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Stakeholder Infographic

Stakeholder Infographic

Enable your team to understand company priorities with this stakeholder infographic informing everyone about your stakeholders.

In business, stakeholder management is the process of identifying and prioritizing individuals or groups who can have an impact on the success of a product or company. These stakeholders can be internal or external to an organization. They can include anyone from customers and employees to shareholders and suppliers. Product managers (PMs) must identify their stakeholders accurately to understand and address their needs. Often, this involves conducting a stakeholder analysis, which is a process of understanding who stakeholders are, what they want, and how they can be engaged. PMs can then use this information to create a stakeholder management plan, which outlines how the PM will interact with and support stakeholders throughout the product development process. Successful stakeholder management requires ongoing engagement and effort. PMs must keep track of changes in the business environment and adapt their plans as needed. They also need to be prepared to handle any conflict among stakeholders. By effectively managing stakeholders, PMs can help ensure that products are developed successfully and that everyone involved in the process is happy with the result. One of the most important benefits

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