Venngage Featured in Printaholic Blog

By Eugene Woo, Oct 22, 2014


Our friends at Printaholic recently wrote an article about creating infographic resumes. The article reviews, the biggest infographic resume site in the world, which also happens to be one of Venngage’s partner sites.

Create your own custom infographic resumes

You can add any infographic you have created in into your Venngage account.

The article goes over how you can easily create an infographic resume with some screenshots. But what about infographics other than resumes or if you need to create something more custom? Why, you can use Venngage, of course!

Check out the article, and check out Printaholic.

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Next steps for creating attention-grabbing infographic resumes

  1. Create an account on Venngage.
  2. Browse our library of infographic resume templates.
  3. Customize your resume design.
  4. Share your infographic on your personal site, on social media, in job applications and in interviews.


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