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Help Center

20+ Best Org Chart Softwares for Creating Organizational Charts

By Danesh Ramuthi, Apr 03, 2024

20+ best org chart software for creating organizational charts

Despite being small or large, most organizations tend to have multiple moving parts, making your day-to-day operations a headache. 

However, with an organizational chart, it’s possible to streamline your operations drastically by visually representing your team members, their roles, and how they work together. 

Designing an org chart doesn’t have to take up too much of your time and effort. With the help of a beginner-friendly Org Chart Maker and user-friendly org chart templates, you can create stunning org charts without any design experience. 


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What is org chart software?

Organizational chart (org chart) software is an interactive visualization tool that displays the structure of an organization. 

It helps provide a clear overview of the organization’s hierarchy, making it easier for employees to understand their roles and relationships. 

With org chart software, businesses can streamline communication, improve decision-making, and ensure everyone is on the same page regarding the company’s structure and goals.

Here are some examples of org charts that you can make with Venngage: 

PowerPoint Org Chart Template
Vibrant Corporate Organizational Chart

Simple Corporate Organizational Chart

How to select the best org chart software for your needs?

When selecting an org chart software, the best ones have more pros than cons. Here are some parameters you might want to consider when selecting org chart software.

1. Goals

Consider what you need an org chart software to do. It should have all the features you need to create functional org charts for your team. 

2. Maintenance

​​Make sure to pick an organizational chart software that is easy to maintain and doesn’t have many bugs or performance issues.

3. Access

Consider if you have capability to install and run the org chart software as some might not work with an older version of Windows or have additional software requirements. 

4. Features

Does the org chart software have all the features you need, such as drag-and-drop, ability to download files, or cloud integration? 

5. Customization

Not all org chart software offer customization options, so if that’s high on your list, choose wisely.

6. Cost

Consider your budget when picking and org chart software. While some are very affordable, others can cost thousands of dollars to use. 

7. User satisfaction

Check the reviews of your desired org chart software to see what others say about it.

1. Venngage

Venngage org chart software

Venngage’s org chart software makes designing organizational charts easy, even if you have no design skills. 

It’s packed with professionally designed templates that fit any business need, making it the go-to tool for HR , marketers and managers looking to boost team communication and workflow. 

Plus, Venngage’s org chart software has a drag-and-drop interface which means you can create complex org charts easily..

Here are some of the org charts templates you can customize in minutes using Venngage.

Hospital Organizational Chart
Company Management Organizational Chart

Key features:

  • Customizable templates
  • Drag-and-drop design interface
  • Real-time collaboration tools
  • Data integration for automated chart creation
  • Multiple format export options
  • User-friendly for non-designers
  • Comprehensive sharing capabilities


  • Free Plan: Basic tools for individual users at no cost.
  • Premium Plan ($10/month per user): Includes advanced tools for individual users.
  • Business Plan ($24/month per user): Ideal for teams with additional collaborative tools and support.
  • Enterprise Plan (Starting at $499/month for 10+ seats): Tailored for larger organizations with advanced customization and support.

Best suited for:

Venngage’s org chart software is ideal if you’re HR, a team leader, or someone without design experience. 

Venngage has an intuitive drag-and-drop interface and customizable org templates for all types of use cases, making it perfect novices and professionals.  


  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • Venngage offers many org chart templates, which saves you time and effort.
  • Users can customize org charts (add/remove nodes, change colors and add text).
  • Venngage lets multiple users work on the same org chart at once to facilitate collaboration
  • Venngage is an online tool which means users can access it from any device with an internet connection.
  • Venngage is cost-effective.


Venngage may not be the best choice for expert designers who need very specific capabilities.  

2. Miro 

Miro org chart software

Source: Miro

Miro is best known for comprehensive features that facilitate creating and managing organizational charts. 

It offers a wide array of pre-made templates in various layouts. It can even help you make charts from scratch, with an innovative feature that automatically generates org charts from uploaded CSV files. 

