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Modern & Bold Yellow NIKE Product Flyer Idea

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Flyer Description

Searching for product flyer ideas? Take this advertising flyer from Nike as an example. Nike created a successful sales flyer design with a few simple methods.


To capture the same eye-catching style, start by using bold font, colors, and images. This template features a slogan in large text and bold font to draw people’s attention. If you’re limiting the amount of text on your flyer then making it big and bold is a great choice.


Another design technique that people are sure to notice is the use of a bold color palette. The text is in the same bright golden yellow as in the picture and the logo. This will help make the text pop off the page instead of getting lost in the image.


When advertising a product it’s always a good idea to include a realistic photo of the item. Nike added a picture of their new Nike Airs to be the focal point in this modern flyer. Bold images that fit the theme are sure to captivate readers.


Don’t forget to add your company’s logo as seen in this template. In this marketing flyer example, Nike included their logo at the top for consistent branding. Customize the best product flyer ideas by using the same techniques in this template!

Flyer Features

Color Palette



1400 × 1980 px



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