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12 Best AI Presentation Tools for 2024

Written by: Tobi Ojenike

Dec 21, 2023

10 Best AI Presentation Tools

Remember the days of agonizing over bullet points and battling wonky clip art? The presentation landscape has shifted, thanks to a game-changer: AI. 

These intelligent assistants are breathing new life into slides, making presentation creation more accessible, impactful and — even dare I say — enjoyable.

In this article, we’ll unveil the 10 best AI presentation tools for 2024, your key to unlocking the power of this revolution. From crafting compelling narratives to generating stunning visuals, these tools will have you ditching the design deadlocks and presenting like a pro, even if you’re not.

Hit a creative wall? Don’t worry! Venngage’s presentation maker and free presentation templates are here to ignite your ideas and help you craft a stunning presentation.


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What are AI tools for presentation?

AI tools for presentations are innovative software programs that utilize artificial intelligence to streamline the creation and delivery of compelling presentations. These tools offer a variety of features that can help you:

  • Generate ideas: Some generative AI tools can help you brainstorm ideas for your presentation. For example, they may be able to suggest topics, themes or visuals based on your keywords or the overall message you want to convey.
  • Create content: AI presentation tools can help you write your slides, create visuals and design your presentation. For example, they may be able to generate text, translate languages, write different kinds of creative content and answer your questions in an informative way.
  • Engage audience: Some AI presentation tools can help you practice your delivery and provide feedback on your timing, pacing and body language.

Choosing the best AI tool for you depends on your specific needs, budget and preferred workflow. Tired of staring at a blank slide? These top 10 AI presentation tools for 2024 might help you out. 

10 Best AI Presentations Tools for 2024 

Say goodbye to boring slides and hello to presentation superpowers! We’re about to dive into the top 10 AI presentation tools that’ll transform your slides from snooze-fests to showstoppers in 2024. 

Think smart design tips that’ll make your visuals sing, data visualizations that’ll captivate your audience and content creation tools that’ll unleash your inner wordsmith. No matter your style or focus, you’re bound to find one that can boost your creativity and confidence for your next big presentation.



Venngage helps you add infographics into presentations with ease. The DesignAI automates presentation design for you – saving you hours of work. Venngage helps you in using eye-catching infographics and graphics to clearly and compellingly express your narrative. Sharing your ideas is made simple with Venngage—you don’t have to get bogged down in intricate details.


  • DesignAI: Add infographics into presentations with ease. With our free AI Infographic Generator and an extensive collection of professional, creative templates, crafting the perfect infographic is a task anyone can master.
  • Diverse templates: There is a variety of free and accessible templates that meet different purposes that you can browse through to actualize your ideas. 
  • Easy customization: Customize colors, fonts and pictures by using the simple drag and drop tool that helps to make customization faster and easier.
  • Collaborative design: Easily share and edit designs with your team members to promote productive and pleasurable teamwork.


  • Free plan: Get started with your first few designs for free. 
  • Premium plan: $19/month per user or $10/month per user when billed annually 
  • Business plan: $49/month per user or 24/month per user when billed annually
  • Enterprise plan: $499 for 10+ seats, billed annually


SlideModel.AI transforms how presentations are created, integrating artificial intelligence to enhance creativity and productivity. Ideal for professionals, educators, and anyone aiming to improve their presentation skills, SlideModel.AI automates the presentation content creation process by leveraging Artificial Intelligence. By interpreting a prompt, SlideModel.AI will suggest the presentation structure and the initial content of your presentation. This AI-powered tool streamlines the creation process, allowing users to focus more on refining and delivering their presentations. Once completed, presentations can be exported to PowerPoint or Google Slides for additional customization and final edits.


  • AI-Powered Presentation Generation: Your presentation content will be automatically generated based on your input and prompts, saving time and effort.
  • Content Suggestions: Provides content ideas and structure to enhance the overall flow and impact of your presentation.
  • Multiple themes and customization options: Easily customize presentation themes (with colors and fonts) to match your brand or personal style.
  • Export Options: Export your presentation to PowerPoint or Google Slides for further editing and final touches.


  • As a SlideModel member, you get complimentary access to SlideModel.AI



Gamma creates presentations in a non-linear format similar to a mind map, encouraging creative exploration and dynamic flow. The platform’s AI generator is at its heart; it swiftly generates a basic presentation or paper from scratch, providing users with a solid foundation on which to develop.