Key features:

  • Can create organizational charts using an external data source.
  • Users can choose from various org chart layouts to suit their needs.
  • You can drag and drop elements quickly. 


  • Starter Plan: Priced at $10 monthly.
  • Business Plan: Priced at $20 per month.

Best suited for:

Miro is best-suited for organizations that need functional org charts fast.


  • Automatically creates organizational charts using external data sources.
  • Allows for easy arrangement and alignment of elements, creating a logical hierarchy.
  • Various org chart layouts to choose from.


It may be unsuitable for large organizations with complex hierarchies and many employees. 

3. Monday.com

Monday.com org chart software

Source: Monday.com

Monday.com is a leading project management and work automation platform offering various features to help you streamline your organizational structure and communication within your team.  

Its organizational chart tool is known for its user-friendly drag-and-drop editor and templates. With these, you can easily customize and visualize the look of a company’s hierarchy.

Key features:

  • Seamlessly integrates as a widget.
  • Users can create custom, colorful and shareable organizational charts.
  • Automatic creation of organizational charts to visualize structure.


  • Individual Plan: Free for up to 2 users.
  • Basic Plan: Starts at $9 per user per month.
  • Standard Plan: Priced at $12 per user per month.
  • Pro Plan: Available at $19 per user per month.

Best suited for:

Monday.com is best suited for small and mid-sized businesses due to its intuitive and visually appealing interface. 


  • It allows multiple users to edit lists at the same time.
  • The software is great at tracking task progress and issue status. 
  • It provides visual boards and color coding for finding information fast.
  • It allows guests to view boards and timelines.


  • Monday.com uses tiered, per-user pricing. Adding users with full collaboration permission can lead to extra costs. 
  • Some users need more integration options to connect to popular third-party apps like Salesforce and Sharepoint. 

4. Lucidchart

Lucidchart org chart software

Source: Lucidchart

Lucidchart shines when it comes to org charts thanks to its sleek design and its team collaboration features.

It’s one of the go-to tools for creating organizational charts that look great. Plus, its massive collection of org chart templates means you’re always just a few clicks away from getting a professional-looking org chart.

Key features:

  • It has a vast collection of pre-designed organizational chart templates.
  • Includes a comprehensive library of intelligent shapes tailored for org charts.
  • Lucidchart provides formatting tools for adjusting colors, fonts and styles.


  • Free Tier: Allows users to create three documents with a limit of 60 shapes per document and restricts access to 100 templates.
  • Individual Plan: Priced at $7.95 per month.
  • Team Plan: Costs $9.00 per user per month.

Best suited for:

Lucidchart’s org chart software suits businesses, teams, startups and growing companies.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Comprehensive template library
  • Excellent collaboration features


Getting started with the tool is tough since there’s a wide range of features available which can overwhelm new users who only require a subset of functions.

5. Draw.io

draw.io org chart software

Source: draw.io

For those on a tight budget wanting organizational charts, allow me to introduce draw.io (also recognized as Diagrams.net).

This open-source charting tool offers essential features for designing org charts at zero dollars.

The absence of a price does not mean a compromise in quality — draw.io comes loaded with a wide selection of org chart templates, providing a solid foundation for your designs. 

Key features:

  • Users can import .vsdx, Gliffy™and Lucidchart™ files.
  • The software supports creating various diagram types beyond org charts, such as UML diagrams, ER diagrams, database schemas, BPMN diagrams and circuit diagrams.
  • Draw.io lets users quickly create org charts from text or CSV data exported from an employee management system (EMS).


Most users can use Draw.io for free. It also offers a free web service that connects to Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive for storage.

The software also allows collaboration through Google Apps and provides real-time collaboration features.

Best suited for:

Draw.io’s org chart software is best suited for small businesses on a budget. 


  • It offers an entirely free level of service.
  • The software has a very good and friendly interface. It is easy to use, even for first-time users. 
  • Draw.io integrates well with Google Drive.


