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12 Best Resume Builders To Help You Get Hired

Written by: Krystle Wong

Sep 20, 2023

Best Resume Builders

In the quest to take down your dream job, your resume is your first point of contact with potential employers. It’s the key to unlocking doors to interviews and career opportunities.

To help you create a resume that can ace that first impression, I’ve meticulously curated a list of the 12 best resume makers available. These platforms are more than just resume templates; they’re powerful tools that can help you create resumes that not only meet industry standards but also reflect your individuality and skills effectively.

So don’t worry if you’re an entry-level job seeker, a seasoned professional or someone navigating a career change. These resume makers are bound to help elevate your existing resume and land the job you’ve been working hard to achieve. Let’s dive in and discover the resume builder that can help you reach your career aspirations.


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Top 12 resume builders to elevate your job search 

1. Venngage


When it comes to crafting a resume that truly stands out, Venngage takes a distinctive approach by offering infographic-style templates. 

These free resume templates are designed to create visually appealing resumes that capture the attention of recruiters and hiring managers. With a drag-and-drop editor at your disposal, Venngage makes customization a breeze. 

Whether you’re a graphic designer, marketer or creative professional, Venngage offers a creative solution to help you craft a standout resume that reflects your skills and experiences in a visually engaging way. 

Easy-to-use templates

Being one of the best free resume builders, Venngage provides a wide selection of professional resume templates tailored to various industries and job roles. Whether you’re a marketer, designer, engineer or teacher, you’ll find a template that suits your needs.

Resume templates

Drag-and-drop editor

No design experience? No problem. Venngage’s intuitive drag-and-drop editor makes customization a breeze. You can easily add and arrange elements, change colors, fonts and more, all with a few clicks. After all, customizing your resume increases your chances of standing out to potential employers and demonstrating that you’re a strong fit for the role.

Venngage's drag-and-drop editor

Data visualization

Visual resumes are gaining popularity as they offer a captivating way to present qualifications, Venngage allows you to include charts, graphs and icons to showcase your achievements and skills visually. This is particularly beneficial for professionals in data-driven fields.

Data Visualization


Infographics are eye-catching and an effective way to communicate complex information. With Venngage, you can create an infographic resume to make it more engaging. For example, you can use charts and graphs to showcase your achievements and skills, making it easier for employers to see your qualifications at a glance.

Black and White Simple Photographer Infographic Resume


Free Plan: Create your first 5 designs for free.

Premium: $19 per month/user or $10 per month/user when billed annually

Business: $49 per month/user or $24 per month/user when billed annually 

Enterprise: Starting at $499 per month for 10+ seats (billed annually)


2. Zety


Zety stands out with professionally designed templates that guarantee a polished and impressive resume. Their cover letter builder simplifies the creation of a comprehensive job application package. 

Building a resume is a breeze with Zety — all you have to do is complete the required information and your resume will be ready in just minutes. While this service doesn’t cost anything, you’ll need to create an online account.

Moreover, built-in spell-check and content suggestions ensure error-free and compelling content. However, the free version has limitations and the premium options come at a slightly higher cost.

Key features: Professionally designed templates, spell-check and content suggestions.

Pros: High-quality templates, user-friendly interface, cover letter builder.

Cons: Free version has limited features, slightly expensive premium options.


2-week trial: $2.70 (cancel anytime)

Monthly plan: $23.70 per month

Annual plan: $71.40 per year

3. Indeed


Besides its free online resume builder, Indeed is primarily known as a job search platform with an extensive database of job listings. You can conveniently apply to jobs directly on the platform once your resume is ready to help elevate your job search. 

Indeed’s platform gives you access to a wide range of job listings and employer reviews, making it a valuable resource for job seekers. 

That said, while the platform grants access to job postings and employer reviews, Indeed’s resume builder and customization options may be less advanced compared to dedicated resume builders.

Key features: Offers a variety of job listings, allows users to apply to jobs directly through the platform.

Pros: Access to job postings and employer reviews, free basic resume builder

Cons: Limited resume customization options, less sophisticated compared to dedicated resume builders.


The basic resume builder functionality is available for free.

4. KickResume


KickResume offers a unique blend of AI-assisted and manual resume creation options. It places a strong emphasis on ATS optimization, helping your resume navigate applicant tracking systems effectively. 

