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How To Make A YouTube Video [+ Templates]

By Daleska Pedriquez, May 31, 2022

how to make a youtube video

Video is king, just ask the 87% of marketers who report that video content helps give their brands a positive ROI. So if you haven’t jumped on the video content marketing train yet, now’s the perfect time. 

Let us help you get started on your video marketing journey with this quick guide on launching your own YouTube channel and creating videos for it. We’ll also take you through some scenes or templates from Venngage’s video maker that you can use and customize for your very own videos.


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How do you make a channel on YouTube? 

First things first. To maximize the power of video marketing with informational and engaging content, it would be good to establish your own content channel. 

Of course, most social media platforms offer many great opportunities to feature and upload videos these days, but there’s something to be said about having a dedicated hub for them. This is why YouTube makes a great content platform option. You can make a YouTube channel to serve as your main content channel, or use it to supplement and complement your other accounts.

We’ll take you through the benefits of using YouTube to market your business later in the article. For now, let’s focus on getting your YouTube channel set up. 

It’s easy enough to sign up for the video hosting and sharing site; all you need is a Google or Gmail account. If you don’t already have one, you can conveniently create one together with your channel. Just follow the steps below.

  1. On YouTube.com, click the SIGN IN button on the upper right-hand corner of the screen. 
how to make a youtube video
  1. Choose from the existing Google accounts (if any) that will appear on the next window. This will automatically log you into YouTube. Sometimes, an entry field instead of a list of accounts might appear after you SIGN IN. In this case, you can enter your Google account details and log in as you would on Gmail or other Google platforms.
  2. If you’re creating an account for the first time, or simply prefer to register a different one, click on the “Use another account” or “Create account” button on the screen.
how to make a youtube video
  1. From the succeeding drop-down menu, select your preferred option or reason for creating a YouTube channel.
    • “For myself” will create a personal account that’s accessible only to you, with a channel limited to your account name.
    • On the other hand, “To manage my business” will create a brand channel that will allow you to assign other Google accounts as channel managers and give you the option to create a custom channel name.
    • Meanwhile, “For my child” is a new option that allows minors who wish to create content on the platform to do so, but with adult supervision. 
  2. Enter the required information and follow the steps indicated in the succeeding windows to set up your account.
how to make a youtube video
  1. Once you’ve successfully logged in, click the profile picture or button on the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Select “Create a channel” from the drop-down menu.
  2. Follow the instructions on the succeeding windows until your channel is complete.

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How to create a YouTube video

With your own YouTube channel, you’ll have the freedom to be as creative as you want or need to be for your business. There are many different types of audio-visual content you can adopt into your own YouTube video strategy, depending on your objectives. These include web series, explainers, interviews, and behind-the-scenes footage. 

However, you’ll generally need the same two basic items to begin creating videos in any format.

  • A video camera. Experienced video creators use advanced models like SLRs and vlogging-specific units. There’s merit in investing in such tools, which guarantee excellent video quality. But your smartphone camera is a good place to start, too. Many smartphone models today, especially the more current ones, boast camera features that can deliver equally high-quality YouTube videos.
  • Video editing software. A good video editor will enable you to stitch your raw video clips together and mold your content into a form that will entice and engage viewers. Additionally, you can use it to create entirely graphical or animated videos. Venngage’s Video Maker is a great option for creating such short animated clips that can greatly enhance your video content. 

Take time to think about your brand’s marketing and communication objectives, then brainstorm on video formats and concepts that can help you achieve those. Once you have a list that you’re happy with, it would be good to map out each of your video ideas on a storyboard. This will serve as your guide during production. 

If you’re making an instructional video or anything similar, it would also be helpful to compose a script ahead. This will ensure an easier and more smooth-sailing shoot.

How do you make your first YouTube video?

Create your own YouTube video today by following these steps: 

  1. Create your YouTube channel by signing into YouTube.com with your existing Google account. If you don’t have one yet, you can easily make one as you set your channel up. YouTube’s registration process provides user-friendly instructions to help you do this.
  2. Shoot your video using your preferred video camera or smartphone.
  3. Put your content together using a video editing software or a tool like Venngage’s video maker. Pro tip: Use our animated templates to make your material more engaging. Alternatively, use a tool like Movavi Video Editor if you need advanced features that only a platform dedicated to video creation can provide.
  4. If you lack the time or skills to edit your video, consider using tools like the Vmaker AI video editor, which automates the editing process with just one click.
  5. Export your video. Venngage lets you save your clips as an MP4 file, which is also YouTube’s recommended video format.
  6. Upload video on YouTube. You can do so by clicking the video icon on the upper right-hand corner of your screen. It’s the one near your profile photo, with the plus sign inside. Here’s a photo for your reference. 
how to make a youtube video

Uploading will take a few minutes, and once done, you’ll be able to add and tweak your video’s details like its title, description, and even upload a custom thumbnail.

