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Anyone can create a concept map with Venngage's online Concept Map Maker


Not a designer? No problem. With our easy-to-edit templates and free concept map maker, anyone can create an easy-to-understand concept map. Over 40,000 businesses already use and trust Venngage.

Create a concept map to visualize and simplify complex ideas

Everyone knows visuals make it easier to communicate complex information and engage audiences.

But what to do if you have all these difficult-to-understand ideas and processes, and no design experience whatsoever?

Fear not, as Venngage's easy concept map maker can help you clarify any complicated concepts, engage your colleagues and gain buy-in from your stakeholders—by creating a professional, on-brand, engaging concept map for free, with minimal effort.

See how concept maps created with Venngage can help convey your messages better to any audience, be it strategic goals, workflows, business processes, learning and development materials and more. No design skills required.

How do you create a concept map with Venngage?

  1. Sign up for Venngage with your email, Gmail or Facebook account—it's FREE!
  2. Select one of our professionally designed concept map templates to open the concept map maker.
  3. Add all of your important ideas, points or nodes to the concept map.
  4. Level up your visual concept map with our collection of 40,000+ icons and illustrations.
  5. Download your concept map as a PNG, PDF or PowerPoint file (paid plans only), or share the public link for free.

Create an engaging concept map:

Easy-to-edit templates

Pick from our library of easy-to-edit concept map templates for both individuals and businesses.

Brand logos, colors and fonts

Keep all your concept map designs on brand by adding your brand logo, colors and fonts.

Smart diagram features

Use our smart diagram features for a seamless concept map design experience.

Real-time collaboration

Collaborate with your whole team and create your best concept map design in minutes.

Visualize and simplify complex concepts with smart diagrams

Venngage's smart diagrams make concept map design a breeze.

You can easily add, edit, drag or delete text and branches in one click, and your concept map will automatically scale accordingly.

No need to edit and resize every single text box or arrow to your content. We'll do that—and you have time to focus on creating the best concept map for your audience.

One-click branding with My Brand Kit

You can upload and save your brand colors, fonts and logo to your Brand Kit in seconds, and apply your brand elements to any concept map templates, with a single click.

Don't like how your brand colors look in a template? Toggle through the options to get a variety of combinations.

All your concept maps can be consistent with your branding guidelines, just like that.

Collaboration made easy for the entire design process

Save time and effort designing with Venngage's real-time collaboration.

It's easy for everyone on your team to jump in, collaborate, work on a design and give each other feedback, all on a single design dashboard.

Our easy concept map maker transforms design and collaboration into a seamless experience, for anyone on the team, no matter the design skills.

Level up your design with icons and illustrations

Want your concept maps to be unique, engaging and memorable? Take your design up a notch by adding icons and illustrations.

Browse our library of over 40,000 icons and illustrations for visuals that fit your theme. Among those, there are over 2000 diverse icons and illustrations that you can use to represent your diverse audience.

Venngage's free concept map creator makes it easy for you to resize icons, change the colors and adjust the transparency—all in just a few clicks!

Download or share your concept map in one click

You can share a public link for free after finishing your design.

Once you've upgraded to a paid plan, you can invite your team members to edit and provide feedback.

You can also download your concept map in PNG, PDF, Interactive PDF or PowerPoint format that can be added to PowerPoint, Google Slides, Word, Google Docs and other document editing tools.


Where can I create a concept map?

You can make a concept map online for free with Venngage's easy concept map maker. Just sign up for a free account, choose from our professionally designed, fully customizable concept map templates and start visualizing your ideas! No design experience required.

What can I use to make a concept map?

It's easy to make a memorable concept map with Venngage's concept map creator. We offer seamless branding, smart diagrams, real-time collaboration and lots of visual illustrations to help you design a professional, on-brand and engaging concept map with minimal effort.

Can I edit after downloading my concept maps?

Yes! You can definitely go back and edit your concept map on Venngage design canvas. You can make changes to your concept map with PowerPoint or Google Slides too, if you download your design as a PowerPoint file.

Simplify concepts with Venngage's concept map maker