[NEW FEATURE] Infographic Templates For All Occasions

By Nadya Khoja, Jul 28, 2015

Something you will probably notice once you sign into your Venngage account, is the new Templates Creation Page. We’ve added tons of new free and premium templates, and facilitated navigation so that you can quickly and easily find the exact template you are looking for. They are sorted into the following categories and subcategories:


Infographic Template

This category includes Statistical, Informational, Process, Timeline and Geographic template styles to help you get started.


Report Infographics

This category includes Surveys, Nonprofit, Monthly/Annual, Sales/Marketing, Project Management and Educational Reports, as well as Resume template styles to pick from.


Poster infographics

If you want to create posters, theres a whole range of Motivational, Business one pagers, Human Resources, Seminar and Training, Product Brochure, Holidays, Real-Estate and Tourism options to search through.


Promotions Infographic

If you need to create a Flyer, Email Graphic, Invitation, Business Card and Menu, or you want to promote a Sale or Event, check out the promotions section.

Social Media:

Social Media Infographic

The social media category has templates specifically formatted for Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Blog Headers so that you can create all your social media graphics on one platform.

But of course, you can still create your own infographic templates from scratch and choose custom sizes if that’s what you prefer!

Create Infographic

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