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10+ Product Flyer Inspiration Examples & Templates – Daily Design Inspiration #6

10+ Product Flyer Inspiration Examples & Templates – Daily Design Inspiration #6

Each day there are millions of pieces of content published on the internet. I mean, it’s overwhelming how much we can produce and share with the world in a 24 hour time period.

Especially in the design world.

That’s why I decided to put together this first edition of the Daily Design Inspiration. With this daily collection of creative flyer examples, I want to give new designers a platform to show off their work.

To spread some inspiration to readers. To collect amazing design work on one platform. And to make it easy for anyone to create something beautiful.

In this edition of the Daily Design Inspiration, we are going to look at some product flyer examples from Viktor Kolodiazhnyifactor product, itsgraphicguy and a few from our own Venngage designers.

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1. Creative Nike Sneaker Product Flyer

Creator: Jeremy Carrara

Type: Flat Product Flyer Inspiration

I think I have a weak spot when it comes to Nike advertisements; every single one is just as effective and creative as the next.

At first sight, I think I’m looking at a pair of lungs, but then I realize it’s actually a pair of shoes! Either way, it works; I mean sneakers are advertised for working out and staying fit, which can lead to healthy pink lungs.

No words are used in this product flyer example, yet there is so much that’s being said. The message can be interpreted in many ways, but either way, the product is crystal clear. When creating such product flyers, be sure to include the company logo so the consumers know exactly where to come.



2.  Minimalist Marshall Headphones Product Flyer


Creator: Viktor Kolodiazhnyi

Type: Minimalist Product Flyer Inspiration

I can’t help but laugh when I look at these product poster designs. Invoking humor in your designs is always a good idea. It gives a lasting impression to the audience and at times can even help spread the word.

Typically you see comparisons with another competitor or product, but in this product poster idea, it’s actually the opposite. The designer has used a comparison within music genres to show the different sounds the product can amplify, which is a pretty neat way to show its capabilities. At the same time, the image of the same rocks side-by-side shows how the appearance is the same, but the little details matter and are different, just like this product.



3. Futuristic Product Sales Flyer

Creator: Venngage

Type: Sales Product Flyer Inspiration

Using color overlays over your background image clearly presents the information, making it much easier to read. In this product flyer inspiration, the contrasting color of purple helps identify key information and traits for the product.

The designer also incorporated different shades of purple to show the different types of key information. This is an effective way to show your audience the difference between each trait, yet, keep it in the same category of information. Since you only have the reader’s’ attention for a few seconds, the easier it is to comprehend, the better it is.

Each element and component put together gives a futuristic feel, which fits right in with how you want your electronics to be! No one wants to buy outdated laptops; they want the new technology no one has.



4. Bold Typography Coffee Shop Flyer

Creator: factor product

Type: Typographic Product Flyer Inspiration

Even though I’m not sure what these words mean, I know right away that it represents a powerful product. If that’s not effective typography, I’m not sure what is!

People that like coffee, prefer it strong and bold, exactly what this typography product poster represents. The design is easy on the eye but impactful, catching the reader’s’ attention instantly. Looking at the single words on each product flyer poster, you can’t help but want to learn more!

Whether it’s a bright colored background, or soft, using text against a contrasting color will significantly increase your effectiveness. This goes hand in hand with using bold text to help get your message across. Always remember, incorporating balance into your typography product poster is key. Use elements that help each other stand out and not ones who fight for your attention all at the same time.



5. Playful Red & Blue Donut Flyer

Creator: Playhaus

Type: Simple Product Flyer Inspiration

Looking at this product flyer design, the first thing I noticed was the texture of the poster and how it matches the “f” in the title. I pay strong attention to detail and truly enjoy it when little details are designed into the posters. The vibrant color palette in this product flyer design also helps catch your eye right away. The texture and different colored backgrounds create layering and depth in the product poster, keeping your focus throughout. The layering in a way even represents the Stroop waffle, while the white area is the filling inside the crispy biscuit.