The visually appealing templates also make it easier to create an eye-catching resume. To help save time, users can also import their LinkedIn profiles to streamline the resume creation process.

While there is a free version available, it comes with limitations in terms of features as some users may find KickResume’s premium options relatively expensive. However, the investment can pay off in terms of improved job search outcomes. 

Key Features: AI-powered resume builder, keyword optimization for ATS

Pros: Focus on ATS optimization, visually appealing templates, LinkedIn integration

Cons: Limited job market data, steep learning curve


Free Plan: Customize up to 4 basic resume templates and matching cover letter templates for free

Monthly Plan: $19 per month

Quarterly Plan: $13 per month

Yearly Plan: $5 per month 

5. Novoresume


Novoresume is known for its ATS-friendly templates, ensuring that your resume is well-received by automated applicant tracking systems. Additionally, the resume builder’s real-time content feedback is helpful when it comes to improving resume quality and clarity.

The resume software also provides the flexibility to export your resume in various formats and offers real-time content feedback to help you refine your content. This flexibility is valuable when submitting your resume to different employers.

While Novoresume’s templates are designed for ATS compatibility, some users may find them less visually appealing compared to templates from other resume builders. The focus on functionality may sacrifice some design elements.

Key Features: ATS-friendly templates, multiple export formats, real-time content feedback.

Pros: Strong focus on ATS compatibility, user-friendly editor, offers free and paid versions

Cons: Free version has limited features, limited selection of templates


Free Plan: Users can create one resume design and have access to predefined layouts 

1-month Plan: $19.99

3-months Plan: $39.99

12-months Plan: $99.99

6. Resume Genius

Resume Genius

Resume Genius offers a step-by-step approach to resume creation, making it an excellent choice for users who are new to crafting resumes. This feature provides clear instructions and guidance throughout the process.

In addition to resume creation, Resume Genius includes a cover letter builder and has an ATS compatibility check that helps ensure your resume is optimized for applicant tracking systems, increasing the likelihood of your application getting noticed.

The platform is known for its user-friendly interface, making it easy for users of all experience levels to navigate and create a professional resume. 

For individuals looking to network with industry professionals however, Resume Genius may lack some advanced features related to job networking, industry insights or professional development that can be found on other platforms.

Key Features: Step-by-step resume builder, cover letter builder, ATS compatibility check

Pros: Easy-to-use, guided resume creation.

Cons: Focus on resume building only, fewer advanced features


Free Plan: No plan, download the document as a text file

14-day trial: $2.95 *Will auto-renew after the trial period

Monthly Plan: $7.95 (billed annually at $95.40)

7. Canva


Canva is a versatile platform known for its wide range of templates designed to cater to various industries and job roles. What sets Canva apart is its intuitive drag-and-drop editor, which simplifies the customization process for users. 

Additionally, Canva provides versatility with templates, ensuring that you can find one that suits your industry and specific job role. 

The user-friendly interface allows users, regardless of design experience, to create compelling resumes. However, the free version has limitations, particularly in terms of template options. Users seeking more advanced features may find the premium version relatively expensive.

Key Features: Wide range of templates, drag-and-drop editor

Pros: Versatile templates for different job roles, user-friendly interface.

Cons: Free version has limited templates


Canva Free: Free plan 

Canva Pro: $119.99 when paid annually or $14.99 paid monthly per user

Canva for Teams: $300 when paid annually or $29.99 paid monthly for teams of up to 5 people

8. EnhanCV


EnhanCV offers professional templates with a modern design, making your resume visually appealing and impactful. EnhanCV’s templates are designed to stand out with a modern look and focus on ATS optimization, a critical aspect of resume success. 

The platform provides tools for keyword optimization and content suggestions, enhancing the effectiveness of your resume. 

A convenient feature is the ability to import your LinkedIn profile, streamlining the resume creation process. However, the free version offers limited functionality, which may not meet the needs of users with specific requirements. Additionally, some users might find the premium plans comparatively costly which could be a drawback for individuals on a tight budget.