  • Draw.io, being a freeware, offers limited technical support. 
  • Draw.io requires an internet connection for some features. These features include cloud storage and collaboration.
  • Some elements of the design experience in Draw.io may not be as well thought out. 
  • Lack of high-quality cloud-specific images

6. ClickUp

Clickup org chart software

Source: Clickup

ClickUp is a comprehensive productivity solution that various teams across sectors use to better their workflows, track project progress and create more effective collaboration in a single platform.

The software also allows you to create org charts at scale. The software’s aim is to provide sophisticated organizational structures with its versatile tools. 

Key features:

  • The software has a presentation mode. It lets users break down their diagrams into slides.
  • Has AI-powered organization chart generators
  • It has auto-formatting capabilities.
  • Users can customize visual layouts and appearances.


  • Free Forever Plan: Ideal for personal use, this plan is free forever and offers unlimited features.
  • Best for Small Teams: Priced at $7 per member per month.
  • Best for Mid-sized Teams: Priced at $12 per member per month.

Best suited for:

ClickUp is best for project management teams. It also suits small and medium-sized businesses and anyone managing multiple teams. 


  • Users can change chart templates to their liking.
  • It has AI integration. 
  • Users can import any CSV data files into ClickUp quickly and easily.
  • ClickUp has iOS and Android apps, making it mobile-friendly.


  • ClickUp may have a steep learning curve due to its advanced features.
  • Users have reported that the ClickUp app on Android devices can be glitchy.
  • The platform’s extensive range of features may overwhelm some users.

7. Visme

Visme org chart software

Source: Visme

Visme’s online platform provides a user-friendly space where individuals and teams can develop organizational charts tailored to their needs. 

With a range of customization options, such as a variety of fonts, a spectrum of color choices and a selection of icons, users can design org charts that serve their requirements and visually represent their company’s branding and style .

Key features:

  • The software has a drag-and-drop interface.
  • It provides various professionally designed org chart templates suitable for various industries and use cases.
  • The software supports real-time collaboration and cloud storage capabilities
  • Users can personalize their org charts with colors, fonts, shapes and formats.


  • Visme offers a basic free plan with limited features.
  • Starter Plan: Priced at $12.25 a month (billed yearly).
  • Pro Plan: It costs $24.75 a month (billed yearly).

Best suited for:

Visme is for many types of users, including individuals, students, teachers, businesses and departments.


  • Users praise Visme for its user-friendly interface.
  • The software offers various professionally designed org chart templates suitable for various industries and use cases.
  • Visme’s drag-and-drop feature simplifies creating, customizing, downloading and sharing org charts.


  • Visme does not have features for creating videos and ads specifically for TikTok.
  • Some users may find it takes time to learn and master all the features, especially for those who are new to graphic design or visual content creation
  • Visme can be more expensive for small organizations.

8. Visio

Visio org chart software

Source: Visio

Microsoft Visio is a diagramming tool that helps create organizational charts of all levels of complexity. It comes with many templates, shapes and icons to choose from. 

Visio works well with other Microsoft 365 programs, making it a practical choice for businesses already using Microsoft tools.

Key features:

  • Users can build hierarchies of employees, titles, groups and teams.
  • An organizational chart with pictures, shapes and various design elements is customizable.
  • There are many templates, including the ‘Org Chart’ template.


  • Visio Online Plan 1: $6/user/month 
  • Visio Online Plan 2: $15/user/month (billed annually)

Best suited for:

Visio best suits individuals and organizations creating detailed organizational charts and diagrams. 


  • Visio allows for easy visual representation of charts and graphs.
  • The software provides built-in graphics.
  • Visio enables teams to collaborate on diagrams in real-time.


  • Users may face a steep learning curve when getting used to Visio. This is especially true if they are more familiar with tools like PowerPoint. 
  • Visio has limited compatibility with non-Microsoft software.

