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Ebola Explained in Infographics and Charts

By Eugene Woo, Oct 23, 2014

ebola infographic

One of the key goals at Venngage is to encourage the use of data visualizations to enhance the story-telling process. We are big proponents of data-driven journalism (or data journalism, for short) and we’re happy to see big leaps in public demand for blogs such as fivethirtyeight and NYT’s Upshot.

We would like to encourage other bloggers, publishers and news outlets to use charts and infographics in their stories as well. To that end, we’re releasing a series of Ebola infographics and charts. This week, we’re focusing on Ebola.

Understanding the Ebola crisis using infographics

All of these charts are available for free and licensed under the Creative Commons license. You can copy, modify and share them for any use.

You can create your own charts with Venngage. Take a look at our infographic templates library to get started.

The Ebola data have been sourced from Wikipedia, CDC and WHO. All data and sources are compiled into a Google spreadsheet that can be downloaded here.

Ebola cases and deaths worldwide

ebola infographic


Ebola cases and deaths by country

ebola infographic


Ebola cases in Africa

ebola infographic


Ebola deaths compared to recent epidemics

ebola infographic


Ebola mortality rate vs. recent epidemics

ebola infographic


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