Key Features: Professional templates with a modern design, tools for keyword optimization and content suggestions

Pros: Visually appealing, modern templates, ATS optimization tools, LinkedIn profile import is convenient

Cons: Free version offers limited functionality, premium plans may be costly for some users


Free Plan: Design 2 resumes and cover letters for free

Pro Monthly: $24.99 per month

Pro Quarterly: $49.97 billed every 3 months

Pro Semi-Annual: $79.94 billed every 6 months

9. VisualCV


VisualCV stands out for its highly customizable templates, allowing users to create unique and tailored resumes. 

The platform offers analytics tools that track resume performance, providing valuable insights into your application’s effectiveness. Users can also host their resumes online, complete with a personalized URL, simplifying sharing. 

VisualCV’s customizable templates give users the freedom to create unique resumes that match their personal branding. The inclusion of analytics helps users gauge the impact of their resumes and make improvements. 

However, the free version may come with limitations and the platform’s interface might be perceived as slightly complex by some users.

Key Features: Analytics to track resume performance, online resume hosting with a personalized URL

Pros: Templates are highly customizable, analytics for tracking resume views

Cons: Free version has limited features, some users might find the interface slightly complex


Free Account: Create your first resume for free

Pro Monthly: $24 per month, billed monthly

Pro Quarterly: $15 per month, billed quarterly

10. Resume-Now

Resume Now

Resume-Now adopts a user-friendly approach with a step-by-step resume-building process, making it an ideal choice for individuals new to crafting resumes. 

The platform offers ATS-friendly templates, ensuring that your resume is optimized for applicant tracking systems. Notably, Resume-Now includes a cover letter builder, allowing users to create comprehensive job application materials. 

The step-by-step guidance simplifies the resume creation process, catering to users of all levels of experience. ATS compatibility is a significant advantage, increasing the chances of getting through the initial screening. However, the free version of Resume-Now may have feature limitations and some users may find the cost of premium subscription plans relatively high.

Key Features: Step-by-step resume-building process, ATS-friendly templates, cover letter builder.

Pros: Pre-written content, Resume writing tips for different job industries, easy to customize

Cons: May lack depth for technical or niche roles, limited free version features.


14-day trial: Full access to Resume Now for $2.45

Monthly Access: As low as $10.45 per month

11. CakeResume


CakeResume stands out with its unique one-page format that makes a bold visual statement in the world of resume building. 

It offers users the opportunity to present their professional information in a distinctive manner, which can be particularly appealing to creative professionals looking to make a strong impact. 

What sets CakeResume apart is its multimedia integration capabilities, allowing users to incorporate videos, links and other elements into their resumes. This feature enables creative individuals to effectively showcase their work and skills in a dynamic way. 

Moreover, CakeResume offers customization options for design elements, allowing users to tailor their resume’s appearance to their liking. However, it’s essential to note that while the one-page format can be visually striking, it may not be suitable for all industries or job roles and some users may prefer more traditional resume layouts.

Key Features: Unique one-page format, multimedia integration (videos, links, etc.).

Pros: Visually distinctive one-page format, ideal for creative professionals, customizable design elements.

Cons: May not be suitable for all industries, some users may prefer traditional formats.


Free Plan: Create your first resume and download it for free

Advanced: $20 per month or $10 per month when billed quarterly and $8 per month when billed annually

Pro: $30 per month or $15 per month when billed quarterly and $12 per month when billed annually

12. ResumeNerd


ResumeNerd is a straightforward and user-friendly resume builder designed to simplify the resume creation process. 

It offers a basic yet effective platform that includes a selection of templates to choose from, making it accessible to users of varying experience levels. The platform provides simple editing tools, allowing users to quickly and easily craft their resumes. 

ResumeNerd also includes a valuable cover letter builder, enabling users to create a comprehensive job application package. One notable advantage is the availability of a free version, making it an attractive option for individuals on a budget. 

However, users should be aware that ResumeNerd may have limited customization options compared to more advanced resume builders. Additionally, it may not offer as many features or advanced functionalities as some other resume-building platforms, which could be a drawback for users with specific requirements.

Key Features: Basic resume builder with templates, simple editing tools, cover letter builder

Pros: Easy to use, includes a cover letter builder, free version available

Cons: Limited customization options, may not offer as many features as other builders


Free Plan: Create your resume with ResumeNerd’s builder and download a text version for free

14-day trial: download, print or email your resume with just $2.75

Monthly Plan: $24.75

Quarterly Plan: $59.95

Yearly plan: $99.95

Now that you’ve got your resume figured out, don’t forget to create an outstanding cover letter to complement your resume. A well-crafted cover letter complements your resume and provides a more holistic view of who you are as a candidate. Here are some cover letter templates that you can start customizing right away. 

