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Help Center

15+ Business Plan Templates for Strategic Planning

By Joan Ang, Feb 17, 2022

business plan template

If you’ve just had a new business idea that’s worth funding, or come up with a marketing strategy that can double your company’s revenue — it’s time to put your great ideas down on paper using a professional business plan template. 

Take a look at Venngage’s fully customizable, easy-to-edit business plan templates that can help you bring that one-of-a-kind idea to life. Simply pick a template you like and start editing for free — no design experience required.


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Detailed & professional business plan samples

If you’ve already got all your data and information ready and just looking to transform them into a compelling, professional business plan, here are the templates for you. All of these templates are populated with meaningful information that can easily guide your inspiration and help you create your own business plan in no time.

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Monochromatic architecture business plan template

business plan template

Monochromatic colors allow you to highlight many details easily without making them shine or stand out too much from the other elements. It does take some delicate layout and asset planning, though. Luckily, you can just leave these details alone by editing the name of this report and the data it contains. Easily edit this template using Venngage’s convenient template editor.

If you’re not in love with this color scheme, you can always change it using My Brand Kit. Have your brand colors and logos automatically extracted with Autobrand:

my brand kit Venngage

And add them to your business plan design in one click:

my brand kit venngage

Simple interior design business plan template

business plan template

Image-centric, magazine-style strategic business plans always grab attention without being intimidating. The cover image sells the content that includes your plan’s executive summary, approach and eventually the deliverables. 

If you want to replace the cover photo with one of your office’s, simply double click the photo and upload your own:

business plan template

Red simple business plan template

business plan template

Strategic business plans don’t have to look like top-secret government documents that are “for your eyes only.” They can attain magazine-level attractiveness by using a coherent theme, such as this free business plan template that you can fully customize. 

The red, high-contrast appeal of this theme, text layout and overall format make it a splendid choice for a comprehensive strategic business plan template.

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Green interior design business plan template

business plan template

The color green is always easy on our eyes because they’re sensitive to it. The neutral green theme of this template makes it easy to focus on the cover image’s layout and theme. Plus, the paragraphs on the text are easy to understand, thanks to the neutral colors and magazine-style layout. 

Minimalist architecture business plan template

business plan template

Minimalism is a beautiful design concept because it showcases the power of layouts when it comes to documents and presentations. The concept is pleasing because it gives low visual stimulation while maximizing the focus on vital information in your reports. 

Design consultant business plan template

business plan template

While it has a strong magazine feel to it, this Venngage template has a topic-oriented characteristic because of its text-heavy sections that still appear pleasing to view and read. The template relies on the clever use of images, white spaces and icons. Exchange these assets easily by using Venngage’s web-accessible editor.

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Crisis management and continuity business plans

Crisis management requires swift organization and work. We know you’re under a lot of pressure when you’re going to use these templates for your presentation, so we made sure that they’re presentation-ready that require minimal edits. They’re all free business plan templates as well!

Simple crisis communications plan template

business plan template

Here’s a quick crisis communication plan you can use in any impending report. 

If you’re not familiar with creating a crisis communication plan, this free business plan template already contains all the sections you need: table of contents, escalation frameworks, roles and responsibilities, and tips to maintain an effective response plan.

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Crisis communications plan template

business plan template

Urgent planning situations won’t need you to sacrifice style and coherence with a paragraph-heavy layout. Sure, we can do away with the photos to maintain our reader’s focus, but we can use a bullet layout with subheaders, bullet points and more. 

A light-colored theme makes it easy for readers to comprehend the colors. While this template focuses on crisis control, you can change its purpose by customizing its elements using Venngage’s built-in web editor.

Emergency response plan template

business plan template

This Venngage template is perfect for plans on how to deal with emergency situations. The template focuses on content and uses minimal colors and contrasts to set the reader’s focus on each data detail. 

If you’re in a hurry to set up your strategic business plan, you can edit this template’s content with Venngage’s easy-access editor within minutes before your presentation.

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Simple business plan templates for beginners

Not sure where to start with designing your business plan? No graphic designer to help you out? These beginner strategic business planning templates for Venngage guarantee a presentation-ready report in no time. Just use its built-in editor to change some small details to suit your brand, and you’re all set!

Yellow simple business plan template

business plan template

Readers want a seamless reading experience, which means authors must have an excellent document layout with related photos that don’t take away the spotlight from the project data. This Venngage template is perfect for such a purpose because it has an excellent balance of content and images. Fully customize it with Venngage’s built-in editor.

Simple gaming business plan template

business plan template

You’re probably too busy testing games or even playing games to make a layout. But, your department needs you to create a games-related strategic plan. Say no more because here’s a template that’s made just for this purpose. If this layout isn’t perfect enough for your needs, you can always use the web editor to switch out assets and data.

Contracting company business plan template

business plan template

If you’re quite busy with your daily work, you can always use pre-made layouts for your upcoming strategic planning presentation. This Venngage template is text-heavy and uses icons, but construction contractors will want to use these so that their clients have complete information on the project. Customize this as your project needs with the help of Venngage’s powerful web editor.

Professional business action plan template

business plan template

Beginners can have an excellent magazine-style report appeal using this Venngage template. With an attractive cover photo and excellent use of negative space, this template can help you make professional reports without sacrificing time and substance. You can fully customize this template with Venngage’s top-notch web editor.

Colorful hospitality business plan template

business plan template

The hospitality industry knows plenty about design, layouts and the effective use of assets. This Venngage template uses a wide color palette that gives it a basic appeal to readers and helps the latter focus on the topic and data. If the colors don’t work for you, or you have a better idea about the fonts and layout, you can fully customize this template with Venngage’s convenient web editor.

Business consultant continuity plan template

business plan template

Need to present a plan on how to continue operations during emergency situations? This template should help. Photos have a great role to play because they set the mood and background for the report. Some reports are suitably photo-centric, while some, such as this Venngage template, work well with minimal or background use. 

You can switch out the template’s banners, data, and fonts using Venngage’s built-in editor.

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FAQs about business plans

Got some questions about business plans? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

What’s a long-term strategic business plan?

Everyone makes plans that have a set of steps and approaches that lead to your ultimate goal. It’s the same for business plans.

A business plan is a written document that outlines a company’s strategy for success, including its mission statements, its vision, operational plans and financial projections. These plans give your business a clear, short-term direction with dedicated sets of processes and procedures that can improve the business’s production and efficiency to meet its short and medium-term goals.

What’s included in an effective business plan?

A professional business plan typically has the following sections: 

  • Cover page
  • Table of Contents
  • Executive summary
  • Company description
  • Market analysis
  • Organization and management
  • Service or product line
  • Marketing and sales
  • Funding request
  • Financial projections
  • An appendix

A business plan can span a dozen or more pages because it presents the big picture, as complete as possible, to reassure others to invest in you.

For more information on how to create the best business plan, visit our post: How to Create a Business Plan to Win Over Investors (7+ Business Plan Templates)

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In summary: Unlock your business’s potential with these business plan templates

It can be difficult to create the right business plan, especially when you’re not sure what it should look like. Rest assured, because we have tons of business plan templates that are full of meaningful information to help you.

Choose one of Venngage’s professional, fully customizable business plan templates and start adding your data, and you’ll have your own business plan in no time. No design experience required.