10+ Minimalist Poster Examples & Ideas – Daily Design Inspiration #27
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10+ Minimalist Poster Examples & Ideas – Daily Design Inspiration 27

10+ Minimalist Poster Examples & Ideas – Daily Design Inspiration #27

Every hour there are thousands of projects published by many talented designers. But because those are published across a collection of different social networks and sites, you often miss them.

That’s why I decided to put together the first edition of the Daily Design Inspiration. With this daily collection of minimalist poster examples, I want to give new designers a platform to show off their work.

To spread some inspiration to readers. To collect amazing design work on one platform. And to make it easy for anyone to create something beautiful.

In this edition of the Daily Design Inspiration, we are going to look at some minimalist poster examples from Tribeca Film FestivalViet Huynh, and a few from our own Venngage designers.

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1. Tribeca Film Festival Event Poster Example

Creator: Tribeca Film Festival

Type: Creative Event Poster Example

Selected Because: The background above contributes to the theme of the event through various components and ideas for this event poster design. For example, the letter “I” is represented through the closing of the doors. Next, there is a great deal of symbolism in this poster idea. Keeping in mind Tribeca is a neighborhood in New York, and most New Yorkers use a subway to get around, it makes the image relevant to commuters and even the neighborhood itself. Since most people use this form of transportation, it could even be a great place to market this creative poster design!

The dark color theme reflects how an underground subway system feels like. The viewpoint of the poster makes the viewer feel as if t feels as if they are at the opposite door entrance of the subway. Looking in, this helps create a sense of framing around the creative poster design.



2. Simple Pop Up Marketing Minimalist Poster Template 

Creator: Venngage

Type: Creative Sales Poster Example

Selected Because: The minimalist poster template above is a great example of why you don’t always need a vibrant design for it to be eye-catching. In this case, using a soft orange palette made the white text boxes pop out and make it visible from a distance. The central alignment is present not only with the text but also with the plant image. This trend even continues through the entire page with the thin margin around the minimalist poster design.

No matter the setting for this minimalist poster design, it is bound to shine and appeal to the audience, mainly thanks to the use of white space in the heading text boxes.

If your looking to advertise an event happening in store, consider incorporating color schemes inspired from your existing interiors, not only will it go with the theme, but also, it can brand that image in the consumers’ mind.



3. Black Go Vote Minimalist Poster Example

Go Vote Minimalist Poster Example4

Creator: Viet Huynh

Type: Creative Motivational Poster Example

Selected Because: I wish we had more vote posters like this across the world. It inspires the audience right away, especially appealing to the new generation. Everything about this poster example is inspirational, simple and straightforward; your vote is your voice, make sure its heard!

The use of black negative space really places focus on the red mouth and notice how the designer used the tonsils as an “o” in VOTE! Another feature that I truly enjoyed was the group of text at the bottom, one is white, and the other two groups are grey. Both shades of text are easily legible but the white one is a call for action, just like the main VOTE inside the mouth, proving further how impactful colors can be.



4. Green Fair Natural Minimalist Event Poster Example

Green Fair Natural Event Poster Example4

Green Fair Natural Event Poster Example4

Green Fair Natural Event Poster Example4

Green Fair Natural Event Poster Example4

Creator: Hallow Bungalow

Type: Minimalist Event Poster Example

Selected Because: Choosing a color palette that reflects the mood or theme of your event is essential; take the event poster template above as an example. In these poster ideas, the designer used the background setting to pull out the colors from the items in the design and make it more prominent.

The minimal design has only two fonts across the template, keeping it simple. One is used for the heading and the second for the remaining info, distinguishing a clear difference between the two.

Looking at this event poster template, I feel the designer didn’t just stop with the poster; Hallow Bungalow even provided examples of how effective it can be if presented in a certain alignment. To me, this event poster template is the full package deal.



