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15+ Checklist Examples That Drive Powerful Results

Written by: Aditya Rana

Oct 30, 2023

checklist examples

Looking to bring order to your chaotic life or are you simply a meticulous planner? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Whether you’re planning daily routines or a major life event, checklists provide structure and a reliable framework to get things done with minimal stress.

But how do you create a checklist? Hint: Jotting down tasks at random isn’t going to cut it.

checklist templates venngage

Instead, use a checklist template.

Venngage has hundreds of checklist templates for different use cases, from wedding checklists, shopping checklists, daily checklists, and much more.

📋Checklists offer a convenient and efficient way to create and manage tasks.

At Venngage, our checklist templates are based on best practices and have been refined over time, ensuring their effectiveness.

I’ve compiled an extensive list of checklist examples to help you organize, prioritize, and conquer. You can customize these checklist templates in seconds using our drag-and-drop editor tool.

1. Daily checklist templates

The best thing about creating checklists is that they can be simple. This is why daily checklists to optimize all aspects of life are popular.

Daily checklists provide an immediate sense of accomplishment and motivate you to tackle the next task.

For example, this morning routine checklist is designed to help you start the day right and ensure you have enough energy for the rest of the day.

White Modern Floral Pattern Morning Daily Checklist

In today’s fast-paced world, taking a digital detox can be a great way to improve your well-being.

And this digital detox checklist is a great way to stay on track and achieve that goal. You can also share it with a friend or family member so they can support you during your detox.

Black And White Simple Digital Detox Daily Checklist

If you’re the type of person with a different set of tasks each day, a pre-made checklist of tasks may not be the option for you.

This daily checklist template is perfect for those who like to gets their hands dirty and actively plan their day.

Cream Simple Daily Checklist

2. Wedding checklist templates

Weddings are a special time for the bride and groom, and certainly their family and friends too.

And who doesn’t want a perfect wedding? But there is a lot to keep in mind when planning a wedding, from budgeting, venue selection, catering, attire, invitations, decorations, and transportation.

But don’t let that be the cause of headaches! Wedding checklists have got you covered.

This wedding day checklist is a great way to quickly get status updates of major tasks one can expect when organizing a wedding.

Pink Rose Wedding Checklist

For those who need more hand holding, this wedding checklist template provides a countdown in timeline format to guide you on what tasks need to be completed and by when.

Bold Planner Wedding Checklist Template

There are also in-depth guides based around a single task in weddings like this example of a wedding decor checklist.

Gradient Wedding Decor Checklist Template

Remember, you can customize these templates to your needs. For example, you’ll find all sorts of fonts, stock images, graphics, and icons in Venngage’s library.

Some other wedding themes you can create checklists for include:

  • Catering and menu planning
  • Attire and accessories
  • Transportation and accommodation
  • Beauty and wellness
  • Gifts

3. Spring cleaning checklist templates

After a long cold winter, there’s no better feeling than the warmth of spring!

Just as there is a sense of renewal and new beginnings in the environment, it’s also the time to dust off the old with a good old fashioned spring cleaning session.

And there’s no better companion for this task than a spring cleaning checklist.

This cleaning checklist template features a chic and simple design with a well-structured layout. The soft pink hues and subtle patterns add a nice splash of color and transform a boring checklist into a stylish accessory.

Pink Simple Pattern Cleaning Checklist

This cleaning template blends functionality with contemporary design. The navy color scheme hints at sophistication and calm, while the illustrations add a playful and engaging touch. It also covers a comprehensive range of tasks, making it suitable for a variety of spaces and cleaning routines.

Navy Modern Illustration Cleaning Checklist

This template features a clean, minimalist design, with tasks presented in a clear manner. The charming dog character also adds a playful element, and turns the mundane task of cleaning into a more enjoyable experience.

White Minimalist Dog Character Weekly Cleaning Checklist

4. Work checklist templates

Did you really think we’d create a list of checklist templates without covering work checklists?

Work checklists break down complex projects into manageable steps. They are particularly beneficial in fast-paced settings where multiple tasks require attention and coordination.

This checklist template presents a concise roadmap for marketers and covers essential tasks from market research and strategy development to content creation and analytics. It’s great a checklist for anyone wanting to launch a new product, run a social media campaign, or analyze customer data.

Simple Marketing Checklist Template

In this event marketing checklist, you’ll find everything from pre-event planning to post-event analysis to help you account for every detail. Use it whether you’re hosting a corporate conference, a product launch, or a community gathering, or for any other specific event marketing needs.

Event Marketing Work Checklist Template

Here’s a checklist template that makes task tracking and project coordination highly efficient. Each section is thoughtfully organized to ensure that every aspect of a project is covered, from initial planning and resource allocation to task delegation and progress tracking.

Bright Project Task List Template

5. New hire checklist templates

New hire checklists play a crucial role in streamlining the onboarding process, and ensuring that both the employer and the new employee have a clear and structured guide to follow during the initial days and weeks of employment.

These checklists cover a wide range of tasks and requirements, from completing necessary paperwork and setting up workstations, to introducing the new hire to their team and providing essential training.

This checklist template is the perfect guide for HR professionals and managers to help new hires navigate their initial days. The layout is clean and user-friendly and covers important tasks, from document submission and equipment setup to introductions and training sessions.

HR Onboarding Checklist Template

Crafted with precision and user-friendliness in mind, this checklist template lays out all the essential steps and tasks required to welcome a new employee into your organization.

New Employee Checklist Template

This new hire checklist covers all aspects of the onboarding process to ensure a smooth transition and a positive first impression. Whether you are integrating a remote employee, an in-office staff member, or someone in a hybrid role, this template is suitable for various working environments.

New Hire Onboarding HR Checklist Template

Create checklists with Venngage and more

Besides the checklist templates in this post, you’ll find many more on our checklist templates page. Some of our templates are free and some require a small fee.

Don’t waste time and money by missing important steps or tasks. Start customizing our checklist templates today.

About Aditya Rana

Adi is a word slinger and loves to fiddle around with SaaS. When not living online, you'll find him outside in nature with a book.