11 steps to choosing the best resume builder for your needs

Choosing the perfect resume builder to jazz up your job search isn’t rocket science, but it does require a few savvy moves. Here are some things to consider to help you make a choice that fits your career goals and style: 

1. Define your goals

Start by identifying your specific goals and needs. Think about where you are in your career, what industry you’re targeting and the kind of job you’re after. Different resume builders offer different features, so knowing your goals will guide your choice.

2. Research your options

Look into various resume builders available in the market. Consider both well-known options and newer ones that may offer unique features. Read reviews and seek recommendations from peers or mentors.

3. Evaluate templates

Simple resumes are suitable for a wide range of industries while professional resumes are commonly used in fields where a strong emphasis on qualifications is essential. Templates should match the industry you’re targeting and allow for customization. Pay attention to factors like design, font choices and layout in a resume template when choosing your resume builder.

Retro Resume

4. Ease of use

Nobody wants to wrestle with a complicated platform so choose a resume builder that has an intuitive and user-friendly interface. It’s all about saving time and your sanity during the resume-making process.

5. Customization options

Check the level of customization each builder offers. You should be able to personalize your resume to highlight your unique skills and experiences. Features like resume font selection, color schemes and layout adjustments can be important. For more tips on how to design your resume, here’s a guide on expert resume design ideas from a hiring manager. 

6. ATS compatibility

Ensure that the resume builder you choose is compatible with applicant tracking systems (ATS). ATS-friendly features, such as optimized formatting and keyword suggestions can significantly improve your job application success rate.

7. Cost considerations

Evaluate the pricing structure of each resume builder. Some offer free versions with limited features, while others require a subscription. Decide what features are essential for you and whether you’re willing to pay for them.

8. Support and customer service

Consider the level of customer support provided by these resume building websites. Responsive customer service can be helpful if you encounter any issues during the resume creation process.

9. Export and sharing options

Look for resume builders that allow you to easily export your resume in different formats (e.g., PDF, Word) and share it online or via email. This flexibility can be crucial when applying for jobs.

10. Read user reviews

Search for user reviews and testimonials to gain insights into the experiences of others who have used the resume builder. Pay attention to both positive and negative feedback to make an informed choice.

11. Take advantage of trials or free versions

Here’s a pro tip: Many resume builders offer trials or free versions. Take them for a spin. Test the waters and see if it clicks with your style before committing to a paid version.

For more resume design ideas, here are 35+ resume examples and tips to help boost your job search. 

8 Tips to create an ATS-compatible resume

In today’s digital job market, applicant tracking systems (ATS) play a pivotal role in the hiring process. To ensure that your resume gets noticed by these automated gatekeepers, it’s crucial to create an ATS-compatible resume. Here are 8 tips to help you navigate this resume-writing challenge:

1. Stick with the basics

When it comes to file formats, opt for the tried-and-true, like Word (.docx) or PDF (.pdf). These formats are ATS-friendly, making it easier for these systems to parse your resume accurately.

2. Avoid fancy graphics and fonts

While fancy fonts and graphics may look appealing to the human eye, ATS systems might fumble with them. Stick to standard, easily legible fonts like Arial or Times New Roman to ensure seamless ATS scanning.

Marketing Consultant Simple Resume

3. Consistency is key

Maintain uniform formatting throughout your resume. Ensure that headings, bullet points and font sizes are consistent. Steer clear of complex elements like tables or text boxes that ATS systems may find perplexing.

4. Use relevant keywords

Tailor your resume to match the job description by incorporating keywords from the posting. Include these keywords naturally in your skills and experience sections to demonstrate your suitability for the role.

5. Organize with clarity

Employ clear section headings such as “Work Experience,” “Education” and “Skills” to help ATS systems categorize and comprehend the different segments of your resume.

White and Brown Job Resume

6. List dates and locations

Include specific dates (month and year) for each job and educational institution. Don’t forget to mention the city and state (or country) where these experiences occurred. This precise information aids ATS systems in accurately processing your data.

7. Stick to the basics

ATS systems can get tripped up by special characters, symbols or non-standard punctuation. Play it safe by using standard alphanumeric characters in your resume.

