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Complete an incident report in minutes with Venngage's Online Incident Report Maker—no tricky software required


With our professional incident report maker, you can write a thorough incident report in a manner of minutes.

No matter how small the problem or incident, you should fill out an incident report

Your workplace should feel like a safe environment for your employees. They should feel like they have a voice and will be heard if an incident occurs. It doesn't matter if the problem is small or large, you should fill out an incident report form.

This will help your team track all incidents and analyze them accurately in the future. Also, it could be illegal to not fill out an incident report at your company depending on your location!

Luckily, we have a ton of incident report templates that you can edit in minutes.

Customize your incident report template in 5 simple steps:

  1. Sign up to Venngage for free with an email, Gmail or Facebook account.
  2. Select one of our professionally design incident report templates.
  3. Fill out the form with all of the pertinent information about the incident. You can also add your own custom sections to any incident report form.
  4. Add any photos, illustrations or handwritten notes to the incident report.
  5. Download your incident report template with a single click or share it directly with your team.

Make an incident report by:

Creating A Consistent Report

All of your employees and managers should use a single incident report template keep reporting consistent.

Adding Your Own Sections

Not every company is going to use the same incident report, and with our incident report maker, you can quickly edit the sections or add your own.

Including A Section For Photos

You can easily upload photos from the incident to Venngage and add them to any template.

Using Your Company Branding

Make your incident reports look professional by including your company logo, letterhead or brand colors.

Select a professional incident report template

We hope you never have to write an incident report, but it would be a good idea to have one handy for the future. You really never know when something is going to occur so it's better to be safe than sorry.

It's important to have a system in place to respond to any incident and the first step in that process is having a standard incident report form. With our collection of incident reports, you can use one of the templates or create your own custom report in no time.

It doesn't matter if you need one for your office, job site, startup or school, we have you covered with a diverse library of incident report forms and templates.

Remember to take immediate action after the incident

The main reason you should have an incident report template on file is that you will need to take immediate action after the event. There's no excuse for delaying a report in this day and age.

Once the incident happens, it becomes your responsibility to follow through with the reporting. Collect all of the information, snap a few pictures and talk to everyone involved. Then add all that information to your incident report template as quickly as possible.

Add photos to your incident report

Everyone has a high-quality camera in their pocket now, so taking photos of the incident shouldn't be difficult. Plus if you're being thorough in your investigation, you probably will have a nice collection of photos documenting what happened.

Adding those photos to an incident report should be as easy as taking them, and with Venngage it is! You can instantly upload any photo or image directly to our incident report templates.

Plus, now you will have them all in one place for future analysis.

Include your company branding, logo, and color palette

Your incident report should look like an official company document. This will ensure that people take it seriously and respond to every incident in the right manner. An unprofessional document is going to get a negative response from everyone involved.

A simple way to avoid this is to add your logo, color palette or branding to the report. With our Brand Kit, you can add all of that with a single click and make it instantly more professional.

Download your incident report or share it with your team with one click

Every incident report should be at least shared with the people involved and put on file. If you would like a physical copy of the report, you can download it from Venngage as a PDF or PNG.

If you want to share it digitally, you can share the unique link with any of your team members. You can also ask your employees for feedback or collaborate on an incident report while you're creating it!


How do I sign up for Venngage?

Join Venngage by signing in with your email, Gmail or Facebook account.

What if I'm not a trained designer?

We a ton of unique and easy to use incident report templates that you can edit in seconds. Additionally, our Blog is filled with helpful design tips, templates, and examples.

How can I download or share my incident report template?

You can download your incident report as a PNG or PDF with a single click in the editor.

Didn't find the right template? Click the link below to see all of our incident report templates!