This product flyer template is an excellent example of how you can play around with the elements on each poster to create different designs and stick to a certain theme. It helps the audience to associate the product with the company anywhere; all adding into branding.



6. Traditional Illustrated Pommies Pub Flyer

Creator: Shawn Murenbeeld

Type: Illustrated Product Flyer Inspiration

Illustrations are a great way to appeal to your audience, not only does it show your artistic skills, but can really change the look of a product and brand.

The Designer, Shawn Murenbeeld created these posters to give props to the English posters of yesteryear. Coincidently, the product flyer inspiration above advertises a traditional English drink, fitting right in!

Whether the audience looks at the text first, or the illustration, either way you know it’s a farmhouse cider. The font style, the illustrations, and the color, each element compliments one another to showcase the product. Take a look at the next product flyer inspiration, the Pommies Dry Cider is accurately represented through the design of the trees, and the colors used, once again being relevant to what’s being advertised. The use of a margin frames the product flyer idea almost perfectly, I feel as if it’s a package being presented to me.


7. Bold Yellow Nike Product Flyer

Creator: Nike

Type: Illustrated Product Flyer Inspiration

The grain effect on the product image transports you back in time. The bold font and color is present in both the title and the product image itself, complimenting one another for a grander effect.

The placement of the large text in relation to the yellow shoes in this product flyer idea creates balance and helps identify each element on its own. For example, you can clearly see the Nike logo, the product being advertised, and the large text, which indirectly tells you the type of product.

The context of the phrase in a way matches the product image as well; kiss being associated with the redness in the shoes, which also happens to be the spot where the “air” is physically present in the shoe.



8. Flat & Minimalist Duracell Product Flyer


Creator: Duracell

Type: Flat Product Flyer Inspiration

This has to be my favorite product flyer design in the entire article! It’s amazing how a flat, minimalistic design can say so much with a little use of words.

Right away, you instantly enjoy the large illustration in this product flyer design, and after you find yourself looking for the company logo or even a slogan to lead you towards the intent of the message. It inspires you to greatness, whether you’re a kid or an adult reflecting back on your inner child. Power your imagination, fits exceptionally well with this illustration, it couldn’t be more perfect!

In this product design, it was acceptable to minimize the size of the logo and the slogan, because the reader purposely looks for it. The illustration was eye-catching enough, that it sparked more interest in the reader. Once again, this product flyer design is another example of how effective balance can be.



9. Let The Music Play Headphones Flyer

Creator: itsgraphicguy

Type: Bold Product Flyer Inspiration

When I think of music in a visual form, I think of bright, and vibrant colors, just like this product flyer inspiration. The colors used to give a boost in energy, making you feel happy instantly, just like how music makes one feel.

It can be very easy to misinterpret the intent of this product flyer inspiration, however, the product image sets you on a clear path of what’s being advertised. Incorporating a product image, or any visual of your product is essential for product design posters, as you need the audience to visualize what they need and want. The product flyer inspiration above gives you a zoomed in shot of the product, and one from further away to see all aspects of the headphones, providing both a detailed and overall look. Always be sure to include information where you can be contacted or more information can be found, it’s very easy to lose the audience if that isn’t clear.



10. Blue & Teal Corporate Marketing Flyer

Creator: Venngage

Type: Simple Business Flyer Inspiration

The format of this business flyer inspiration resembles one of an official letter, whether it is a cover letter or even a business document. Either way, fitting right into the theme of the flyer itself.

Most of the templates in this article are advertising a physical product, but in this example, it’s a digital service. No matter the type of product you are advertising, you can always play with the design and elements to cater to your clientele.

The business flyer inspiration above incorporated icons that clearly represent the different type of services offered. Including icons can always be beneficial to your poster design as it enhances the design aspect and even gives the audience a preview with just a quick glance.



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