9. SmartDraw

Smartdraw org chart software

Source: SmartDraw

SmartDraw is a handy tool for making neat and professional organizational charts. It has plenty of choices for changing the design, styles, and colors to get it just right. 

If you’re in a bigger organization and need to keep your organizational charts current and share them with others, SmartDraw could be what you need. Plus, it fits in nicely with Microsoft Office, a huge plus.

Key features:

  • Easy-to-use templates for quick chart creation.
  • Powerful automation tools for streamlined processes.
  • Compatibility with Visio® for importing and editing org charts.


  • Single-User Plan: $9.95 per month.
  • Multiple-Users Plan (for 5+ users): $5.95 per monthly user.

Best suited for:

SmartDraw is best for many professionals. They could range from contractors and architects to business executives and project managers. 


  • The software offers many templates and integrates with popular tools like Microsoft Office, Box and GSuite.
  • SmartDraw facilitates real-time teamwork on diagrams.
  • The software provides powerful automation features.


  • Users have reported instability, where the program may unexpectedly shut down.
  • The free trial version of SmartDraw has limited functionality.

10. Gliffy

Gliffy org chart software

Source: Gliffy

Gliffy is a versatile tool that’s all about visual communication and it’s perfect for putting together different kinds of org charts. It’s a user-friendly application, so building org charts is a breeze. 

You can turn your Gliffy org charts into PDFs, PNGs, or JPEGs to share with your team. It’s an excellent fit for organizations looking for software that can do more than just create org charts.

Key features:

  • It is a cloud-based application.
  • Users can choose from various org chart templates to simplify the diagram creation process.
  • Gliffy allows for continuous editing while tracking each version.


Gliffy offers subscription-based pricing. It starts at $10 per month, making it accessible to users who want to create charts efficiently. 

Best suited for:

Gliffy is best suited for individuals and organizations looking to create organizational charts efficiently.


  • Gliffy is a versatile tool with many use cases across different teams and departments.
  • The software offers collaboration features, particularly in platforms like Confluence and Jira.
  • Gliffy’s drag-and-drop diagramming software makes it easy for users to express ideas visually.


  • Users have reported limited customization options.
  • Some users have experienced occasional technical issues with the software.

11. Pingboard

Pingboard org chart software

Source: Pingboard

Pingboard serves as an employee directory and org chart software, making it easy to lay out your company’s structure from top to bottom. 

It offers features to add job titles, office locations and photos for each staff member. It is ideal for businesses looking for a one-stop solution to organize their team’s hierarchy, manage staff details and keep org charts up to date.

Key features:

  • It makes it possible to embed org charts within an organization’s website or intranet.
  • The software is particularly useful for managing organizational restructuring.
  • Pingboard provides step-by-step directions for building org charts using familiar software.
  • Users can access org chart templates tailored to specific industries.


  • Basic Plan: Starting at $149.00 per month.
  • Essential Plan: Priced at $299.00 per month.
  • Pro Plan: Available at $399.00 per month.

Best suited for:

Pingboard is best suited for growing companies. 


  • Pingboard has a reputation for its user-friendly interface.
  • The software is particularly useful for onboarding new employees effectively.


  • Users may find that there are limitations in customizing organizational charts.
  • Some users may find the cost of Pingboard to be on the higher side.

12. Creately

Creately org chart software

Source: Creately

Creately offers a straightforward online diagramming experience. With its org chart capabilities, you can whip up polished org charts using ready-to-go shapes and templates, tweak sizes, colors and styles with ease.

It’s perfect for teams seeking an uncomplicated, visual method to lay out their organizational framework.

Key features:

  • Users can sketch and visualize ideas on an unlimited freeform canvas.
  • The software allows adding various shapes, sticky notes, text boxes and images.
  • Multiple users can work on the chart simultaneously.
  • Creately offers customization features such as preset color palettes and image imports. 


  • Free Plan: This plan offers limited access with up to 3 users.
  • Personal Plan: This plan costs $5 per month.
  • Business Plan: This plan starts at $89 per month.

