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Help Center

Free Construction Estimate Templates and Examples

Written by: Aditya Rana

May 23, 2024

free construction estimate templates and examples

Successful contractors understand the value of time, so if your schedule is full of blocks creating estimates for clients, I’ll let you in on a secret — use construction estimate templates!

With construction estimate templates, your energy can be better spent on project details to wow clients. It’s a win-win for your business and customers.

In this blog, I’ve compiled construction estimate templates for different use cases, from new homes, commercial development, remodeling, and more.

If you want to start creating a construction estimate right away, head over to our Online Estimate Maker or construction estimate templates.


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Types of construction estimate templates

Several types of construction estimate templates exist for different needs such as new home construction, remodeling, roofing, painting, and electrical work.

I’ll explore each type in detail in this section, so buckle up!

Simple construction estimate template

A simple construction estimate template is meant for small projects that don’t require too much detail such as deck construction or fence installation.

If you’re making a simple construction estimate, don’t forget to include these details.

  • Client information
  • Project description
  • Itemized list of materials and labor costs
  • Estimated total cost

This simple construction estimate template has a clean and professional layout with clear sections for all relevant details.

Simple Construction Estimate Template

New home construction estimate template

A new home construction estimate outlines the costs associated with building a home. This type of estimate generally includes the following factors.

  • Site preparation (demolition, excavation)
  • Foundation
  • Framing
  • Roofing
  • Siding
  • Window and door installation
  • Interior finishes (flooring, plumbing, electrical)
  • HVAC system installation
  • Permitting and inspection fees

This template has a structured layout for estimating construction costs and managing payment schedules.

Residential Building Constuction Estimate Template

Commercial construction estimate template

A commercial construction estimate streamlines cost estimation for commercial buildings (offices and shops).

Unlike residential estimates, commercial construction estimates are more complex and include additional information.

Here’s what you need to include in commercial construction estimates.

  • Site preparation (demolition, excavation)
  • Foundation
  • Framing
  • Roofing
  • Siding
  • Window and door installation
  • Interior finishes (flooring, plumbing, electrical)
  • HVAC system installation
  • Permitting and inspection fees
  • ADA compliance
  • Fire safety systems
  • Security systems
Construction Estimate Template

Contractor estimate template

A contractor estimate template helps contractors submit bids for construction projects.

Think of these documents as a standard format for outlining the proposed costs and services a contractor will provide.

These templates include the following details.

  • Company information and contact details
  • Project details (reference project number)
  • Line items for labor, materials, equipment rental
  • Subcontractor costs (if applicable)
  • Overhead and profit margin
  • Total estimated cost with breakdown

This contractor estimate template presents a breakdown of costs and the terms of the contract in a simple and professional format.

Red Orange Construction Estimate Template

Remodeling estimate template

Remodeling estimates focus on costs associated with renovating specific areas of a home such as a kitchen, bathroom, basement, or even the entire house.

These estimates usually include the following information.

  • Demolition costs (if applicable)
  • Carpentry work
  • Plumbing and electrical work
  • Flooring and painting
  • Cabinetry and countertop installation
  • Permitting and inspection fees

This bedroom remodel estimate template includes essential information such as project name, location, start and end dates, and client contact details. It can be easily edited to your needs in a few clicks.

Bedroom Remodel Estimate Template

Roofing estimate template

A roofing estimate is used by contractors to quote costs of roof repairs or replacements.

Roofing estimates should include the following information.

  • Roof size and type (shingles, metal, flat roof)
  • Labor costs for tear-off and installation
  • Material costs for shingles, underlayment, flashing
  • Disposal fees for old roofing materials

This roofing estimate template covers all the essential details to quote a repair and is easy to use whether you’re the customer or a contractor.

Roof Repair Estimate Form Template

Painting estimate template

A painting estimate outlines the cost of a paint job for a home or business. It usually includes information on scope of work, materials needed, labor costs, and the overall estimated price.

Painting estimates should include the following information.

  • Square footage of area to be painted (interior/exterior)
  • Number of coats required
  • Labor costs for prepping, painting, cleanup
  • Cost of paint, primer, brushes, rollers, drop cloths

This painting estimate template presents a detailed breakdown of costs and payment terms for easy understanding.

Modern Painting Estimate Template

Electrical estimate template

An electrical estimate focuses on estimating costs for electrical work. Unlike painting or roof repair estimates, electrical work can involve a wider range of tasks and complexities.

Electrical estimates generally include the following details.

  • Description of electrical work (new outlets, rewiring, panel upgrade)
  • Labor costs for qualified electrician
  • Material costs for wiring, outlets, switches, panels
  • Permitting and inspection fees

Though not an electrical estimate template, this can be easily customized into one to provide a comprehensive understanding of how electrical work will be conducted.

Royal Blue Repair Estimate Template

Guide to construction cost estimating

Construction cost estimating is the process of figuring out how much money is required to complete a construction project. Generally, this price is quoted as various indirect and direct costs.

Factors to consider when creating a construction estimate

Looking to design a construction estimate but don’t know how to get started or what information to include?

Below, I’ve outlined the bare minimum you should include (different projects may require additional information).

  • Material costs
  • Labor costs
  • Equipment rental costs
  • Permits and inspections
  • Project timeline
  • Unexpected costs and contingencies

To make the most of a construction estimate template, keep the following points in mind.

  • Choose the right template: Select a template specific for your project type as this ensures all relevant cost categories are already included.
  • Customize (don’t just substitute): Use templates as a foundation to build a custom estimate featuring project specific details like material, finishes, and labor rate. 

Last but not least, most templates include generic cost data which may not reflect local rates or budget.

Here are some resources where you can obtain accurate construction cost data for your estimates.

  • Industry cost databases
  • Government websites
  • Trade association websites
  • Supplier quotes

Conclusion: Save time and grow your business with free construction estimate templates

Construction estimate templates are suitable replacements for bids made from scratch using specialized tools. Templates are made by professional designers and already include all the relevant fields for you to fill out (all you need to do is replace the data).

Find the right construction estimate template for your needs and create one for free. You won’t look back again!

About Aditya Rana

Adi is a word slinger and loves to fiddle around with SaaS. When not living online, you'll find him outside in nature with a book.