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Help Center

20+ Product Roadmap Presentation Templates

Written by: Tobi Ojenike

Apr 10, 2024

20+ Product Roadmap Presentation Templates

Whether you’re a product manager or an entrepreneur, a well-made product roadmap presentation is a great way to ensure stakeholder and team buy-in.

Product roadmaps are visual representations of information such as critical features, timelines, and strategic goals and are practical communication tools.

If you’re unsure how to create a product roadmap presentation, you’re in safe hands! In this post, I’ll show you how to use an Online Roadmap Maker and share product roadmap templates you can add to slide decks.


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20+ product roadmap presentation templates

The benefit of using product roadmap presentation templates is that you can quickly provide a high-level overview of projects. Some other advantages include:

  • Save valuable time: Product roadmap templates give you a ready-made structure to use, which saves you time creating something from scratch.
  • Consistent design: Professional designers make product roadmap templates, so you don’t need to worry about alignment, spacing, or other design-related aspects.

1. Timeline-based product roadmap presentation template

From the ideation stage until launch, you need a method for tracking progress along a timeline. This way, stakeholders can keep abreast of events, changes, and progress.

quarterly concept product roadmap

2. Feature-based product roadmap presentation template

As attention spans dip, you’ll want a template that lets you highlight important product features at a glance (bold, italicized, or underlined text are great tricks for this) to drive the message home.

grey product roadmap
release product roadmap

3. Goal-based product roadmap presentation template

Goal-based product roadmap presentation templates go beyond listing features or deadlines and strategically communicate the vision, key goals, and milestones to your team or stakeholders.

dark gray company quarterly business roadmap

4. Release-based product roadmap presentation template

These roadmaps provide information on product releases over a specific period. Their primary purpose is to give each team member a sense of responsibility and provide a visual overview of the entire process.

light vertical product launch roadmap
release and results

5. Strategy-based product roadmap presentation template

These roadmaps help ensure that product development efforts are aligned and focus on the broader business strategy and goals rather than specific features or release dates.

white and colorful strategic roadmap

6. Platform-based product roadmap presentation template

These templates are specifically designed for products that serve as platforms and focus on various applications, integrations, or user-generated content.

simple blue product application roadmap

7. Portfolio-based product roadmap presentation template

Unlike roadmaps that focus on a single product, a portfolio-based roadmap offers a birds-eye view of multiple products and how they fit into the broader strategy.

dark portfolio roadmap template

8. OKR-based product roadmap presentation template

OKR-based product roadmaps represent a goal-setting methodology that helps teams and organizations define measurable goals and track their outcomes.

This type of roadmap is useful for aligning product development activities with specific, measurable objectives that contribute to the organization’s overall success and strategic direction.

marketing sprint checklist

9. Process-based product roadmap presentation template

Process-based roadmaps focus on product development in distinct phases and often align with an organization’s product methodology.

These roadmaps are helpful for teams that follow structured processes, such as agile, lean, and scrum.

promotional marketing plan

10. Technology-based product roadmap presentation template

These roadmaps allow you to clearly define how technology will be developed, ensure strategic alignment, and effectively communicate ideas.

purple and white minimalist technology roadmap

11. Expansion-based product roadmap presentation template

These roadmaps outline how a company plans to increase a product’s market reach, user base, and features over time.

mint green marketing roadmap

12. Kanban-based product roadmap presentation template

Inspired by the Kanban project management method, Kanban product roadmaps are built to ensure that product evolution is managed efficiently and transparently.

illustration team product development roadmap

13. Agile-based product roadmap presentation template

Roadmaps that focus on the agile project methodology are great for presenting changing priorities which makes them ideal in environments where rapid change is the norm.

blue product development roadmap

14. Integration-based product roadmap presentation template

Integration-focused roadmaps are essential for products requiring synchronization across different departments or communication with third-party services.

simple product roadmap

15. Maintenance-based product roadmap presentation template

As the name suggests, maintenance roadmaps focus on product updates, bug fixes, and improvements over time.

retro now next later product roadmap

16. Marketing-based product roadmap presentation template

Marketing roadmaps focus on showcasing marketing activities to promote a product over a certain period.

Unlike product development roadmaps, which focus on features and technical updates, a marketing roadmap focuses on marketing initiatives to enhance product visibility.

modern marketing roadmap

17. Sales-based product roadmap presentation template

Sales roadmaps hone in on sales initiatives, targets, and milestones associated with a product over a timeline. They are the perfect way to align sales efforts with the overall product strategy.

green minimalist sales plan

18. Internal-based product roadmap presentation template

Roadmaps for internal use outline the product development process, timelines, and priorities for team members directly involved in the product’s lifecycle.

Unlike roadmaps for an external audience like investors, an internal roadmap focuses on details that affect day-to-day operations.

simple project management roadmap

19. Quarterly-based product roadmap presentation template

These roadmaps outline the product development over quarterly intervals or three months.

This timeframe offers a balance between short-term agility and long-term planning, making it particularly suited for businesses operating in dynamic environments where flexibility is crucial.

colorful quarterly product roadmap

20. Target audience-based product roadmap presentation template

These roadmaps align product development strategies with a defined target audience’s needs, preferences, and behaviors.

This way, you can create products for the people that want and need them.

soft franchisee marketing roadmap

Best practices for product roadmap presentations

If you’ve never put together a product roadmap before, here are some best practices to keep in mind.

  • Focus on clarity: Use visuals like charts and graphs as too much text leads to information overload.
  • Tailor the presentation: Know your audience and speak to them. If you’re presenting to techies, dive deeper into details. If it’s a meeting of stakeholders, focus on the big picture.
  • Highlight user stories: Share relatable stories of why your product is unique.
  • Communicate dependencies and risks: Touch on potential setbacks and how you plan to address them.
  • Make it interactive: Insert questions and answers to keep your audience engaged till the end.
  • Focus on value: Don’t just list features, but explain how each improves the product and solves user problems.

Product vision and strategy presentation

When giving product roadmap presentations, you’ll need to include two things: your product vision and product strategy.

Product vision usually represents a long-term goal, while product strategy describes the steps you’ll take to accomplish your goal.

Here are some tips on how to communicate both to stakeholders. 

  • Connect the roadmap to your vision: Ask yourself what problems your product aims to solve. Your answer(s) will guide your vision, and in your presentation, you can highlight how each step helps you get closer to achieving that mission.
  • Answer the “why”: Rather than abstract examples, use real-life stories audiences can relate to when describing your vision.
  • Align with your business objectives: To further convince stakeholders, highlight how your vision ties into larger organizational objectives.
  • Incorporate storytelling: Don’t just tell facts and figures and boring people. Instead, tell stories that listeners can relate to so that they become champions of your product.
  • Give room for iteration: Product roadmaps should have wiggle room depending on changing circumstances. Be proactive and routinely review your roadmaps and make iterations as needed.

Want to learn more about product roadmaps? Check out our other resources:

Conclusion: Communicate your product vision and strategy efficiently with Venngage

If you want to execute a project well, you’ll need to create product roadmaps to help you communicate.

You can either spend hours trying to design a product roadmap or use our product roadmap templates, which don’t require any design experience to edit and save time and headaches.