company at the back of their minds is very important. When they are ready to buy, you need to be there.

Remarketing is an effective way to keep reminding your leads of your product, and reinforce your message with a personalized special offer. Facebook has a powerful remarketing feature within their advertising platform.

Another good option is Finteza allowing you to re-engage your returning site visitors and current leads with personalized on-site ads. For example, here’s a campaign offering your lost leads a free shipping deal:

venngage sales demo images

In SaaS and B2B sectors, you can run Finteza campaigns to convert your leads with a free upsell offer or a premium support option. A modern way is to use an Apple Wallet business card that will help you retarget your leads through Facebook or Google Ads

Bonus: Reuse your visuals as public content assets

If you spend time creating effective visual assets for your sales demo, it is only natural you may want to make more of the effort. Publicize that content and visuals on your site using SEO plugins to get them rank for your brand-driven queries.

Using tools like ContentCal you can include your sales team into your social media marketing process by enabling them to add their messages and visual assets to a unified “Content Hub” for your managers to edit them (if needed) and schedule them to go live on the brand-owned channels

venngage sales demo images

[Get your sales team add their sales visuals to the company’s social media library for your managers to publicize them online]

survey data infographic template

Seeing is Believing

Adding a relevant visual component takes any product demonstration session a step further. I hope the above tips will help you host more successful sales demos. Good luck!

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About Ann Smarty

Ann Smarty is the co-founder of Smarty Marketing as well as the founder of Viral Content Bee. Ann has been into Internet Marketing for over a decade, she is the former Editor-in-Chief of Search Engine Journal and contributor to prominent search and social blogs including Small Biz Trends and Mashable. Ann is also the frequent speaker at Pubcon and the host of a regular Twitter chat #vcbuzz.