Best suited for:

Creately is best suited for remote teams. 


  • Offers a range of editing capabilities.
  • Includes high-level security measures such as encryption and access control.
  • Easy synchronization with popular platforms.


  • Being web-based can be a limitation as it requires an internet connection to access drawings and collaborate.
  • Some users have reported minor operational hitches.
  • New users may face a learning curve.

13. ChartHop

ChartHop org chart software

Source: ChartHop

With ChartHop, handling dynamic charts is a breeze. It simplifies visualizing and organizing your company’s hierarchy, streamlining the management of updates and monitoring essential team members.

The software has features like automatic updates to job titles and reporting tools that offer a glimpse into how your team is performing.

Key features:

  • It connects to existing HR and ATS systems. This allows for centralized data management and simpler workflows.
  • The map feature allows businesses to visualize employee locations.
  • The interface is user-friendly. It has drag-and-drop editing. This makes it easy to customize charts and to navigate the organization.


Free Plan: $0 for up to 150 employees; $2 per employee for each employee above 150.

Standard Plan: Monthly Fees: $8 per employee.

Premium Plan: Monthly Fees: $16 per employee.

Best suited for:

ChartHop is best suited for organizations seeking a comprehensive platform for managing and visualizing their people’s data.


  • ChartHop provides real-time updates.
  • The software offers employee self-service tools.
  • ChartHop provides dedicated customer support.
  • With over 40 integration options, ChartHop seamlessly integrates with various platforms.


  • Some users have reported that the search function can be glitchy.
  • The chart’s navigation uses gestures. Some users find them unintuitive.
  • While ChartHop is user-friendly, some features may require more technical knowledge.

14. OrgChart

OrgChart org chart software

Source: OrgChart

OrgChart makes it simple and efficient for HR professionals and people leaders to craft and oversee org charts and workforce planning. This cutting-edge tool uses automation to produce professional-grade charts, ideal for businesses of any size looking to develop, manage and share their organizational structures smoothly. 

Designed with HR experts in mind, OrgChart streamlines the planning of your workforce, offering clear visibility and valuable insights to help shape your company’s strategic direction.

Key features:

  • It works with existing HR and ATS systems. 
  • Offers an intuitive interface with drag-and-drop editing.
  • Provides visually appealing and engaging design elements.


  • Free Version: Available for users to explore the software’s capabilities.
  • Premium Plan: Starting at $108 per month, billed annually.
  • Enterprise Plan: Starting at $216 per month, billed annually.

Best suited for:

OrgChart software is best for many types of users. These include HR professionals, managers, organizational development specialists, business owners and employees.


  • Users find OrgChart easy to use, with a user-friendly interface.
  • The software offers high levels of customization.
  • OrgChart seamlessly integrates with other platforms like ADP.


  • Users have found the initial setup of OrgChart software to be tricky.
  • Some users have raised concerns about the security features of the cloud implementation of OrgChart.
  • Users have described the interface of OrgChart software as dated and challenging for average users to navigate.

15. The Org

TheOrg org chart software

Source: The Org

The Org is a top-notch free tool for crafting and sharing your organizational chart with, quite literally, everyone. This platform is open, allowing access to org charts created by others. 

This means you can look at the organizational structures of big names like Google, Tesla, Netflix and Amazon, drawing inspiration from these industry giants to craft your business org chart.

Key features:

  • Real-time updates and synchronization for tracking historical changes and reverting to previous versions.
  • Integration with HR systems for seamless data management.
  • User-friendly functionality and engaging design options.
  • Effective creation and visualization of organizational charts.


The Org is primarily a free tool. 

Best suited for:

The Org best suits companies and organizations looking to create and share organizational charts effectively.


  • Users find OrgChart easy to use, with a user-friendly interface.
  • The software offers high levels of customization.
  • OrgChart seamlessly integrates with other platforms like ADP.


  • Users have found the initial setup of OrgChart software to be tricky.
  • Some users have raised concerns about the security features of the cloud implementation of OrgChart.
  • The interface of OrgChart software is not that great.

