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Create Instagram Infographics

create instagram infographics

Do you want more engagement on Instagram?

Infographics have been proven to be 3x more effective than just an image or text. That's because infographics combine data and design into an easy to understand visual that is both beautiful and useful.

Is it hard to create your own infographics for Instagram?

Not with Venngage, our easy to use infographic software. Making your own Instagraphic only takes a few minutes with one of our Instagram-ready templates. Plus, you can try out Venngage for free.

What you need to know about Venngage:

  • Venngage offers hundreds of customizable templates.
  • Venngage has a library of over 400,000 icons and illustrations.
  • Venngage has over 1 million users producing millions of infographics.
  • Venngage is the #1 infographic tool on the web, preferred by businesses, schools and organizations.

Instagram templates

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