Want to learn how to get your videos rank on the first search results page? Check out this post: 7 SEO Tips to Rank on YouTube [2022 Guide]

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How to use Venngage’s video templates for your YouTube videos

There are several video editing programs to choose from today. You can start with a simple and easy-to-use one like Venngage’s video maker. 

This editing tool is a good option for beginners or even creators and organizations who wish to speed up their post-production process. It comes with pre-made video templates you can quickly customize to create high-quality videos for your YouTube account.

Here are some ideas for video clips you can create on Venngage. 

How to create a YouTube intro

Research shows that people’s attention spans are decreasing, which is why your content needs to be striking from the get-go. 

The quickest and simplest way to achieve this is to employ an animated video title, like the one below. Dynamic visuals catch viewers’ eyes in an instant. Moreover, the illustrated elements add a dash of fun to your content and can be used to tease your main video.

Teasing your content is a great way to get viewers to pay attention and pull them into your material. Another way to do this, besides animation, is to incorporate a preview or a peek at your content right at the start. 

Pair it with a striking palette or an ultra-modern graphic design theme, such as below, and you’ll have a recipe for content marketing success.

How to make chapters in YouTube videos

When brainstorming for YouTube video ideas, you’ll likely come up with long-form concepts. This is because video is a great storytelling medium. It’s one you can easily stretch to communicate complex or lengthy ideas without becoming tedious. 

Dynamic transitions are a big reason for this. With the right animations and visual elements, you can organize thoughts into more digestible sections and delineate chapters in your video. You can place moving titles over your video to mark key parts, just like the sample below.

Alternatively, you can go for more disruptive graphics, or essentially, illustrations or shapes that take over your screen to mark the beginning of a different chapter of your video. Here is an example.

How to make a YouTube outro

If your intro is responsible for pulling viewers in and getting them to watch your material, the outro, as the last frame viewers will lay eyes upon, plays the equally important role of calling viewers to action or making sure they take the message you mean to convey by summarizing your video’s key points. 

The video template below achieves this by showing the material’s concluding message. It also includes a subhead that urges the audience to take action and support its advocacy. 

You can also use your end frame to recap the important details presented in your video. For instance, the template below, which could be used for a video inviting consumers to participate in a retail shop’s promo, summarizes where and how customers can do so. You can also use YouTube analytics to measure your performance and assess your strategy

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Why businesses should use YouTube

By organizing your fun and creative audio-visuals in one space, you’re also streamlining the customer journey and experience. With the right  video content marketing strategies, a YouTube channel can be an extra medium for consumers, old and new, to learn more about your brand or product. 

It also serves as a host for videos that you can embed across different channels such as your website and email. Customers, press, and other supporters of your business can share and embed your videos in their channels, too, effectively doubling your reach.

Best of all, being on YouTube opens your business up to thousands if not millions of potential new eyeballs as the video hosting and sharing site is the second-largest search engine after Google, logging a whopping 3 billion searches each month. It’s a prime venue for finding and expanding your brand to new market segments. 

Apart from organic reach, the platform also presents extra mileage opportunities via YouTube Ads, which allows you to place your videos on search results pages and as related content to those that your target audiences watch. It’s simply a great place to be discovered.

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FAQs on making YouTube videos

How do you make YouTube videos for free?

Video production requires a considerable investment. But you can also create YouTube videos for free by simply staging your production. With the right tools—like a smartphone with a good camera and an easy-to-use editor like Venngage’s video maker—and enough creativity, you can create high-quality content that will attract viewers’ attention.

You can also check out video blogs and tutorials to get tips on how to get professional-looking footage at no cost. These will include shooting in a space with natural light and arranging your furniture or background elements to create the vibe and aesthetic you are aiming for.

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Easily create your own YouTube content with Venngage’s video templates

Video marketing presents many promising benefits for your business. Adopt this content marketing strategy today and create videos for your YouTube channel with Venngage’s pre-made and highly customizable video templates.

Sign up for an account (it’s free!) and gain access to our growing library of video scenes or templates and other creative assets to use for your marketing needs.

About Daleska Pedriquez

Daleska is Venngage’s Marketing Manager. With a background in marketing communications and a deep interest in journalism, she aims to write about exciting topics and make them understandable for everyone.