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PowerPoint Roadmap Template

PowerPoint Roadmap Template

Engage your audience visually with this PowerPoint Roadmap Template from Venngage.

Great roadmap designs are just a click away with this PowerPoint roadmap template from Venngage. Present a clear and engaging roadmap to your team, department or organization to kick off a major project successfully. Roadmaps are essential to keeping teams aligned for new product launches, growth goals, marketing objectives and so much more. As visuals, they help team members understand the path to completing a project and the many different stages to get there. While older software may not have the type of graphics, illustrations or design features you need to look exceptional, Venngage templates do. This PowerPoint roadmap template is easy for any non-designer to customize. A drag-and-drop editor lets you move objects into place, while stunning illustrations and icons turn your slide into a work of art. Finally, the option to export to PowerPoint lets you design something great using Venngage, and keep the convenience of working with existing solutions. To get started with this PowerPoint roadmap template, click create and you’ll be taken to the editor. Here you can change the content, make full use of an expansive icon and illustrations library, and apply your organization’s branding for a professional look. Add your own content first, highlighting details around the project and the breakdown of the timeline. You can include more sections than what you see in the template, duplicating shapes, resizing them all at once, and re-organizing them as needed. Then simplify your messages using illustrations, icons and other visuals. While a clear and detailed roadmap is helpful, this is a presentation! That means you want to be moderate in your use of text, and high in your use of visuals. Search for illustrations and icons that capture the themes to every section of the roadmap. This will help you communicate your key ideas. Finally, to really show off, apply your organization’s branding to this PowerPoint roadmap template. Venngage’s My Brand Kit lets you upload color palettes, logos, and fonts to the editor. From the editor they can be applied with a click to any design. You won’t need to rely on a designer to add these kinds of finishing touches. You can create something that looks sleek and official all on your own. With that, you’ll have transformed this PowerPoint roadmap template into your own professional PowerPoint roadmap design. Help your team understand the end goal, and all the road towards success. Break down a major project into its smaller components, making it much easier to understand and act on. With impressive roadmap designs based on this PowerPoint roadmap template, you’ll create memorable roadmaps that team members find engaging, informative and clear! Template dimensions: 1024 x 576 px The dimensions for this PowerPoint roadmap template are ideal for presentations, allowing you to organize your information in a way that is easy for anyone to read. However, you can always resize the templates with the click of a button or change the dimensions in the settings tab. Available formats: PNG, HD PNG, PDF, Interactive PDF, and PowerPoint For presentations, you likely want to export your customized template to PowerPoint. But you also have a few other options available to you depending on your needs. Save your powerpoint roadmap design as PNG, HD PNG, PDF or even interactive PDFs to make distributing your content convenient.