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Least Populated Countries Vs The Most Populated [Infographic]

Written by: Aditya Rana

Mar 01, 2024

Ever wondered about how the world’s population is spread out?

With almost 8 billion people alive today, the distribution is anything but equal. The least populated countries barely account for even a thousand of a percent!

Meanwhile, the five most populated countries almost make up HALF of the world’s total population.

Of course, the world’s least populated countries like San Marino and Palau pale in comparison in size to the most populated countries like India and China.

Check out our infographic for a complete breakdown:

Least Populated Countries Vs the Most Populated

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Well, it’s really easy using Venngage’s easy-to-use Infographic Maker. You can also customize our professionally-designed infographic templates, made by team of in-house designers.

To get started, sign up for a free account, pick a template from our library, add your content and you’re ready to go!

About Aditya Rana

Adi is a word slinger and loves to fiddle around with SaaS. When not living online, you'll find him outside in nature with a book.