Create Information Packed Timeline Infographics With Venngage


Visualize an engaging story about an important person, idea or product with a simple timeline infographic!

Use a timeline infographic to build a great story.

Are you looking for a new way to present complex or dense information? Are you trying to tell a story, or depict time passing in a visually appealing way? A timeline infographic is perfect.

You can build a compelling story that people will actually want to read with a simple timeline infographic. Not only are they easy to follow but you will blow your audience away with a unique design.

With our collection of icons, images, and templates you can enhance any timeline with a few clicks. And you don't need any design experience to create a stunning infographic!

Create a unique & interesting timeline infographic in 5 simple steps

  1. Join the Venngage family, it's FREE for everyone!
  2. Select one of the timeline infographic templates created just for you by our awesome design team.
  3. Add important dates, information and images to your timeline infographic.
  4. Upgrade your infographic with icons, fonts, and photos, there are millions of choices on Venngage.
  5. Download your timeline infographic and share it with the world!

Create an easy-to-read timeline infographic by:

Including Useful Icons

The right icons can draw readers into your story and also help guide their eyes down the page.

Keeping It Simple

No one wants to read the entire life story of someone when looking at your infographic. That's what history books are for, so keep it short and sweet.

Choosing The Right Font

With close to a hundred font choices, you will find a perfect font combo for your infographic.

Adding Your Own Images

Can't find and icon, image or illustration that fits your theme? Not to worry, because you can upload your own images to your image library.

Tell a story with one of our professionally designed templates

One of the hardest places to start is with a blank canvas, and that is why we have created a collection of timeline infographic templates. That way you can quickly edit or add the elements that matter to you instead of building something new from a blank canvas.

These timeline templates have been created and carefully curated by our in-house design team just for you. And they are not only easy to edit but our free-form editor makes it easy to change any aspect to fit your topic or idea. With Venngage you don't have to compromise in your design work.

Keep it short but impactful

A timeline is all about summarizing someone's life or a complex process, so try not to make your timeline infographic into a term paper. Use a handful of impactful ideas or points to tell a compelling story that will leave your readers informed. Then spice it all up in a visually exciting or fun way.

Never get stuck with all the work

With Venngage you will never be stuck doing all the work on your infographic timeline. Whether this is for a school project or a corporate presentation you can work on it as a team.

Use icons to guide your readers

Icons are the foundation of any good timeline infographic and should be used in every timeline. A simple icon can make an infographic easier to read or understand and help readers move through your timeline in an orderly fashion. Plus they can help draw the reader's eye to an important fact in the timeline or add some extra context.

And with our hundreds of thousands of icons, illustrations, and graphics we are confident that you will find a few that fit your topic.

Share it with your audience

After you finish creating your timeline infographic you can share it with your audience. This means you can either download it from Venngage as a high-quality PNG or PDF document, as well as share it online with your audience. And if you're not quite ready to share your infographic with the world, you can share it privately with just your team.


How do I sign up for Venngage?

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Why should I create a timeline infographic?

Reading complex information in text form can be frustrating, but with a timeline infographic your audience will be able to absorb your content with ease. You can also present this information in a visually compelling way that will keep your audience engaged and excited.

How do I collaborate with my team?

To collaborate with your team you will need sign up for our Business Plan but you can share your designs with anyone no matter which plan you're on.

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