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 Create Better Presentations for Free

Design professional business presentations for sales, marketing, pitch decks, and more with Venngage's free templates.

Over 40,000 businesses use and trust Venngage to design business presentation slides.

Get started with these top presentation examples

PowerPoint Presentation Examples

Marketing Presentation Templates

What is a business presentation?

When you're trying to win over potential clients, you need to show statistics and facts for your business plan. You also want to convince them why your product or service is better than your competitor's. The best way to keep your audience engaged is through a business presentation. Here's how.

  • Use data visualizations in business presentations. Highlight your business model by creating charts and graphs for data points. Capture the audience's attention with your business plan presentation.
  • Employ a unique visual style across the entire presentation. Your business presentation should be unique and easily recognizable. Don't use a white background. Add contrasting colors, fonts, and your logo to the slide deck to create a cohesive brand experience.
  • Use graphic elements in presentations. Every visual element, from presentation backgrounds to icons, helps your company appeal to audience members. Don't let visual design take a backseat.

The best business and sales presentations use visual elements and phenomenal storytelling to share relevant statistics with board members, potential clients, and investors. With Venngage's presentation template options, you can create generate powerful business presentation ideas.

What does the perfect presentation include?


A business presentation should include a few key points, such as a table of contents, a company introduction, the problem your business is solving, and relevant statistics and metrics that spotlight your business model. Below are practical presentation design tips to make your audience pay attention.


Choose a good business presentation layout. Choosing the right layout to share business presentation ideas is very important. You want to vary your slide layout according to the business plan and topic. Each idea gets one slide, so it needs to fit the subject matter.



The best sales presentation examples employ white space. A great example of sales presentations done right is the use of bullet points and icons to create more white space around presentation content. This makes it easier to read and keeps the audience's interest.


Great presentations are visually appealing. Strong business communication requires sharp storytelling and visual design. Choose a readable font style for your business presentation. Add aesthetic images or stock photos to the presentation template.


The best business presentations outline exactly what your business can do for clients and customers. They use presentations as an accompaniment to the pitch. With Venngage, you can turn any presentation template into a winning pitch that showcases your impactful business plan.

How do you design a business presentation?

Whether you're creating a business presentation, a technical presentation, or a pitch deck, you need to put some thought into your presentation design. The best business PowerPoint presentation examples start with a good presentation template. Here are the steps you can follow.

  • Choose a business presentation template. Once you choose the right presentation template for your pitch or metrics meeting, you're off to a good start. This will save you time when you're trying to communicate important ideas about market share and business growth.
  • Customize the presentation template. After choosing a Venngage sales presentation template, you can start customizing it. Input important details about your business plan and target audience. Add icons and photos of your company and products. Share the key team members involved.
  • Change visual elements in the presentation template. Use Venngage's My Brand Kit feature, available with the Venngage business plan, to add your branding, including logo, fonts, and colors, to the presentation template with one click. Highlight your business presentation ideas by using relevant icons. Include charts and graphs that visualize data and make it easy for clients to follow.

How do you customize a Venngage business presentation template?

You can share your business presentation for free online. Upgrade to a Venngage Business plan to export your slide deck as PNG, HD PNG, PDF, Interactive PDF, and as PowerPoint presentations.

Create a powerful business presentation with Venngage's slide deck templates. Sign up for a free Venngage account to access and customize the free business plan presentation templates.

Share sales presentation ideas by customizing your presentation template in the drag-and-drop editor. Swap out text, add hand-drawn illustrations and diverse icons to make an impactful business presentation.

Venngage offers a variety of font styles, the ability to upload images, 4 million free stock photos, over 40,000 icons, and data visualization options so your next presentation is guaranteed to win over clients.

What types of business PowerPoint presentation examples does Venngage offer?

Visualize presentation ideas with Venngage's presentation examples and templates, including these slide deck types:

Business presentation templates

Sales presentation examples

Ask for funding, win over clients and partners, or share your business plan with a Venngage business slide deck.

Convince customers about your product or service with a Venngage sales presentation on PowerPoint or Google Slides.

Pitch deck templates

Technical presentation ideas

Get investors on board with a Venngage startup pitch deck that highlights your business presentation ideas in clear, compelling slides.

Share your research findings and statistics and draw attention to all the technical aspects of your presentations.

Keynote presentations

PowerPoint presentations

Customize Venngage keynote presentation examples and highlight actionable tips and the main points of your webinar.

Improve your PowerPoint design and visualize varied presentation ideas with Venngage's business presentation examples and templates.

Marketing presentation examples

Webinar presentation templates

Share your marketing efforts, mission statement, and pie charts by choosing a presentation template from Venngage's library.

Make a memorable webinar with Venngage's templates to share your presentation ideas and export them for PowerPoint or Google Slides.

HR presentation slide deck

Welcome new employees to your business and keep the company culture on track with Venngage's presentation templates.

With Venngage’s easy-to-edit presentation templates, branding features, free icons, and stock images, businesses can create impactful presentations.

FAQs about business presentation examples

How do you start and end a presentation?

A clear beginning is crucial for a good presentation. Your first slide should open with an unexpected statement or question. Your second slide can include a table of contents and details about the rest of the presentation. End your presentation with a call to action. Use bright colors and legible fonts in your presentation design to create an emotional connection with the audience.

Venngage has good examples of presentations that make it easier to create a memorable presentation. Sign up for a free Venngage account, choose your presentation template and start editing it according to your needs. You can share your presentation online for free or export it using a Venngage Business plan.

What are good presentation skills?

Your presentation ideas shouldn't just be shared in a slide deck. You may also be required to give public speeches about your business model and growth strategy. When you're giving your sales presentation, make eye contact with your audience. Break the ice with an anecdote. Don't read what's on the screen. Share the small details that aren't in your presentation.

A presentation is a tool for visualizing your business plan. With Venngage templates, you can create a sales presentation that is appealing. But the main points of the presentation are meant to be shared by the business representative in a meaningful and interesting way.

How do you generate presentation ideas?

It can be difficult to create presentation ideas regularly. A sales presentation or investor pitch deck takes time to put together. But with Venngage's templates, you can create a sales presentation quickly.

Stuck on what to write or say? Look at one of the presentation examples and free templates in the Venngage library and use them for inspiration.

With a Venngage business plan, you can access 24/7 customer support. Our team can help with your presentation ideas so you can create your slide deck on time. You can also use the unique My Brand Kit feature to add your brand logo, brand colors, and fonts to your presentation template with a single click. Get your team involved with real-time team collaboration, also available with Venngage for business.

Venngage is your ultimate presentation-making solution. Customize presentation templates and pitch your startup to clients and investors.

Now you know the essentials of creating presentations. Start designing a business presentation with Venngage!

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