  • Interactive components: You can include real-time programs and websites in your presentations. It’s an excellent means of presenting your concepts in real time.
  • Analytics: This is a fantastic tool for tracking the effectiveness of your works and whether or not they engage viewers.
  • Quick and easy to use: All it takes to create an appealing presentation is one question and a little tweaking.
  • AI-assisted editing: Probably one of the most useful editing techniques is to use the chatbot to enhance already-made presentations.


  • Free: You get 400 credits when you sign up to test out different features and make a few documents.
  • Plus: You can get extra services like PDF export for $8 per month.
  • Pro: You can get powerful AI models and limitless AI production for as little as $16 per month.

Invideo AI

Invideo simplifies the creation of stunning presentations through advanced AI technology, saving you significant time and effort. With Invideo, transforming your ideas into visually engaging presentations is straightforward and efficient. It helps you present your narrative clearly and compellingly without getting bogged down in intricate details.

AI-Powered Design: Invideo makes adding visual elements to presentations a breeze. Its AI-driven tools and a vast library of professional templates allow anyone to create captivating visuals effortlessly.

Extensive Template Library:
Browse through a wide range of free and accessible templates tailored to various purposes, enabling you to bring your ideas to life quickly and effectively.
User-Friendly Customization:
Customize colors, fonts, and images easily with a simple drag-and-drop tool, making the design process faster and more intuitive.

Collaborative Workflows:
Share and edit presentations seamlessly with your team members to foster productive and enjoyable teamwork.

Free Plan: Start with your initial designs for free, perfect for beginners or occasional users.
Premium Plan: $19/month per user, or $10/month per user when billed annually, providing additional features and greater flexibility.
Business Plan: $49/month per user, or $24/month per user when billed annually, ideal for small to medium-sized teams needing advanced tools and collaboration features.
Enterprise Plan: $499/month for 10+ seats, billed annually, designed for large organizations requiring comprehensive solutions and dedicated support.

Plus AI

Plus AI

PlusAI offers AI-powered design features, content suggestions, real-time collaboration and seamless integration with Google Slides. It allows consumers access to the benefits of generative AI within one of the market’s most popular presentation tools.


  • Effortless presentations: With PlusAi, you say goodbye to the tiresome process of creating presentations from scratch. AI also helps you create interesting slides by automating tedious tasks.
  • Simple edit: You can quickly add new slides, update the ones that already exist, or use AI to remix slide layouts.
  • Custom themes: Just type in the name of the theme to create a unique presentation theme and Google Slides AI will choose lovely fonts and colors for you.
  • Co-creation: Work together and co-write presentations with AI while getting advice on how to improve your slides.
  • Consistent designs: By developing common themes and specially trained AI models, you can make sure that the designs, styles and tones used in your team’s presentations remain consistent.


  • Free: This version offers 3 AI presentations, 5 snapshots, a maximum refresh rate every 6 hours and an unlimited number of organization members.
  • Slides AI: With Slides AI that starts at $10 per month, you get unlimited AI presentations, 5 snapshots, a maximum refresh rate of 6 hours and an unlimited number of organization members.
  • Pro: Starting at $25 per month, pro offers unlimited AI presentations, 25 snapshots, refresh rate of every hour and an unlimited number of organization members.
  • Team: Team costs $50 per month and it offers unlimited AI presentations, 100 snapshots, refresh rate of every hour and an unlimited number of organization members,
  • Enterprise: Enterprise offers custom AI presentations, snapshots and refresh rates. The pricing is not made publicly available.

Beautiful AI

Beautiful AI

Beautiful Ai is known for its user-friendly interface and extensive library of design templates. It automates the construction of visually engaging slides and makes intelligent recommendations for content development.


  • Audio recording: Explain each slide with a voiceover that explains to the audience what you want them to take away from your presentation. 
  • Real-time communication: On any slide, users may instantly share edits, criticism and ideas. You can also ask collaborators to collaborate on the presentation with you or share the presentation with others.
  • Smart templates: These templates adjust to new content by using artificial intelligence.
  • Company branding: This feature lets you immediately incorporate your company’s colors, fonts and logo into upcoming presentations by simply inserting them. Within the presentation, you can modify an array of chart and graph options.
  • Customization: Provides a library of pre-built templates and a drag-and-drop editor to facilitate simple customization of presentations by users


  • Pro: At $12 per month (annual payment only), you get to generate AI content, limitless slides, import and export Powerpoint slides and analytics.
  • Team: The team subscription costs $40 per month (annual payment) and $50 per month (monthly payment). With this subscription, you get all that is in Pro, including custom template library and themes, collaborative workspaces and you can share your slides via a central library.
  • Enterprise: Though the pricing of Enterprise is custom, you get everything in Team, plus secure sign-in and auditing features, unlimited themes, slides and templates, as well as onboarding, training and priority support.


