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How to Write a Construction Proposal

Written by: Aditya Rana

Feb 16, 2024

how to write a construction proposal

The construction industry is competitive. For a single project, there are dozens of construction companies vying for a contract.

Submitting bids and getting an initial agreement from a project owner is only half the battle. You also have to master construction project management.

While there is no secret success formula to this, using a construction proposal template is a great way to convert clients and get legal contracts to do a job.

In this post, I’ll show you how to create an effective construction proposal using a Proposal Maker and construction proposal templates.


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What is a construction proposal? 

A construction proposal details how a contractor or construction firm plans to execute a project.

Construction proposals can be one page or multi-page documents, but their ultimate goal is to get a client to the signature line.

A good construction proposal outlines the specifications of a construction project, including the scope of work, cost estimates, timelines, materials to be used, and other relevant information. 

Here’s an example of a page from a construction proposal.

yellow and blue minimalist construction proposal

Here’s an example scenario of when a construction proposal is useful.

Pretend, a construction company wants the contract to build a home. How can it convince the other party to hire it over someone else?

Through a proposal that showcases its expertise, past success, and a detailed plan of action on how it’ll get the job done. 

Construction proposals are usually the entry point of the sales process and a vital tool to see through a construction contract from start to finish.

How to write a construction proposal

A well written construction proposal gives an overview of the entire project and should include following elements.

Scope of work

This section of a construction proposal acts a project overview and is meant to inform stakeholders of every activity that will be carried out.

It should include information on the construction process, materials to be used, labor and equipment requirements, project timeline, and cost estimate.

Here’s a free construction proposal template featuring a scope of work section.

Orange And White Construction Proposal

Terms and conditions

In a construction project proposal, including the project terms is critical for establishing a legal framework within which all parties involved will operate.

Details in this section can include project schedule, payment plan, work schedule, completion dates, and more.

Though not a legally binding contract, this section is key to a project bid as it acts the precursor of a formal contract if the proposal is accepted.

Here’s a simple construction proposal template which features a terms and conditions page.

Simple Dark Blue Construction Proposal

Cost and budget

A budget page that provides a cost breakdown or estimated costs of a specific construction project is important to help relevant authorities decide in your favor.

You can share a detailed scope of expenses such as labor, raw materials, equipment, or any other costs associated with prospective clients.

Here’s a construction bid template that includes a cost and budget page.

Blue Minimalist Modern Construction Proposal

Personnel and contact details

In the construction business, trust and smooth communication is everything.

In your entire proposal, make sure to include a section which has all the details on peopled involved in the project and how to get in contact.

Be sure to highlight their expertise and title to enhance transparency and help quick dispute resolution should the need arise.

Here is a construction bid proposal that does this right.

Modern Dark And Orange Proposal Construction

Reinforce brand identity

In construction, trust and a strong brand identity is everything. Clients will evaluate a company’s capabilities from their proposal.

This is why you need to highlight identity in construction proposals.

Throughout your proposal, use every opportunity to differentiate your company from competitors. How can you do this?

A company logo, proof of past construction projects done (if any), relevant contact details and key team members are all examples.

Here’s a a good construction proposal template with strong branding.

Blue And Yellow Minimalist Shape Construction Proposal

And here’s the same proposal’s scope of work page. Notice the logo?


Construction proposal mistakes to avoid

When making construction proposals, small mistakes can lead to misunderstandings, disputes, or even the loss of a contract.

Here are three common mistakes to avoid to create successful construction proposals.

Use of unclear language

Writing ambiguous copy can cause confusion about project scope, responsibilities, and expectations.

Make sure each section of your construction proposal is clear and uses straightforward language. If you find any unclear or jargon wording in the construction proposal, you can simplify and make it fluent by passing your writing through a paraphrase online tool. It will automatically change your unclear and complex wording with plain and clear to understand one.

