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How to Embed YouTube Videos, Polls and Field Forms in Your Infographics

By Nadya Khoja, May 04, 2015

how to embed youtube videos

That’s right, folks! The Venngage team is working hard to bring you plenty of new and exciting features! Now you can embed YouTube Videos, polls and field forms directly into your infographics.

How to embed YouTube videos, polls and field forms in your infographics

Once you’ve picked an infographic template to create, select “Interactive” in the side menu.

embed youtube videos

Pick an interactive feature you want to use and drag it from the menu onto the canvas.

How to embed YouTube videos in your infographics

When you drag the YouTube feature onto your canvas, a pop up will prompt you to paste the URL to your video.

embed youtube videos

Paste your URL and wait a moment. Boom! Your video will be embedded.

embed youtube videos

How to embed polls in your infographics

Drag the Poll feature onto your canvas.

To edit your poll title, options, and styling, click on the poll widget. This will open the poll editor.

embed polls

embed polls

Once you’ve collected answers, click the green Export button to export your results sheet.

How to embed field forms in your infographics

Drag the Field Form feature onto your canvas.

To edit your field form, click the widget to open the field form editor.

field forms

embed field forms

Once you’ve collected your emails, text, numbers, passwords, or dates, click the green Export button to download your data.

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chat button

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About Nadya Khoja

Nadya heads marketing at Venngage and has been featured in Entrepreneur, The Huffington Post, The Next Web, Forbes, Marketing Profs, Social Media Examiner and more. She also has a web-series called Drunk Entrepreneurs where she interviews different entrepreneurs who are finding success.

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