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Who is Sia? 6 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Her [Interactive Infographic]

By Maria Parra, Mar 10, 2015

My 3 year old son is obsessed with the song, Chandelier, by Sia. We have it on both our Spotify and YouTube playlists and it’s played a few times a day, at least. The first time I saw the Chandelier music video it blew my mind. It was a departure from the usual pop music drivel of yearning young men and women (usually half naked) dancing to a predictable beat. Chandelier is different. How strange, I thought. I can’t say I understood what Sia was trying to tell me. Who is Sia, I asked myself? The song is upbeat yet the lyrics betray a certain sadness (1,2,3, drink…1,2,3,..drink, was the chorus). The young dancer’s movements were abrupt, unexpected and…weird. The setting was in a decrepit apartment with drab furniture and portraits. Despite that, the young dancer was mesmerizing. Is this what they call interpretive dance? Am I too old to get this? Again I wondered, Who is Sia?

My interest was further piqued after I clicked on the next Sia video on Youtube, which was of a live performance on SNL. Her face was mostly covered and she sang facing away from the audience. Weird.

Thus started my quest to find out more about Sia and the deeper meaning of her songs. My research was both fascinating and deeply satisfying. So much so that I created an infographic of 6 interesting questions about Sia to share with everyone else. (Yes, I’m an obsessed fan by now) Please click on the image to view the interactive version. Each question links to the answers. Who is Sia? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Interactive Infographic: Who is Sia?

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