Avoid technical jargon unless necessary, and when used, provide clear definitions to ensure all parties have a mutual understanding.

Unclear payment terms

Another significant oversight is not specifying payment terms clearly.

This includes the total project cost, payment milestones, and terms for handling additional costs or changes to the project scope.

Failure to outline these details can result in payment disputes and financial uncertainty.

Using templates that aren’t customizable

Relying on construction proposal templates that aren’t customizable can severely limit your ability to tailor your bid to the specific needs and preferences of the project and client.

Each construction project is unique, with its own set of challenges, requirements, and client expectations.

Opt for construction proposal templates that allow customization in terms of design, content, and format (hint: Venngage offers all of this).

Construction proposal examples

Ready to create a construction proposal but need some ideas or inspiration?

Check out these construction proposal templates (hint: if you don’t want to create a construction proposal from scratch, you can edit these customize these examples and make them your own).

White And Yellow Clean Simple Minimalist Construction Proposal
Blue Minimalist Modern Construction Proposal

How to make a construction proposal in Venngage

If you want to create a construction proposal in a timely manner, Venngage has free construction proposal templates for you to customize and make your own.

Step 1 – Log in or sign up for Venngage (it’s free!)

Log into your Venngage account or create a new account if you don’t have one. 

It’s always free to create an account and after signing up, you’ll get access to our tools and access to in-editor library of icons and images.

venngage sign up

Step 2 – Go to the “Templates” page and select “Proposals”

Venngage offers dozens of construction proposal templates.

To find them, go to our templates page and select the “Proposals” category from the left menu. You should see a screen like this. 

Note: Some of our proposal templates are free to use and some require a small monthly fee. Sign-up is always free, as is access to Venngage’s online drag-and-drop editor.

proposal templates venngage

Step 3 – Select the “construction proposal” subcategory 

When you select “Proposals”, a new page should load showing several proposal subcategories you can create. 

Make sure to pick the “construction proposals” subcategory. 

construction proposal templates venngage

Step 4 – Customize your construction proposal

Once you open a template, you’ll see the editor window where the magic happens.

With Venngage, it’s easy to customize a constructional proposal template. Here are some things you can do to your construction proposal in a few clicks.

  • Add symbols 
  • Change colors
  • Change the fonts and text to match your brand or style
  • Move elements around with a drag and drop interface

For example, let’s say you wanted to edit this construction proposal template.

Simple Dark Blue Construction Proposal Template

Maybe you don’t like the blue background and want it to change it something brighter? It’s easy with Venngage. Just select the background, and you’ll get an option to replace colors.

Simple Dark Blue Construction Proposal Template

If you sign up for a Business plan, you’ll also get access to My Brand Kit. This allows you to apply your brand colors to any template with one click.

Step 5 – Save, share, or download your construction proposal

Once you’ve finished creating your construction proposal, save it as a PDF or PNG file if you’re on a Business plan. 

But you can always share a link to your construction proposal for free. 

save venngage template

Conclusion: Get people’s attention by creating construction proposals on Venngage

Construction proposals are a reflection of your capabilities, professionalism, and commitment to delivering quality.

By taking the time to create a customized construction proposal, you not only communicate how you’ll get the job done, but build the trust and authority that’ll help grow your business.


Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between a construction proposal and a construction bid?

A construction proposal outlines plan for execution of a project and includes information like materials, labor, and cost estimates. Its purpose is to persuade a client on their approach. In contrast, a construction bid is a document that provides relevant authorities an estimated cost for completing a project. You’ll see them used in a competitive bidding scenario.

Why are construction proposals important?

Construction proposals are important because they help you communicate your value proposition to a prospective client a and show you plan to execute a construction project. This allows a potential client to better assess the reliability and expertise of different contractors and make better decisions before signing a legally binding document.

About Aditya Rana

Adi is a word slinger and loves to fiddle around with SaaS. When not living online, you'll find him outside in nature with a book.