5. You’ve Got Mail Minimalist Movie Poster Template

Creator: Venngage

Type: Minimalist Movie Poster Example

Selected Because: Before my eyes even made it past the title, I was instantly reminded of the movie looking at the colors, icons, and text! It’s insane how just by glancing at a creative poster; it instantly takes you back in time.

The negative space in this minimalist poster idea really makes the icons pop against a vibrant background, mainly because the icon consists of white. Personally, I’m a sucker for icons that have gaps filled with the background color to complete the shape.

Very rarely have I seen text in the same color as the background and still be legible; in this case, it works great as the canvas is simple. Also, the blue text is conveniently placed right under the white heading, which also makes it easier to read, if it was placed anywhere else on the page we may have had a harder time with it.



6. Modernist Swiss Style Minimalist Poster Example

Modernist Swiss Style Poster Example1

Modernist Swiss Style Poster Example1

Modernist Swiss Style Poster Example1

Modernist Swiss Style Poster Example1


Creator: Quim Marin

Type: Minimalist Event Poster Example

Selected Because: From an overall design perspective, I love the presence of layers in this minimal poster example; the flower image seeping through the shape is very creative. However, as the audience, it leaves me confused as to what the event is really about, or even what the message is. This is mainly because the text is very hard to read and requires a lot of attention.

When curating an event poster design try to ensure that all your design components effectively reflect the theme. Some viewers only focus on one element and if the rest is unclear, they will shift their focus elsewhere.

Together with the rule of thirds and use of white space, the poster design really stands out from the rest. When using this template, ensure your font style and size is easily legible, as you may need to engage the audience for longer, depending on the amount of information.


7. Black Space Minimalist Poster Template

Creator: Venngage

Type: Minimalist Info Poster Example

Selected Because: Using minimalistic greyscale photos in your background can actually help make your text, icons, and illustrations stand out. The minimalist poster design above is a great example of this.

The designer has kept unnecessary elements to a minimum, making the message more powerful and effective. The icons speak for themselves; in fact, each icon has replaced what could have been a couple of words! Note how the planted icons pull the eye from the bottom up, just with a simple line of dots!
There is also a great use of space in this minimalist poster design; on one corner is the stock photo­­­, while the other corner has the text and icons, each side balancing out the other.



8. Yellow Manual Minimalist Branding Poster Example

Creator: Tom Crabtree

Type: Creative Minimalist Poster Example

Selected Because: Hands down, this is the best minimalist poster design I have ever seen! I know I may have said it before, but this really takes the cake! It’s amazing how a curving of lines can really change the perspective of an image and give it depth and volume when in reality it’s a flat poster design! Normally waves or slides go from top to bottom, but in this case, it’s the opposite. Instead, these arrows of waves are going up towards the text in the corner, not just literally pointing towards the text, but in a way looking up to it figuratively.

The simple use of yellow and black makes its memorable, nothing complex that requires extra focus. Even though the text is abnormally small, in this case, does it really matter? The image in this minimalistic poster design is so powerful it makes the viewer want to come in for a closer look!



9. Nike Just Do It Minimalist Poster Example

Nike Just Do It Minimalist Poster Example4

Nike Just Do It Minimalist Poster Example4

Nike Just Do It Minimalist Poster Example4

Nike Just Do It Minimalist Poster Example4

Nike Just Do It Minimalist Poster Example4

Nike Just Do It Minimalist Poster Example4

Creator: Nike

Type: Minimalist Product Poster Example

Selected Because: If there’s someone who does minimalistic poster designs just right, it’s Nike.

Every single poster design in this minimalistic poster template is inspiring and highly motivational. Each one has the athlete pushing out through the “Just Do” text of the heading; reflecting exactly what the theme is about.

The white space around the image and text places direct focus on the message. The font style and size adds to it, giving a powerful feeling, making you want to get up and Just Do It.

Notice how the image and text is black and white, yet the logo and Nike products are in color, making it appeal to the eye even against the other strong components. This minimalist poster template is an exceptional way to market your products to the world while still presenting the logo and vision of the company.



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