Designs AI

Designs.ai creates presentations from scratch or existing slides with a focus on AI-powered design and content suggestions. Designs.ai’s machine learning technology enables people, regardless of experience level, to produce beautiful visual material quickly and affordably.


  • Logo maker: This provides pre-made templates for distinctive logo designs based on the criteria you’ve chosen.
  • Video maker: With the use of video footage that corresponds with the written information you submit, this tool creates incredibly engaging and relevant videos that can be added into your presentations. 
  • Design maker: This helps customers save time and concentrate on what really matters by automating small processes like adjusting picture size.
  • Speech maker: The speech maker creates voices from text that sound authentic and remarkably lifelike.
  • The font pairer and color matcher: With this, you can get intelligent recommendations for complementary fonts and colors to your presentations.


  • Basic: $29 per month (or $19 per month if a one-year subscription is made) — Ideal for individuals and small enterprises.
  • Pro: $69/month – Perfect for expanding companies and organizations.
  • Enterprise: Custom-made for big groups and organizations that need consistent branding and cooperation.



Pitch helps you create pitch decks and other business presentations with a focus on storytelling and audience engagement. Its major goal is to help businesses expand, hence it strives to streamline the presentation creation, collaboration and sharing processes. Pitch’s speed in creating and revising presentations is an essential aspect.


  • AI-driven content: Make use of AI technologies to improve layout and create engaging content.
  • Quick turnaround: In only a few minutes, you can create improved pitch decks.
  • Expert templates: Access new do-it-yourself deck templates for a professional demonstration.
  • Pro services option: For a further degree of refinement, include professional services.
  • Use case examples: Use actual customer use cases and transformations to help visualize potential.


  • B2B sales and Startup pitch deck (rewrite): This costs $29. It gathers information in 5 minutes and generates presentations in 5-10 minutes. All you need to do is upload an existing PDF pitch of less than 10MB.
  • B2B sales and Startup pitch deck (new): This also costs $29. However, it gathers information in 20-30 minutes for B2B sales and 30-40 minutes for a startup pitch deck. Presentations are generated in 5-10 minutes for both decks. All you need to do is answer questions from the AI assistant, 20 for the B2B sales pitch deck and 30 for the Startup pitch deck.

Microsoft 365 Copilot

Microsoft 365 Copilot

This tool provides AI-powered suggestions for writing, design and accessibility within PowerPoint. It’s deeply integrated with Microsoft Office, making it convenient for existing users. With only a brief suggestion and the addition of pertinent material from a document you created last week or last year, Copilot in PowerPoint enables you to produce stunning presentations. 


  • Natural language processing (NLP): Copilot makes utilization of NLP to comprehend consumer inquiries and deliver precise answers.
  • Smart meeting assistance: Copilot’s smart meeting assistance feature helps users during virtual meetings by integrating with Microsoft Teams. 
  • Intelligent assistance: Copilot provides intelligent document assistance by analyzing documents and providing recommendations in real time to improve readability, grammar and content quality.
  • Productivity suggestions: By offering insightful suggestions based on customers’ usage patterns, Copilot assists users in streamlining their workflows. 
  • Data insights and visualization: Copilot makes use of AI algorithms to examine data in Microsoft 365 apps and provides users with the ability to see complex data visually through dashboards, graphs and charts. 


$30 per user per month, billed annually.


Presentations AI

Presentations.AI creates presentations from scratch or existing slides with a focus on collaboration and real-time feedback. It simplifies the process of developing polished, attention-grabbing presentations easily by simply filling in a prompt or answering a few questions in a short form.


  • Customized design: To maintain consistency, you can alter the templates to meet the needs of your brand.
  • Anti-fragile templates: The template styles keep the visual attractiveness of the slides while effortlessly adjusting to your content.
  • Seamless sharing: You may receive honest criticism and work more productively when you have an easy way to share with your coworkers.
  • Easy creation: With the help of this tool, your unprocessed content can be turned into a creative presentation. The straightforward features of the program make your work easier and help you create captivating slideshows.
  • Analytics and sharing: With this function, you can monitor how well your presentation is performing and gradually improve the quality of your content.


  • Starter: $0 (beta pricing)
  • Pro: $396 (beta pricing)
  • Enterprise: Contact for custom quote



Tome creates presentations from scratch with a focus on AI-powered content generation and research. It incorporates artificial intelligence effortlessly, providing intelligent design suggestions, dynamic data visualization and interactive components that fascinate viewers. 


  • Interactive elements: A variety of interactive elements, including animations, 3D models and AV overlays, support the creation of creative and engaging presentations.
  • Smart design themes: Tome offers responsive layouts and themes that simplify design. 
  • Smooth integrations: Incorporate interactive product mockups, 3D prototypes, data, web pages and more from popular platforms like Figma, Spline, Twitter, YouTube, Framer and Miro to improve your presentations.
  • AI-powered content enhancement: You can make incredibly eye-catching slideshows with Tome thanks to its AI-powered capabilities. 
  • Easy presentations: Tome allows you to input a prompt to begin the process of creating a presentation.


  • Free: For an individual, this plan offers unlimited features; for a team of two or more, it offers limited creative features. Additionally, you get 500 AI credits when you sign up.
  • Pro: This plan costs $8 per person per month billed monthly and $10 per person per month billed annually. It includes unlimited creativity features and computer credit points upon sign up. Other services like priority support, custom logos, PDF export and turning off Tome branding are also available in this plan.
  • Enterprise: This plan includes all the features of the Pro plan as well as several advanced capabilities. These include workspace templates, custom fonts, custom sub-domains, white-glove template setup, custom tile integrations, sophisticated analytics, single sign-on & SAML and dedicated CSM support, among other things. 



Kroma offers a wide range of features for creating presentations, including design, content creation and analytics. Using artificial intelligence, Kroma.ai enhances productivity and aesthetic appeal by offering dynamic data visualization, interactive components and intelligent design suggestions.


  • Professional materials: Select materials from professionals in the field to enhance your polished presentation.
  • Data visualization tools: Use powerful data visualization tools to make your numbers pop out, neatly organizing your data within charts and graphs.
  • Well-crafted templates: With carefully crafted templates, you can produce visually striking presentations while making sure you have the appropriate structure for the task.


  • Explorer: This is a free plan, for one user account. It contains 100,000 presentation tools, with new templates added regularly. You can download one template and email support is available.
  • Premium: This costs $39.99 per user per month, for one user account. It contains 20M+ stock images and videos, unlimited template, image and video downloads and 100,000 presentation tools. Premium email support is available in this plan and new templates are added every week.
  • Enterprise: This costs $1,699 per year for 5 user accounts. In addition to all the features of Premium, access to concierge services are provided, as well as 12 premium decks with your company logo and branded elements.


What to look for in AI tools for presentations

What to look for in AI tools for presentations


Let’s face it, crafting captivating presentations can feel like navigating a dense creative jungle. But fear not, intrepid explorers! AI presentation tools are here to light your path and choosing the right one requires careful consideration. Here’s what to look for:

Ease of exploration: Picture this: you’re not hacking through vines, but gliding effortlessly through a user-friendly interface. Prioritize tools that are intuitive and require minimal learning, allowing you to focus on your ideas, not technical hurdles.

Tailoring your presentation: Seek platforms that offer ample customization options, letting you tweak designs, fonts and layouts to perfectly reflect your message and brand.

A team effort: Collaboration makes the presentation dream work! Choose tools with robust collaboration features, allowing you and your team to work together seamlessly, sharing ideas and refining slides in real-time.

Time-saving: Efficiency is your jungle guide. Evaluate how the tool streamlines the creation process. Can it generate text outlines from your keywords? Craft stunning slides automatically? Every time-saving feature is a valuable weapon in your arsenal.

A template oasis: No one wants to stare at a blank canvas in the creative desert. Opt for platforms like Venngage with a diverse library of professionally designed presentation templates, offering a jumpstart for captivating visuals and saving you precious time.

