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Easily create your own branded HR Report—no graphic design skills needed


From incident reports to Performance review templates, Venngage has HR report templates for every purpose.

Create consistent and branded HR reports easily

With premade templates, automatic brand colors, and our drag and drop editor it's easy and quick to create HR reports.

Create Human Resources Resources reports in 5 steps:

  1. Sign up for a Venngage account - it's free!
  2. Browse our premade templates
  3. Add your logo and brand colors with the My Brand Kit tool
  4. Change the text and layout, and add icons if needed
  5. Share a link to your report, or upgrade to a Premium or Business account to download

The benefits of using a Human Resources report template

Create professional looking reports

Venngage has premade, fully customizable HR templates for incident reports, performance reviews, invoicing and more.

No design experience necessary

You don't have to be a designer to use Venngage. Our easy drag and drop editor lets you change the text, colors, and icons at the click of a button.

Use consistent brand colors and designs

With the My Brand Kit tool available to Business users, you can upload your brand colors, fonts, and logos and see them automatically applied to your HR reports.

Share your HR reports

Share a copy of your report via a URL, or upgrade to a Business or Premium account to download a copy.

Branded invoices in minutes

Create branded invoices easily with Venngage's invoice templates - fully customizable for your organisational needs.

Create an incident report today

Browse Venngage's incident report templates, and download copies for future use. Apply for brand colors and logo to your incident report.

Custom performance review templates

Annual or quarterly performance review time? Use Venngage to create multiple performance review templates for employees.

Common Questions

How do I customize my human resources template?

Customize your HR templates easily with Venngage in our drag and drop editor. Create professional reports in minutes.

Can I add my brand?

Yes! With the My Brand Kit tool you can add your brand colors, fonts, and logo and see them automatically applied to your report templates.

How do I share my HR report?

Once you've finished designing your HR report, you can share a URL of the report, or Business users can download a copy in PDF format.

Ready to get started? Check out our keynote presentations library: