7+ Business Infographic Inspiration Examples & Templates – Daily Design Inspiration #7
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7+ Business Infographic Inspiration Examples & Templates – Daily Design Inspiration 7

7+ Business Infographic Inspiration Examples & Templates – Daily Design Inspiration #7


Every hour there are thousands of projects published by many talented designers. But because those are published across a collection of different social networks and sites, you often miss them.

That’s why I decided to put together this first edition of the Daily Design Inspiration. With this daily collection of business infographic examples, I want to give new designers a platform to show off their work.

To spread some inspiration to readers. To collect amazing design work on one platform. And to make it easy for anyone to create something beautiful.

In this edition of the Daily Design Inspiration, we are going to look at some business infographic examples from Vincenzo CastroJing Zhang, and a few from our own Venngage designers.

Now if you want to learn how to make your own infographics, I would start with this article:

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1. Modern Black & Gold Infographic Resume

Creator: Vincenzo Castro

Type: Resume Infographic Inspiration

Selected Because: Now this might not be a traditional business infographic, but I do think it deserves to be on this list. Especially, because it features so many bold design elements that will make this infographic resume stand above the noise. And if you are looking for a new way to show off y0ur professional skills, I would follow Vincenzo Castro’s lead. 



2. Top 10 Qualities Of A Good Leader Qualities Infographic

Creator: Venngage

Type: Simple Business Infographic Inspiration

Selected Because: The inclusion of a fictional leader will help people visualize themselves or coworkers exemplifying these qualities a lot easier. Plus, this infographic could be hung up around an office to give each employee or manager a daily reminder. 



3. How To Value Data Process Infographic

Creator: Jing Zhang

Type: Business Process Infographic Inspiration

Selected Because: I really like how this business infographic uses icons to illustrate how complicated the process of data collection really is. An approach like this can help readers outside of your industry understand how processes are completed at your company as well. 



4. PayPal vs. Stripe Comparison Infographic

Creator: HostingFacts

Type: Business Comparison Infographic Inspiration

Selected Because: Using gradients in your design work is extremely popular this year. However, this may be the most ingenious use of a gradient I have seen in a long while. This approach makes the comparison between each company easy, without using highly contrasting colors.



5. 5 Tips To Improve Conversion Rate Business Infographic

Creator: Venngage

Type: Marketing Infographic Inspiration

Selected Because: The simple line that runs through this infographic is very powerful. These lines not only organize the infographic and give it structure but also helps pull the reader from one point to the next.



6. Simple Project Information Infographic

Creator: Mari Kupriian

Type: Informational Business Infographic Inspiration

Selected Because: The designer for this infographic created a very clean graphic by relying heavily on icons and illustrations. As you can see, the icons are doing most of the heavy lifting throughout this graphic. This allowed them to add a ton of pertinent information onto a single page without overwhelming the reader.



7. 6 Steps To Get Started Infographic

Creator: HelpShift

Type: Business Process Infographic Inspiration

Selected Because: The way that each section is designed gives this infographic a ton of needed depth. I really believe that without the added depth this infographic would be just another company infographic. But because they decided to make it almost 3-dimensional, the infographic feels a lot more compelling or interesting.



8. 7 Things Everyone Should Know About Negotiating Anything

Creator: Close.io

Type: Business List Infographic Inspiration

Selected Because: The alternating background colors of each section makes it very easy to jump from one idea to the next. Plus the topic is very broad which makes it interesting to a lot of diverse people.




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