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Help Center

10+ Free Logo Templates and How to Customize Them

Written by: Cristian Oana

Dec 02, 2021

10+ Free Logo Templates and How to Customize Them Blog Header

Big brands are recognizable from their logos. That alone tells us how powerful these visuals are. Logos are essential for brand recall and even well-established companies prioritize their logo design

The brand logos we see now have gone through several iterations. In fact, major brands will occasionally change their logo design to stay up-to-date and relevant.

If you needed proof of how logos can affect business perception, you have it now. An ever-changing design makes your company relevant. 

In this post, we will help startups create their logos. You don’t need to become a designer to come up with a professional design. All you need is Venngage’s free Logo Maker.


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What is a good logo?

A good logo is more than just a visually appealing design. It should create a distinction for your brand and must be practical and simple. 

Remember that the function of your logo is to represent your business. Your company logo design needs to have an impact on the market.

You need to consider that your logo will be present on different materials, online or offline. Brands print out their own logo on merchandise like custom printed fanny packs or shirts and pens for corporate-branded merch giveaways.

Choose a simple design that can be customized easily. Here’s a straightforward logo design that could work for real estate industries. 

House Agent Broker Business Logo Template

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Why do businesses need a logo?

Businesses need to prioritize their logo even before starting their operations. Here are the reasons why you a logo is needed to establish your brand identity. 

Logos show your brand’s professionalism

A business without a logo doesn’t seem credible. That’s why you have to make one early on in the startup process. It influences the market’s perception that your company is ready to make a mark on the industry. 

Can you think of a company that doesn’t have a logo on its website, social media pages, or business cards? You wouldn’t trust them if they didn’t.

The same goes for a bad logo design. It will directly affect how people see your brand. They will think that your products and services are of low quality because you haven’t perfected the design of your logo.

The logo example below is for a company in the education niche. The logo style and color scheme are well-suited for an academy.

Text Education Business Logo Template


With the Venngage logo maker, you can design your own logo in just a few minutes while adhering to graphic design trends. Pick one of the templates from our library and customize it in the intuitive drag-and-drop editor.

Venngage logo templates library

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Logos help in brand recognition and recall

For start-ups, brand recognition is critical. You want to introduce your business first to potential customers. One way to do it is to fill your marketing collaterals with your logo.

Now, the hard part is working on an iconic symbol for your brand. Your logo should be easy to understand. You don’t want to confuse the market for the products and services that you offer.

Take a look at this logo for a plumbing business. It doesn’t have a lot of elements but you can already tell what the business is all about. 

Plumbing Logo Template


The more often that people see this company’s logo the higher the chance that they will recognize it and engage with the business.

A free logo design solution like Venngage makes the process of creating logos easy so you can start building your business branding. Create and share logos online for free, or upgrade to a Venngage business account to access the My Brand Kit feature.

Add your branding to designs with a single clicks and make a logo that stands out as your own.


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How can you create logos? 

Creating your own logo can’t happen overnight. Yes, there are stories wherein a bright idea for a logo suddenly came to a startup founder.

But in most cases, you need to sit down with your team or business partners and think about the right design elements for your logo.

If you are going to start it from scratch, you may need to hire someone or use a free logo design service.

But before that, you need to choose typography that works well with your brand design. The right colors must also be in place so you can evoke the right emotions. Understanding marketing psychology could help during the early phases of logo designing.

Look at the way this distribution business logo uses typography. The clean and modern font style is relevant in the industry and striking.

Cyber Company Business Free Logo Template

If making a logo like this seems like a lot of work, customizing free logo templates are a great alternative. Instead of working on a blank canvas, you have ready-made logos with a transparent background that you can adapt for your company, such as this agency logo example.

Agency Creative Logo


In the Venngage editor, you can swap out the hero icon and replace it with one that best describes your brand and add your company name. Venngage offers over 40,000 icons, including diverse icons, so your brand can appeal to a broader audience.


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How do you customize your logo design?

We’ve shown you how to create a logo, but how do you customize a professional logo from a template? 

When you use free logo makers such as Venngage, it will only take you minutes to come up with a design. The Venngage drag-and-drop function allows you to move your design elements around.

Choose colors from the color wheel and pick a font from the extensive font library. This example combines font styles, colors, and icons to make an impactful and creative logo.

Trading Finance Business Free Logo Template

If you want to change the font, colors, or even icons, you are free reign in the Venngage editor to do so. But having a template makes it easy to lay out all your design elements. 

Once your design is complete, you can share it online with a free account, or upgrade to a business plan to download the logo in a variety of formats, including PNG, PNG HD, PDF, Interactive PDF, and as HTML.

We’ve also seen online logo maker services where you just need to type your industry and they will provide a handful of logo icons. That’s a fast approach but not the best one out there.

For example, this fun restaurant logo is deceptively simple to make. You just need to pick the right icon for your brand and replace it in the template.

Fun Modern Restaurant Logo Design Template


Find an online logo maker that will help you customize designs that are already powerful. 

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Best custom logo templates from Venngage

We’ve already provided you with several templates from Venngage. But if you are still looking for more, here are a few more creative examples to inspire you. 

Ice cream logo template

Ice Cream Logo Template


This fun logo is not just for ice creams. It could work for any type of food business. The logo design is simple but effective. The addition of the bite mark adds a personal connection to audiences.

You can rotate the image, change the font styles and colors, and make this image into your own logo.

Yoga creative logo

Yoga Creative Logo


The logo from the example above is perfect for the wellness niche. The icon is clear enough to understand what the company offers. Adding splashes of colors gives the design additional appeal because of the contrast against the stark background. 

Handyman logo

Handyman Logo


You can also create designs that have a more general appeal, similar to the template above. It uses fun colors and icons to depict the handyman services. The font style matches the industry and reminds us of various construction signs.

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FAQs about creating a custom logo

What is the best free logo maker tool? 

There are several platforms where you can get free logos, but for variety and ease-of-use, Venggage is the top choice.

Apart from our easy-to-navigate platform, we ensure that our users can fully personalize their logos according to the needs.

This gives you creative freedom and you do not have to worry if a different company will have a similar logo. If you get stuck while designing, reach out to our 24/7 support team for instant help.

How can I create a business logo with Venngage? 

Sign up for a free account using your email, Google, or Facebook account. Search through our logo templates and pick the best one for you. From there, you can start creating.

Edit the template until you are satisfied and share it online or on social media.

You can also upgrade your account to access more features, including real-time collaboration with teammates, priority support and download options.

Use a free logo generator to create your own logo design

You now know the importance of creating and redesigning your brand logo. This process can seem daunting for a small business or startup without design experience.

But with the Venngage logo maker, you can easily create a custom logo that makes your brand stand out from the competition and earns you brand recognition.