16. Organimi

Organimi org chart software

Source: Organimi

Organimi is a cloud-based tool that simplifies the creation and management of organizational charts. You can easily tailor org charts with various customizable templates to reflect your organization’s unique structure and hierarchy. 

The software also supports real-time collaboration, allowing multiple users to work on the same chart, ensuring it’s always current with the latest changes.

Key features:

  • The software is a cloud-based org chart tool.
  • Organimi offers customizable org charts.


  • Basic Plans start at $10 a month.
  • Premium plan starts at $20 a month.

Best suited for:

Organimi is best suited for startups. 


  • Users know Organimi for its user-friendly interface.
  • Organimi allows for extensive customization options, enabling users to tailor their organizational charts.
  • Organimi’s cloud-based platform ensures that organizational charts can be quickly updated.


  • Users have reported that the printing features can initially be challenging to work with.
  • Organimi only supports CSV and PDF file types.
  • Some users have mentioned that learning to use all of Organimi’s features entirely is hard.

17. Functionly

Functionly org chart software

Source: Functionly

Functionly offers a robust set of tools for managing org charts that lets you quickly assemble impressive charts for teams, departments, or entire organizations. 

It’s packed with various color and style options for your charts, plus plenty of icons to represent your data. 

Key features:

  • It has a functional library that automates the creation and updating of templates.
  • Functionly’s advanced organizational templates contain rich features. These include employee headshots, drag-and-drop, reporting, vacancy planning and accountability mapping.
  • Users can customize org chart templates. 


  • Free Version: Available for unlimited org users
  • Starter Plan: Starting at $29 per month.
  • Advanced Plan: Starting at $59 per month.

Best suited for:

Operational leaders and organizations.


  • It provides a secure and encrypted platform for the entire organization.
  • The software enables users to export org charts in multiple file formats.


  • Functionly does not provide API support.
  • Users can only share files, images, or job work via a secured link without logging in to the panel. This may not be sufficient for more complex collaboration needs.

18. Deel

Deel org chart software

Source: Deel

Deel is a robust HR platform designed for global teams and it shines with its ‘Org Chart’ feature, making it easy to understand team members’ roles company-wide.

Their Slack integration lets you filter and visualize how teams are structured, see the bigger picture of the team setup and even hunt down expertise with profile tag searches. It’s a game-changer for businesses large and small, helping clarify who does what and ensuring everyone collaborates smoothly.

Key features:

  • Modern cloud-based organizational chart software catering to businesses globally.
  • Customization options for tailoring displayed data on org charts to meet specific business needs.
  • Suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries, promoting collaboration and connectivity among colleagues.
  • User-friendly interface for easy chart creation and sharing within organizations.


  • EOR Plan: Starting at $599 per month.
  • Contractors Plan: Starting at $49 per month.

Best suited for:

Deel is best suited for businesses of all sizes looking for a better way to hire teams abroad. 


  • Deel’s org chart software provides powerful and visual tools to keep teams aligned.
  • The org chart plugin seamlessly connects with HRIS or IT systems.
  • Users can apply filters through a seamless Slack interface.


  • Some users find the cost per head somewhat high, especially for small-sized companies.
  • The upfront contract negotiations and setup process may take some time.

19. Ingentis org.manager

Ingentis org chart software

Source: Ingentis

Ingentis org.manager does more than just show your company’s structure; it also offers insightful people analytics reports. You can see important metrics on your org chart or separate dashboards.

It lets you play out different business scenarios, like spotting who might be considering leaving. It’s not just about looking at your org chart the usual way; you can also see your team’s data in excellent formats like sunburst charts, radial trees and network clusters.

Key features:

  • Enables multi-user collaboration, templates and interactive elements for efficient teamwork and data sharing.
  • Facilitates seamless data import/export processes to ensure up-to-date information within the organizational charts.
  • Allows users to create “What If” scenarios for organizational changes and visualize the impact before implementation.
  • Supports the creation of mockups for organizational structures, aiding in visualizing and planning changes effectively.


