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Help Center

Your Guide To Creating The Ideal Bedtime Routine [Infographic]

Written by: Aditya Rana

Sep 19, 2023

The Ideal Bedtime Routine

Getting a good night’s rest is crucial for overall well-being.

Starting the day well-rested sets the tone for the day, affects our mood, and impacts productivity. It even influences our health, regulating hormones like testosterone and melatonin

To achieve good sleep, you need to establish a bedtime routine.

And there’s no better way to learn about how to set the ideal bedtime routine than an infographic!

the ideal bedtime routine infographic

1. Create a comfortable sleep environment

Your bedroom should be conducive to sleep.

To do that, make sure to keep your bedroom dark, quiet, and cool.

Consider investing in blackout curtains to block out external light and earplugs or a white noise machine to minimize disturbances.

Also, adjust the temperature to a comfortable sleep temperature of around 15-19C.

2. Ditch the gadgets

It’s tempting to spend evenings scrolling through phones, tablets, or watching TV.

However, blue light emitted by these devices screens can disrupt melatonin production, a hormone that regulates sleep.

A good benchmark is to avoid gadget use at least an hour before bedtime.

3. Refrain from caffeine

What you eat and drink in the hours leading up to bedtime can impact your sleep quality.

Avoid consuming large meals, caffeine, and alcohol close to bedtime as these substances can stimulate your body and make it harder to fall asleep.

If you’re hungry, opt for a light, healthy snack like a banana or a small handful of nuts.

4. Set a consistent bedtime

Consistency is key when it comes to regulating your body’s internal clock, so establish a regular bedtime and stick to it, even on weekends.

Going to bed and waking up at the same time each day helps synchronize your sleep-wake cycle, making it easier to fall asleep and wake up feeling refreshed.

5. Engage in relaxing activities

Relaxing activities before bedtime sends signals to your body that it’s time to wind down.

Reading a book (a physical one), taking a warm bath, or doing deep breathing exercises can help calm your mind, relax your muscles, and help you sleep better.

Create your own infographics with Venngage

Want to make cool designs like this infographic on the ideal bedtime routine?

Well, it’s really easy using Venngage’s drag-and-drop Infographic Maker. You can also customize pre-designed templates from our in-house team of designers.

To get started, sign up for a free account, pick a template from our library, add your content and start creating!

About Aditya Rana

Adi is a word slinger and loves to fiddle around with SaaS. When not living online, you'll find him outside in nature with a book.