5 Essential Human Resources Poster Templates

By Sara McGuire, Aug 11, 2017

human resources poster templates

Clear communication is an essential part of a healthy company culture. 

According to a recent Interact/Harris poll, the top complaint from employees about their bosses was a lack of communication. Additionally, 63% of employees said that “not recognizing employee achievements” was the top communication issue they experienced, while 57% said “not giving clear directions” was theirs.

As part of the Human Resources team, communication is probably a huge part of your job. How can you make information more accessible, easier to understand, and easier to remember?

Visuals make it easier for people to understand and retain information.

An eye-catching Human Resources poster is a great way to make information accessible and easy to understand. You can use a poster to summarize important information, offer helpful resources, outline processes, and announce events.

But at this point you might be saying to yourself: how am I supposed to design an eye-catching poster if I don’t have much (or any) design experience?

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

Start with an easy to use Human Resources poster template. Then, customize your design. 


1. Plan Information Poster Tempates

Another common problem many companies face is that employees are unable to assess whether or not their 401(K) Plan is right for them. You can help untangle some of the confusion surrounding 401(K) plans by creating a 401(K) Plan Flyer that clearly outlines basic information about your company’s plan. 

human resources poster templates

If you have plans for making your company a better workplace, you can also create a poster to remind team members of this plan. Use visuals like icons to illustrate ideas and make key points more memorable.

human resources poster templates


2. Conflict Resolution Poster Templates

Conflict in the workplace happens. Ideally, you want a solution to be found as quickly as possible.

A conflict resolution poster provides team members with actionable tips for how to deal with conflict quickly and effectively.

Organize information on the poster into steps that team members can follow. Each step should have a list of quick, actionable strategies team members can try out.

human resources poster templates

Address questions your team members are likely to ask during a conflict.

human resources poster templates

Help your team members better understand why they’re feeling a certain way. Offer tips for how they can self-reflect and communicate their perspective clearly.

human resources poster templates


3. Workplace Safety Poster Templates

It’s very important that your team is aware of any potential risks at your workplace. It’s also important that your team knows where to find resources for safety training, safety equipment, and health and safety assessments.

There are official OSHA posters distributed by the government that employers are required to display in the workplace. But you may want to provide additional posters with tips for maintaining a healthy and safe workplace.

Design your workplace safety posters so that they are attention-grabbing and engaging. This will help ensure that more employees notice the information and read it.

The most important part of creating a workplace safety poster is that the information is easy to read and understand. Use bright colors to attract the eye. Complement key points with simple, easily understood icons and illustrations. Use easily recognizable symbols like the OSHA symbols.

Workplace Safety Infographic Template

You could also create an uplifting poster with motivational tips. Use color and icons that reflect the mood of the information. For example, if you poster offers tips for how to maintain a positive attitude, use bright, sunny colors and cartoony icons.

human resources poster templates


4. Job Opening Poster Templates

For many employers nowadays, the challenge isn’t to find new hires, it’s to find the right new hires. The volume of people applying for jobs has increased by 33% in recent years. That means that employers will have to sift through potentially hundreds of applications before finding standout candidates.

But the more specific your job posting is, the more likely you are to attract the right candidates.

You can communicate a lot about your company culture and company values through your job opening ads.

Personalize your poster design with your company’s brand colors and visuals that represent your company’s personality.

human resources poster templates

Optimize your job opening poster for social media. Images with a landscape orientation often look better in Twitter and Facebook feeds.

human resources poster templates

If you want to keep your post design minimal, then consider just using some color accents and strategically placed icons to make it just that bit more engaging.

human resources poster templates


5. Business Greeting Card Templates

Greeting cards are small and simple way to remind team members that they’re appreciated.

Why stick to one generic greeting card when you can customize your cards to fit the occasion? The winter holiday season, a team member’s birthday, or a company milestone all deserve their own custom designs.

If you start with a template, you can easily swap out icons and images and change the colors to fit the occasion.

Use seasonal icons to decorate your greeting cards. Pick a font that reflects the mood of the season.

human resources poster templates

If you have a team photo from the same event the previous year, people will probably appreciate the memory. Use a photo as the background of your greeting card for a super personal design.

human resources poster templates

You may also want to include your company logo somewhere along the border of the card, or to use your brand colors or fonts.

human resources poster templates

Are you looking for posters to help you visualize important processes? Check out these process poster templates.

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