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Search for Royalty Free Images

By Maria Parra, Feb 03, 2015

We recently launched a pretty big feature on our site – Image Library Search. This feature enables you to search for public domain and royalty free images directly in our tool, and add them to your infographic or poster. (This means you can copy, use and distribute these images, even for commercial purposes, without any permission or attribution)

Click on Images on the left panel, then type in a word or phrase for the image you want to find in the Image Library Search box.

Image Library Search

Image Library Search


We’ll return images that you can then drag into your infographic canvas. You can then resize the images to fit the needs of your infographic.

Image Library Search

Image Library Search


All images in our library are 100% royalty free that you can use for any purpose. You can even use them commercially.. No extra license is required.

Why use our Image Library instead of just Google image search? If you’re just doing a Google image search, many of the images returned are copyright protected and you have to license them to use them. Just because you found them in a Google search doesn’t mean you aren’t infringing on someone’s copyright. You can still upload images from your computer or via a URL. But we would highly recommend you check out the Image Library Search.

You might have also noticed a new  category called Image Frames. Here you’ll find a variety of frames such as the  Circle Frame and the Star Frame. These frames allow you to, well,  frame an image. Here is how our red panda image would look with the circle frame:

infographic circle frame

The frames can make your images look so much better. This feature is still in beta development, and we’re improving the user experience. So please stay tuned.

Let us know if you have any questions or feedback. You can always shoot me an email at maria@venngage.com or use the contact us widget on our site.


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