Eames Abstract Product Poster Examples | Venngage Poster Examples
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Eames Abstract Product Poster Examples

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Poster Descriptions

Creating a series of event posters doesn’t have to be complicated. Use these creative poster examples for simple design inspiration. With a variety of fonts, images, and colors, you’ll be able to design successful marketing posters for any event or product.


In this case, the designer advertised an artist reception with several posters featuring modern and abstract art. They used illustrations and icons to convey a message and a playful color palette to represent the theme. The modern poster examples also use a variety of fonts including the modern, hand-written, and playful font.


Try oversized headings, bold text, and italics to make phrases and titles pop. Whether you’re looking for a minimalist approach or a modern look, you can’t go wrong with these design techniques!

Poster Features

Color Palette



650 × 975 px


Valerie Miyasaki