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Help Center

Goal Setting Worksheets & Templates 

Written by: Tobi Ojenike

Jun 13, 2024

If you want to get fit, eat healthy, or achieve a goal, you’ll need to be good at planning and tracking.

Sure you can use calendars and pen and paper work to do this, but in today’s busy world full of distractions, you’ll want something more automated.

What you need are goal setting worksheets and templates! These pre-formatted documents break goals into actual actionable steps. 

Want access to free goal setting worksheets? Sign up for free on Venngage and get access to goals templates.


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20+ free goal setting worksheet/templates

Goal setting worksheets help you visualize and achieve goals. In this section, I’ll go over goal setting templates you can edit today without any design skills.

1. SMART goals worksheet template

This worksheet lets you implement the SMART framework and follow a structured approach to achieving your goals within a specified timeframe. Feeling a sense of accomplishment is guaranteed!

SMART Goals Brainstorming Board Template

2. Project management worksheet template

This project management worksheet template breaks down the workflow into stages, each featuring tasks and objectives to ensure projects are planned, executed, and completed effectively.

By using this template, managers or team leads can set clear goals, manage risks, and document best practices.

Project Management Workflow Diagram

3. Marketing roadmap worksheet template

Marketing campaigns are complicated puzzles with multiple pieces and having a roadmap is necessary for success.

By following this marketing roadmap worksheet, businesses can set clear objectives, develop targeted marketing campaigns, and measure their success.

Blue Marketing Roadmap

4. Visions board worksheet template

Vision boards are powerful tools for visualizing and setting your goals and dreams.

This template allows you to create a visual representation of your dreams and keeps you motivated through images, words, and other elements that resonate with your goals.

Blank Colorful Goals Vision Board

5. Wedding planning worksheet template

Are you getting married soon? Then, this wedding plan vision board worksheet is what you need.

It’s designed to help couples visualize and plan their dream wedding by creating a visual representation of wedding ideas, preferences, and inspirations.

Wedding Planning Vision Board

6. Sales action plan worksheet template

This sales action plan worksheet template is designed to help businesses plan and achieve sales goals effectively.

By organizing your sales strategy into clear sections, this worksheet ensures every aspect of your sales process is thoroughly planned and executed.

Vintage Food Retailer Sales Action Plan

7. Performance improvement plan worksheet template

This performance improvement plan worksheet template is designed to help supervisors address and improve performance issues.

By using this worksheet, employees and supervisors can effectively enhance performance and achieve success.

Dark Blue and Gold Performance Improvement Planner

8. Planning process worksheet template

This planning process worksheet template is can help individuals or teams break down complex goals into manageable tasks.

This template allows you to figure out a start point, track progress and the end goal.

Colorful Planning Process Infographic

9. Website development worksheet template 

This website development worksheet template is a great option for teams wanting to develop a website.

This template breaks down the process into manageable steps to ensure each step is thoroughly planned, making it easier to achieve project goals.

Website Development Process Infographic

10. Remote employee onboarding worksheet template

As the world embraces remote work, this remote employee onboarding checklist worksheet template will come in handy to ensure smooth onboarding of new employees.

This template ensures that companies can effectively manage the remote onboarding process and ensure that employees feel welcomed and prepared to start their new roles.

HR Virtual Onboarding Checklist Template

11. Goal status completion worksheet template

The project goal completion status report worksheet template is helps track and report the progress of goals using a gauge chart.

Use this template if you want an easy and cool way to monitor goal progress and identify areas that still need attention.

Goal Completion Status Chart Gauge Template

12. Personal workout calendar worksheet template

Committing to a fit lifestyle is not easy which is why a workout calendar is a great way to stay motivated and on track.

This colorful and organized calendar provides a weekly schedule that includes various types of workouts and rest days to ensure a balanced and comprehensive fitness plan.

Colorful Weekly Workout Schedule

13. Daily activity report worksheet template

Daily activity reports are a great way to track daily performance at work (or any other area of life), achievements, and identify areas for improvement.

This daily activity report template makes it easy to reflect on performance and/or provide constructive feedback and support.

Simple Green Daily Activity Report

14. Retirement planning worksheet template

Retirement is a time to relax but it can be difficult to define. A retirement planning worksheet can help the elderly enjoy a fulfilling and financially secure retirement.

This retirement planning template outlines nine steps to retirement. By following this worksheet, people can set clear goals, evaluate their financial and health status, and create a detailed plan.

9 Steps to Prepare For Retirement Infographic

15. Sales onboarding worksheet template

Onboarding new sales representatives is important to achieve targets and growth. This sales onboarding worksheet can serve a great reminder of five steps you must follow to ensure new hires are prepared.

5 Steps for Sales Onboarding Process Infographic

16. Employee performance worksheet template

Employee performance reviews help align individual goals with the company’s objectives. This employee performance worksheet template can help both employees and reviewers systematically assess current responsibilities, achievements, and areas needing development.

Minimal Q1 Employee Performance Review

17. Self care worksheet template

Goals don’t always have to be serious or work related. If you’re looking for a structured approach to relaxing and self-care, this self care worksheet template can help you get the most out of your time.

White Self Love To Do List Poster

18. Real estate worksheet template

This template simplifies the real estate investment process. From creating your financial vision or goal to your very first investment, this template has detailed processes that ensure you are well informed every step of the way.

Real Estate Investment Process Infographic

19. Software testing worksheet template

If you need a guide on how to ensure your software functions properly and meets the needs of the users, this template is for you. This template is an easy 8-step process that breaks down software testing, beginning from product testing to deliverables.

software test plan template

20. Talent management worksheet template

From branding to exit interviews, this template has an 11 step management process for HR to hire and retain top talents. 

talent management process infographic

Important goal setting tips

  • Break down large goals into smaller, easier to work through steps using worksheets.
  • Create resources and support systems that help you achieve your goal. 
  • Set deadlines and milestones for progress tracking (worksheets often have trackers).
  • Regularly review and revise goals using the worksheets.
  • Celebrate achievements (big and small) – worksheets can be a visual reminder of progress.

FAQs for goal setting worksheets and templates

I have a lot of goals, but I feel overwhelmed. Can worksheets help me prioritize?

Yes! Worksheets can help if you have a lot of goals since they can include sections for brainstorming and evaluating goals. This way, you know which goals to prioritize.

What if my goals change halfway through? Can I still use worksheets?

Of course, you can still use worksheets even if your goals change. Just revisit your worksheet regularly and revise goals or action steps as needed. There’s always space for notes and adjustments.

I struggle staying motivated. How can worksheets help?

Worksheets can help with motivation as they have sections to celebrate milestones which can keep you focused on the finish line.

Can I use worksheets for different areas of my life?

Definitely! Worksheets cover all areas of life, including career goals, personal development, finance, health and relationships, and more.

I’m not very tech-savvy. Are worksheets difficult to use?

No, worksheets are not difficult to use. In fact, most worksheets are user-friendly and require no design skills to edit, fill digital, or print out.

Conclusion: Level up your life and crush your goals with goal setting worksheets

Goal setting worksheets and templates are essential tools if you want to achieve goals. To find a goal setting template for your needs, check out our comprehensive goals templates library today.