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Donald Trump’s Dominance on Online Attention [Infographic]

By Eugene Woo, Mar 21, 2016

Say what you may of Donald Trump’s campaign for the US Presidency , but one thing is clear – he is killing it when it comes to online coverage and shares. A recent study by Buzzsumo of more than 14,000 published articles on US presidential candidates shows just how much we (and the media) are obsessing over him (for good or bad).

Articles about Donald Trump were shared over 214 million times, almost 60 million times more than the next candidate, Bernie Sanders, who had just over 153 million shares. Trump has twice the number of shares compared to Hillary Clinton, and more than three times the number of shares compared to Ted Cruz.

It should be noted that the majority of Donald Trump’s media coverage is not paid for or bought by his campaign or followers. They are what the media industry call “earned” media – from free coverage and people sharing and amplifying his message. In fact, the NYTimes reported that he has earned almost $2 billion worth of free media since the start of his campaign.

Infographic: Donald Trump's Dominance on Online Attention | Venngage

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About Eugene Woo

Eugene is the CEO of Venngage and has a passion for making design and data easier for everyone. He enjoys swimming and good coffee.

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