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Modernist Swiss Style Poster Example

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Poster Descriptions

For modern poster design tips and tricks, check out this creative poster example. You can create an event poster within minutes by integrating the design strategy in this template. It takes a colorful image covered by transparent layers so it peeks through. This method is great for catching people’s attention. You can also add bold text to display important information such as where and when the event is being held.


Make the text stand out even more by using large headings. Changing the size of the text is an easy way to draw focus to specific details. This marketing poster example also features a modern font that’s easy to read which is key for an effective event poster. Additionally, this modern poster design has a dramatic color palette that works well with the bold text and will captivate people. Craft more creative poster examples by examining this template!

Poster Features


Quim Marin

Color Palette



700 x 906 px


Quim Marin