8. Proofread carefully

ATS systems don’t have a soft spot for spelling errors. Thoroughly proofread your resume to eliminate any typos or misspellings. A single mistake could hinder your chances of making it through the ATS screening.

Engaging College Student Resume

Simple resumes are designed to be ATS-friendly, making it easier for your application to pass through the initial screening stage and reach the hands of human recruiters. To help provide a clear and compelling overview of your skills and experiences, here are some simple resume examples that you can refer to. 

Best resume builder FAQs

Is it worth paying for a resume builder?

Whether it’s worth paying for a resume builder depends on your needs and the features offered. Premium versions often provide advanced customization and ATS optimization, which can be valuable for serious job seekers.

How much do you pay to have a resume done?

The cost of having a resume professionally done can vary widely, from a few dollars for a basic service to hundreds of dollars for more comprehensive options and resume writing services.

Are there any 100% free resume builders?

Yes, there are several 100% free resume builders that allow you to create a free resume without paying. Platforms like Venngage, Novoresume, Resume-Now and ResumeNerd offer free resume-building services with no hidden charges. While they provide free templates and basic features, some also offer premium paid versions with additional functionalities and options.

Are resume builders suitable for all professions and industries?

Resume builders can be suitable for most professions and industries, but some specialized fields may benefit from more tailored approaches.

Are there mobile apps for resume building?

Yes, many resume builders offer mobile apps that allow you to create and edit your resume on the go. Examples of mobile apps for resume building include Resume.com, Canva and Microsoft Word for mobile devices.

Is it better to create a resume from scratch or use a builder?

Whether to create a resume from scratch or use a builder depends on your preferences and the level of customization you need. A resume builder is convenient for many, but creating from scratch offers complete control. Of course the benefits of using a resume builder are about more than mere customization, and for a lot of people it is better to embrace a more structured approach that’s tried and tested, rather than going off-piste.

Can I export my resume from a builder to other formats?

Yes, most resume builders allow you to export your resume to various formats such as PDF or Word.

Can I import my LinkedIn profile into a resume builder?

Many resume builders offer the option to import your LinkedIn profile data to simplify resume creation.

Do resume builders offer cover letter templates as well?

Yes, some resume builders include cover letter templates and tools for creating accompanying cover letters. Venngage for example offers a wide range of cover letter templates for different industries and job titles that you can customize for free. 

Can I edit my resume after I’ve created it using a resume builder?

You can typically edit your resume after creating it using a resume builder, allowing you to update information as needed.

Is it safe to input personal information into a resume builder?

Using reputable resume builders is generally safe for inputting personal information, but it’s essential to choose trusted platforms and exercise caution.

Are there any resume builders that offer AI-powered resume improvement suggestions?

Some resume builders incorporate AI-powered features that offer suggestions to improve your resume, including wording and formatting.

What do I put on my resume if I have little to no work experience?

If you have little to no work experience, focus on highlighting your education, relevant coursework or projects, skills, volunteer work, internships and any certifications or awards.

What is the basic difference between CV and resume?

The basic difference between a CV (curriculum vitae) and a resume is their length and purpose. CVs are typically longer and more comprehensive, used for academic and research positions, while resumes are concise and tailored for job applications in various industries.

Master the art of resume building

In the ever-evolving landscape of job hunting, your resume is a reflection of your experiences, skills and aspirations. The 12 resume builders we’ve explored in this article offer a multitude of resources and features to help you create resumes that shine brightly in the eyes of employers.

As you embark on your job search journey, remember that choosing the right resume builder is a crucial step. Each of the platforms above caters to different needs and preferences. Whether you’re drawn to the visual appeal of infographic-style resumes, the simplicity of traditional formats or the convenience of AI-assisted guidance, there’s a resume builder waiting to assist you.

Ultimately, the best online resume builder is the one that aligns with your unique career path, goals and personal style. Take the time to explore these options, experiment with different templates and craft a resume that tells your professional story authentically.

With your newly crafted resume in hand, you’re well-equipped to navigate the competitive job market, stand out to potential employers and make your career aspirations a reality. 

About Krystle Wong

Everyday writer and a weekend baker, Krystle is a content marketer and brand strategist with experience in media, tech and SaaS.