Design on autopilot: Leave the heavy lifting to AI! Explore tools that automate slide design, suggesting layouts, color palettes and even image placements. Focus on your content, knowing your visuals will be top-notch.

Content polishing: Look for tools that offer smart content suggestions, helping you refine your message, correct grammar and elevate your writing to its full potential.

Versatility: Choose a tool that handles diverse needs, from stunning data visualizations to interactive elements and different content formats.

Workflow harmony: Consider integration capabilities with other tools you use, like project management platforms or video conferencing software. Smooth workflow is key to a stress-free presentation journey.

Comfort is key: Finally, remember familiarity breeds confidence. Choose a tool compatible with your existing software and with an interface that feels natural and intuitive. You’ll be navigating the presentation jungle like a seasoned pro in no time.

By keeping these features in mind, you’ll find the perfect AI presentation partner to guide you through the creative jungle and help you craft presentations that wow your audience. 


How AI tools can help enhance your presentation

Remember the days of painstakingly crafting slides, battling data overload and praying your audience stays awake? Thankfully, those days are fading like flipchart ink in the rain. 

AI is transforming presentations and its power to enhance your message is nothing short of electrifying. Here are some ways how AI tools can ignite your next presentation:

Content generation

Automated summarization: No more drowning in data! AI summarizer condenses complex information, extracting the juicy bits to keep your audience glued to your story.

Natural Language Generation (NLG): Forget bullet points. AI tools like GPT can weave your stats and facts into compelling narratives, turning dry data into dazzling demonstrations.

Design assistance

Automated design tools: Say goodbye to design headaches; AI crafts stunning slides, suggesting layouts, colors and visuals that make your message pop.

Image recognition: Can’t find the perfect picture? AI’s got your back. It scans mountains of images, pinpointing the perfect visual to elevate your point and leave your audience saying “wow.”

Speech and language processing

Speech-to-text and text-to-speech: AI translates your presentation in real-time, connecting with diverse audiences and shattering language barriers.

Language translation: Break language barriers and reach the world. AI translates your presentations in real-time for a global audience.

Audience engagement

Chatbots and Q&A assistants: Let AI handle the Q&A. Chatbots answer questions instantly, stirring audience interaction and keeping the energy high.

Sentiment analysis: AI taps into your audience’s emotions, suggesting tweaks to ensure your message resonates with everyone.


Recommendation systems: No more one-size-fits-all presentations. Using recommendation systems, AI tailors your content to your audience’s preferences, ensuring your humor hits the mark and your message resonates deeply. 

Data visualization

Automated data analysis: Picture this: you throw a mountain of numbers at AIand it effortlessly extracts the hidden gems, uncovering patterns and insights. This information goldmine lets you craft compelling narratives and present your findings with the confidence of a seasoned data scientist.

Dynamic infographics: Tools like Venngage’s AI Infographic Generator breathe life into numbers with interactive infographics that keep them glued.

Rehearsal and feedback

Speech analysis: AI coaches your delivery, analyzing your speech patterns and suggesting improvements that’ll make you sound smooth and confident.

Virtual coach: Need a practice partner? AI provides personalized feedback, helping you refine your message and polish your presentation into a masterpiece.


Speech recognition for accessibility: AI translates your words into text, making your presentation accessible to everyone. No more leaving anyone behind!

Automatic subtitling: AI automatically adds subtitles, ensuring your message reaches even non-native speakers.

Accessible design tools: Don’t let accessibility be an afterthought! Tools like Venngage’s AI accessible design tool seamlessly weave accessibility features into your presentation creation. Color contrast checkers, alt text suggestions and keyboard navigation enhancements ensure no one gets left behind in your captivating story. 

Social media integration

Social media analytics: AI analyzes audience engagement across social platforms, guiding you on how to tailor your presentation for maximum impact.


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With the introduction of state-of-the-art AI presenting tools, 2024 is full of potential. The incorporation of automated design tools, natural language creation and collaborative editing elements enhances the presentation experience even more in today’s technologically advanced world.

These 10 AI presentation tools represent a significant step forward in crafting impactful and engaging presentations. However, it’s crucial to remember that this is just the beginning. The field of AI-powered presentations is constantly evolving, offering exciting possibilities for the future. 

So, as we look forward to 2024, immerse yourself into the world of AI and the tools to simplify your planning and presentation. Save time and get more done by embracing the evolution of AI presentation tools