Ingentis org.manager org chart software offers custom pricing. It starts at €95.00/month. It uses a subscription-based model and has a free trial. Users can use the trial to explore its features.

Best suited for:

Ingentis org.manager org chart software best suits enterprise businesses and organizations.


  • The software creates custom, data-rich org charts automatically.
  • Ingentis org.manager offers powerful visualization capabilities with almost endless choices.
  • The software seamlessly integrates with any HR system.


  • Users may find the software complicated when onboarding. 

20. Sift

Sift org chart software

Source: Sift

Sift is like a big, interactive phone book for your company, pulling together details like what people are good at, what they like, pictures, how to reach them and more, all in one spot.

It’s excellent at mapping your team’s talents, knowledge and skills with its smart org charts. This tool shows you who works where and what they know, making it easy to see and search your team’s abilities.

You can link the charts to everyone’s profiles and quickly find whoever you need. Plus, Sift works with HR systems, so your org charts keep up as your company grows.

Key features:

  • It is possible to upload data for org chart creation.
  • Real-time updates from critical systems for automatic updates on reporting lines.
  • Accessible on mobile devices for easy viewing.


The pricing for Sift’s org chart software varies depending on the plan and the number of users. 

  • Sift offers a Starter plan at $1.50 per user per month and a Pro plan at $2.50 monthly.
  • Sift charges $150 monthly for 50 users, with additional users costing $2.75.

Best suited for:

Organizations seek specific features to enhance their organizational structure and management.


  • Key systems enable automatic updates, instantly reflecting reporting line changes.
  • Provides in-depth employee profiles within the org chart, enhancing understanding of roles.
  • Allows easy viewing and access from mobile devices, promoting flexibility and convenience.


  • There is no easy way to obtain a printer-friendly org chart layout.
  • Some users have reported technical limitations that can be challenging to work around or may require multiple steps to solve.

Frequently asked questions

1. What is the most popular organizational chart? 

The hierarchical organizational chart is the most popular type of organizational chart. It features a pyramid structure with the boss at the top, layers of managers beneath them and all the other employees underneath. 

It’s super straightforward: each person knows who they report to and who reports to them.

This type of chart is helpful because it’s clear and organized. It spells out authority and accountability, making it easy for everyone to see their career path and how they can move up in the company. Plus, it helps create a sense of belonging among employees in the same department.

2. What are the benefits of using the org chart software? 

The benefits of using an org chart software include visualizing team structures, which is particularly helpful for projects that require a clear understanding of who’s who. It makes it easier to grasp roles and responsibilities, showing at a glance who reports to whom and clarifying the division of tasks. 

This, in turn, improves communication since you immediately know who to reach out to for different aspects of a project. For newcomers, it speeds up getting familiar with team dynamics, facilitating a smoother integration. Software like Venngage also offers the flexibility to try various organizational layouts to find the most effective one. 

3. Does Microsoft Word have an org chart software? 

Yes, you can create org charts in Microsoft Word using the SmartArt feature. However, developing an org chart is limited because it lacks dedicated org chart software. You can only create small and simplistic org charts with Microsoft Word. 

Furthermore, creating org charts in Word can be challenging because it requires manual data entry and a fixed canvas, making adjusting large charts difficult. It also lacks AI support for smart layouts. Sharing detailed or extensive charts from Word often results in cramped, hard-to-read visuals. 

Conclusion: Create stunning org charts in minutes using Venngage — no designs skills needed

Selecting the best org chart software depends on your company’s needs. 

If you’re a growing company, Pingboard is excellent due to its user-friendly interface and effective onboarding. On the other hand, startups might prefer Organimi because of its affordability and customization options.

However, if you’re new to designing (like many of us), Venngage is an excellent option. It’s an all-in-one org chart maker solution with ready-to-use templates that make org chart design effortless.