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Create Eye-Catching Facebook Cover Images with Venngage's Facebook Cover Maker


Grab the attention of your audience with one of our fully customizable Facebook cover templates.

Create professional-looking custom Facebook cover images that will grab your audience's attention.

Stand out from the crowd and create a cover image that is as unique as you are for your Facebook page. Use a custom Facebook cover template to brand your business or personal page.

Upload your logo or a photo, or browse Venngage's high-quality stock library to create high quality, professional-looking Facebook covers.

Design a custom Facebook cover image in 5 steps:

  1. Create a FREE Venngage account
  2. Pick a cover template to use as the base of your design
  3. Customize your cover by uploading your own photos, or browsing our library of thousands of free stock images
  4. See your brand colors applied instantly to your design
  5. Upgrade to download your Facebook cover image and post it on your page

How to use Venngage's Facebook cover maker:

Upload your own images and graphics

Create a truly unique, personalized cover by using your own images or graphics in your design.

Use your brand colors

Keep your branding consistent by using your brand color palette in your design. Paste the hex codes straight into Venngage's color picker tool.

Create copies of your cover image for different occasions

Advertise your latest promotion, or celebrate an upcoming holiday by creating duplicates of your design, and saving multiple versions of your custom Facebook cover.

Add icons for maximum impact

Browse Venngage's icon library to discover over 40,000 professional-looking and versatile icons.

Maximize your social media impact with a custom Facebook cover

Your Facebook cover is the first thing your audience sees when they visit your page, so your Facebook cover should grab their attention immediately. With Venngage's Facebook cover maker you don't need to be a designer to create impactful images.

You know your audience best, so take design into your own hands and create stunning custom banners in minutes.

Use high-quality graphics and images for a professional-looking banner

Upload your own images or browse Venngage's high-quality stock library to create a truly custom Facebook cover. Drag and drop images from the library on to your design with ease.

With Venngage's Facebook cover maker, you can create a unique cover image in minutes. You don't have to be a designer in order to create a professional and eye-catching cover.

Brand your Facebook cover with our My Brand Kit feature

Brand your Facebook cover in the style of your businesses with the My Brand Kit tool. The tool pulls your logo and brand color palette automatically from your website, and you can see your branding applied to Facebook cover templates instantly. Ensure that your brand is applied consistently and professionally with the click of a button.

Common Questions

Why should I create a Facebook cover image?

Facebook cover images are the ideal way to grab your audience's attention when they visit your Facebook page. You could use the space to advertise a product or an upcoming event, or just show off your personal brand.

Can I download my Facebook cover?

Absolutely! Once you're done creating with the Facebook cover maker, upgrade to a Business or Premium account so you can download a high-quality version.

Can I create multiple Facebook covers?

You can create copies of your Facebook cover template and customize each one for different occasions. This means you can update the cover without having to start from scratch each time.

Ready to get started? Check out our Facebook cover templates library: